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show: Soap Talk [Talk Show]
role: Matt as a Soap Talk interviewer for Wheel of Fortune's Soap Stars Week.
SOAPNET's SoapTalk Jan 04
interviewees: Pat Sajak; Vanna White; Lisa Rinna; Ty Treadway; Peter Bergman (The Young and the Restless); Corbin Bernsen (General Hospital); Kamar De los Reyes (One Life to Live); Susan Flannery (The Bold and the Beautiful); Ricky Paull Goldin (Guiding Light); Deidre Hall (Days of our Lives); Rebecca Herbst (General Hospital); Lorenzo Lamas (Bold and the Beautiful); Michelle Stafford (The Young and the Restless); Kristoff St. John (The Young and the Restless); Alison Sweeney (Days of our Lives).
network: Soap Net; February 22nd, 2006


Matt is on the set of the game show Wheel of Fortune , and is leaning behind the famous wheel. He is on the set to interview the various soap stars who will be appearing for Wheel's Soap Star Week, as well as the game show's stars Pat Sajak and Vanna White.

Matt: Hi there, I'm Matthew Ashford, today I am behind the scenes  at Wheel of Fortune for soap stars week.
Matt is now outside the sound stage, and is welcoming Michelle Stafford, Phyllis Summers Abbott, on The Young and the Restless, he gives her a kiss on the cheek, and a big hug.
Matt: Hello, good to see you, welcome to Wheel of Fortune

Oh boy!
There is a  quick shot of several of the other soap star contestants greeting each other. Next there is a shot Matt entering the sound stage nine, there is a quick shot of him in make-up.

Matt is now describing what is going on in the back ground.
Matt: Where're at what is called "a press junket." There are press all around us in a circle.  And we have alot of the actors doing interviews of each one (there of Kristoff St. John being interviewed). This is a regular part of the show, and a part of Wheel of Fortune as well.
Michelle walks up to Matt.
Matt: Here comes Michelle....

Michelle:  Hi, Matt! (Waves as she walks toward him) How are you?

Matt:Michelle Stafford, "Come on down!"

Michelle: Yeh, "Come on down!" (Humming the theme for The Price is Right!).

Matt: We here--

Michelle: (Realizing her mistake) Oops, wrong show....

Matt: uh!

Michelle: ....Wrong show! Oohh!

Matt: Ooohh!
Matt is now talking to Rebecca Herbst, who plays Elizabeth Webber on General Hospital.
Rebecca: I watch the show.... religiously (giggles).

Matt: You watch
Wheel of Fortune?

Rebecca: Wheel of Fortune (still giggling), yeah.

Matt: Alright! Okay, we've got a rigger.
Matt's talking to Lisa Rinna now, co-host of Soap Net's Soap Talk, and  Days of our Lives ex-Billie Reed.
Lisa: I'm hoping that I channel the Wheel of Fortune gods, because I'm not the best at playing this game.
Matt is back talking with Michelle.
Matt: So, have you played this game before?

Michelle: You know what, I.... I played it on TV with them..., but, but,  I'm really bad at it.
Matt now chats with Corbin Bernsen, who plays John Durant on General Hospital.
Matt:  Are you.... are you up for this?

Corbin: Ah, I'm.... I'm here.
Matt now is speaking with Ty Treadway, co-host of Soap Talk, and One Life to Live's ex-Dr. Troy MacIver.
Matt: Oh, really?

Ty: My wife loves The Wheel, so we've been solving all week. She said, "Don't  lose to Lisa.... that's all.... don't come home if you lose to Lisa!" that's what she told me.
Matt now is chatting with Peter Bergman, Jack Abbot on The Young and the Restless.
Peter: I'm absolutely up for this day! This is about competing, and I'm apparently playing two women, and I hate to lose to women! (Bites his lip, grimaces and groans).
Matt is now talking with Kamar De Los Reyes, Antonio Vega on One Life to Live.
Kamar: I've got a feeling that.... ah.... I'm going to fail miserably! But you know--

Matt: No! Noooo!--

Kamar: But I'm going in there with that mind set because.... at the end.... at the end of the game I promise you I'm going to win it all!
Matt now is speaking with Ricky Paul Goldin, Gus Aitoro, Guiding Light.
Ricky:: I was good at Hangman when I was a kid.

Matt: Hangman's good.

Ricky:: Yeah, and so, I think this is just a big, fancy version of Hangman, really.
Matt is outside the sound stage and is talking to Susan Flannery, The Bold and the Beautiful's Stephanie Forrester
Matt: I understand there's certain consonants that come up more than others?
Susan nods.

There is an immediate cut to Rebecca whom he obviously asked the same question.
Rebecca: You just use the... the... "R," "S," "T," "L," "N," "E" letters, and--

Matt: (Repeating) "R," "S," "T," "L," "N," "E," okay--

Rebecca: (Nodding in agreement) Hmm....

