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title: Salem Revealed & DAYS Promos [Soap Informational]Soap Net Promos Icon
role: Himself; Matt and the cast talk about their chracters and the Salem Stalker storyline. Also serveral promos for Soap Net's airing of current Days of Our Lives episodes.
additional cast: Missy Reeves, Kristian Alfonso, Deidre Hall and James Reynolds.
network: Soap Net; various days in August, and August 27, 2004.


soap net's days revealed special 

Deidre Hall is the host for the show Various castmembers all say a portion of the famous opening, "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our Lives. Matt closes it off by saying "Lives."

Various castmembers then give a quick statement about what the show and that famous opening means to them.

MATT: Those words just kinda sum it up.

There then are a serious of clips from the show. For Matt they show a clip of Jack and Jennifer swinging on the vine from Jack's nightmare in the jungle, the narrator mentions DAYS' adventure; Jack and Jennifer in Salem Place saying goodbye the day Jack was "killed"; finally, a clip of Jack and Jennifer in bed, making love, the night before he "died," as part of a clip of the show's supercouples.

The narrator and various actors give a brief history of certain Salem couples. There then are a series of photos of Jack and Jennifer are shown. Jack and Jennifer in the cave, and a shot of Jack with his patented devious look and Jennifer reacting [seems to be within the past couple of years]. Meanwhile the narrator describes Jack and Jennifer's relationship.

Matt talks about Jack & Jennifer, & Jack's "murder;
32 sec; 1.2 Meg.

NARRATOR: Jack and Jennifer's love didn't come easily. She was everything that he wasn't.

MATT: Jack's very selfish; self-centered. I mean every negative thing you can think of, and yet.... there was part of him so in love with Jennifer he just couldn't deal with it. And Jennifer on the other hand was sh.... she was.... she was the strong one.

The Narrator summarizes all the "deaths." It begins with Abe's attack. As we see Abe lying on the ground shot, we hear Matt discuss Abe's murder, and also see Jack walk out and hear the gunshot.

MATT: I was shocked by the way that... they killed the character of Abe; that he was shot in the neck, and lying there bleeding. And it was really gruesome! I mean, things had taken a very dark twist.

We see Jack's attack. Jack walking through the alley, stopping to check his watch which has stopped, and then get hit by the brick.

NARRATOR: The body count started to grow, Jack was the the killer's next victim.

MATT: You know people get hit all the time on this show and they survive. And I just get one thump on head and I was gone.

The narrator continues discussing all the victim's faked death, and the actors all talk about their characters' "murder." Then with Tony, the killer is finally revealed, Marlena. Deidre Hall then says that she thought it might be Marlena's sister, Samantha, who was actually alive or her look-alike Hatty. She could not believe that Marlena was the killer. There is a newspaper clipping from The Spectator, "Serial Killer Strikes Jack Deveraux! Who's Next?" Matt then talks about the effects of having Marlena the killer.

MATT: As soon as it was revealed that it was Marlena, I think the audience jumped right in on it because they love to watch it, they love to see, "Well, how's she gonna do this. What is going to happen there."

After the murders of Doug and Alice, the narrator revials the shocking twist. Marlena herself is killed, after being arrested as the Stalker. She is buried alive and goes on a hellish ride in her coffin. Eventually she comes to in what appears to be Salem Place, but with no people. She then is started to see Alice Horton, very much alive. Gradually she discovers no one is dead.

The narrator later talks about the shocking returns.

NARRATOR: If you think the characters were surprised to find themselves alive and on the island, image the actors when they got their jobs back.

MATT: (Quoting Ken Corday) "Come on in, let's talk." I knew something was up because I said, "Why else would we be talking?"
Each actor reminisces their phone call with Matt. Suzanne Rodgers (Maggie Horton) says that she received a call from Ken Corday in mid-March asking her to come to the studio April 1st. James Reynolds (Abe Carver) quoted Corday as saying everyone was coming back. Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) recalls how they were all described as the "new cast of Days of Our Lives." "New" since they all had been killed off.

The narrator then tells of the shocking revelation, no one was actually dead, and that they were all on a deserted isle.

MATT: Suddenly, we show up and.... and we're in these houses, they look like our houses, but they are not our houses, but they are on this tropical island.

There are more quick scenes, one is of Matt in his Indiana Jack get-up. Another Matt related shot is of the crew setting up Hope about to be lowered down the ravine to the ledge to save Jennifer, Matt is reclining on fake ground.

The narrator then explains that no one knows how they got there. Corday tells viewers they will have to continue to watch and wait until September to find out. Dee then explains more of the story.

DEE: Meanwhile no one knows who is holding them captive on the island Jack manages to break through the force field and is now trapped in the jungle, on the other side. Will he be able to contact anybody back in Salem?

There there are a series of shots of Jack escaping and Jennifer. The narrator then mentions Jennifer and how she received a message from "Jack," "GO TO THE OLD AIRFIELD OUTSIDE OF TOWN. A PRIVATE PLANE WILL PICK YOU UP TONIGHT AT 9 O'CLOCK SHARP. DON'T TELL ANYONE. DON'T BE LATE! LOVE, JACK."

Deidre Hall & Matt talks about Jack's escape ;
1 min; 1.3 Meg.

NARRATOR: At home, Jack's pregnant wife Jennifer receives a mysterious message.

MATT: Supposedly, Ah, Jennifer was getting these emails from Jack. And sh.... but this her.... Jack's dead, so where are these emails coming from? She.... she said he's trying to connect with him, he wants me to go somewhere, and she suddenly gets this idea going to rent a plane, and this guy says, "I can get you to Jack Deveraux!"

There are clips of Jennifer going to the airfield, and the crashed plane.

NARRATOR: But when Jennifer's plane crashes on the island, Jack is there to rescue her.

Clip of Jack pulling her to safety, and then their passionate reunion kiss in the rain.

NARRATOR: (Cont.) And they share an emotional reunion.

MATT: It's very.... it's visceral. I mean, we're physically just to stay alive, and there hasn't been anytime to say: "I'm alive!" "You're alive!" "How's the baby?" "What's going on?" "Where's Abigail?" "Who did this to us?" There has been very little time to actually talk these things out.

Shot of Jack carrying Jennifer to the cave.

NARRATOR: However, there reunion is bittersweet because now they are both stranded on the island together.

The rest of the show talks about the other characters. The end has some clips of what is to come after the Olympics, though nothing involving Jack, despite a clip of the birth of Jennifer and his baby. Missy was not part of the special, so even when they discussed the birth she was not interviewed.

soap net's promo for jack

Matt gives insight into his character. Introduction to SOAP NET's "DAYS Decathlon," Jack Deveraux episode.

Matt talks about Jack;
30 sec; 930K.

MATT: Jack's strongest traight is his ability is to look an impossibility in the face and go on anyway. He "dreams the impossible dream" and that is that he can achieve anything he wants inspite of all odds. But his biggest weakness is that he becomes tunnel visioned, he misses the big picture, because he is so focused on getting exactly what he wants. But he still is underneath that preppy kid who wants to achieve and succeed. And I think that's a lot like life.

soap net's promo for jack & jennifer

From a promo to SOAP NET's "DAYS Decathlon" Missy and Matt give their take on Jack and Jennifer's romance and love.

Matt & Missy talk about Jack & Jennifer;
10 sec; 375K.

MISSY: Jennifer and Jack are so human. And we're just real people.

MATT: We are by no means heroic.

MISSY: We fight, we cry, we're completely immature most of the time.

MISSY: They're not affraid to show their weaknesses and their emotions to each other.


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