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show: Quantum Leap ("Moments to Live") [Drama Fantasy/Sci Fi] Quantum Leap Icon

Matt plays a distraught husband, or so thinks Dr. Sam Beckett, but is actually a soap star playing a distraught husband.
additional cast: Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula); Nurse Kidman (Krista Tesreau); patient (Ellen Gerstein); Roger, director (James Gleason)
network: April 8, 1992; NBC



Scene One:  Sam Leaps into a doctor, who is in a hospital room, a female patient is on the bed, a nurse hovering over her. Next to the bed the woman's anxious husband.

Sam jumps into a doctor with a dying patient.
1:15 minutes; 2.8 Meg.
NURSE: We're losing her, Doctor.

Sam is confused, and disorientated.

QLeap1 Matt as the frantic husband
(Frantic) Do something!

NURSE: Doctor, are you alright?

SAM: (Looking at her chart)Yeah, I just need a second to figure... out... what...
QLeap2 Sam looks at her charts
Monitor starts to beep.
NURSE: She is in full arrest.
Monitor flatlines.
QLeap3 patient
QLeap4 he grabs SamNURSE: She's gone.

HUSBAND: No! She can't be. (Angry, he grabs Sam). It's your fault.

SAM: What?

QLeap5 He grabs Sam's collarHUBAND: She trusted you! And you killed her! (He grabs Sam by the collar) You bastard. (He pushes him against the wall, and starts to strangle him). You murdered my wife!

SAM: Oh, Boy!

Scene Two: Sam is still being strangled by the distraught husband.
QLeap6 he strangles SamHUBSAND: I trusted you and you killed her. You killed my wife.

SAM: I didn't (gasping for breath). I swear!

HUSBAND: You're a doctor, you're suppose to save lives.

SAM: (Breaking free) Well, let be go, and I'll try.

NURSE: (Confused) Doctor, what are you doing?

SAM: (Trying to revive the patient) She's still alive.

QLeap7 Husbad seems confused that wife may still be alive HUSBAND: (Really confused) What? Are you sure?

SAM: I'm a doctor! I know if someone is dead or alive or not. Give me adrenaline,

NURSE: (She is doing nothing, very confused) Some what?

SAM: Adrenaline! Now!.. Go on!

NURSE: (Oddly annoyed) Okay!
Sam begins to give the patient CPR.
HUSBAND: What the hell are you doing?

SAM: Trying to save her life!
Suddenly the patient awakens and starts kissing him very passionately.
HUSBAND: (Disgusted) I'm sorry, could someone tell me what is going on here?QLeap8
Well here a voice shout cut. It appears that Sam has not leapt into a doctor but a popular soap actor. The actors and crew are all annoyed by what has happened.

Later Sam is kidnapped by couple who are obsessed fans of his. They want him to conceive their baby.

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