Matt: Okay, "R," "S," "T," "L," "N," "E, "Rstlne." (Matt has a snarky look).
The interview cuts back to Susan Flannery answering the question.
Susan: (Tapping her head thinking) "E," "T," "R," "L," "N," "S," I did a little research.

Matt: Yes.
Susan looks like she is not so sure, and gaffaws Matt tries to make a word out of it
Matt: "Erstl."
Matt has asked Corbin Bernsen.
Corbin: You know, "R," "S," "T," "L," "N," "E," (throws up his hand) I don't know, whatever, (trying to make a word out of the letters) "Rslne."
Matt is now speaking with Deidre Hall, Dr. Marlena Evans, Days of our Lives, he has asked her the same question.
Matt: I don't want to tell you how to play the game, but don't waste your money on a vowel! Okay?
Matt is not talking with Lorenzo Lamas, who plays Hector Ramirez on The Bold and the Beautiful. They are obviously in the midst of a question.
Matt: What vowels do you, know, okay, like, ah....

Lorenzo: Ahh, l..., "L?"

Matt: "L" is a good one!

Lorenzo: No, no.... "L..."

Matt: No, actually, "L" is a very good one (snarkily)! There's c--

Lorenzo: But I only knew that 'cause my name starts with it.

Matt: Well, (says nothing but flashes the camera a look)--
The shot cuts away again, next thing we see is Matt pointing to the set.
Matt: What you are watching is a rehearsal where the contestants (pointing) get to warm up before Pat and Vanna get her.
There are several shots of the Letter Board and the contestants pr acting. Matt goes back to describing what is going on.
Matt: As  you can see they're practicing spinning the wheel (as he talks we see shots of this). And I'm going to tell you right now, I tried it a little while ago, it's really heavy, so you've got a put alot of hmmmp into it.
Matt is now chatting with his Days of our Lives co-star, Alison Sweeney, Sami Brady.
Alison: You, know,  I have (touching her hand) a little callous from spinning (motions a spinning action) the wheel. I feel like I built up a little--

Matt: Do you really (looking at her hand)?

Alison: (Still holding her hand) Yeah, on my ring--

Matt:  It's.... you know, it's not just in the wrist action, it's in the (squeezing her shoulder) it's in the shoulder action--

Alison: No, no, you've got to your whole shoulder (grimacing and imitating how to do it) in to it!
Matt is not talking with Kristoff St. John, Neil Winter on The Young and the Restless. They are in the midst of talking about something, Matt turns to the camera, flashes a grin, and raises his eyebrow, with a knowing look.
Kristoff: During rehearsal, ah, I actually got the chance to spin the wheel and I ended up on "Bankrupt," so, my partner said, "You're not spinning the wheel for the game, Pal!"
Matt is now interviewing Pat Sajak, Wheel of Fortune's MC.
Matt: So, Pat, you just let me know that you were working on a soap at one point?

Pat: Well, I did... (shot zooms in and out) My character name was, (with an affected tone) Kevin Hathaway.

Matt: (Affected tone too) Kevin!

Pat: Kevin Hathaway., ah, that's all.... and (slight shrug) they never invited me back, so obviously, I stunk up the joint.

Matt: Or you--

Pat: It was on Days of our Lives, by the way.

Matt: Oh (looking at the camera)....

Pat: Yeah!

Matt: Oh, well--

Pat: Did the show ever survive (chuckling)?

Matt: (Thinking) It's.... (nodding) you know, the show is still running, I'm happy to say--

Despite my appearance?
Matt is back talking to Ricky Paull Goldin
Matt: With the kind of preparation you do for your character, for Gus, do you think that help is going to help you in any way to put together the words to--

Ricky:: Yeah, yeah, no, (shakes head) not at all!
Matt now is talking with Corbin Bernsen.
Matt: Do you think  your character would out play you.

Ah, John Grant would be.... bet everybody here!
Matt is now asking Susan Flannery a similar question.
Matt: If your character was going to play this game--

Susan: Oh. please!

Matt: Do you think she'd play better than you?

Susan: Oh, she'd probably buy the studio so she could win.
Matt  laughs.

Matt now is back talking with Kamar De los Reyes.
Matt: Can Antonio think on his feet?

Kamar: Ah, uh, you know, actually I think he could, he used to be a detective, and, uh, yeah! I think he could.

Matt: (Surprised by what he said) He's not a detective anymore?

Kamar: No, he's not a detective, now he owns a Salsa club.

Matt: (Turning the the camera and with a knowing look and tone, tilting back his head) Oh!
Matt is now back with Michelle, asking her the same question.
Matt: Do you think your character could play better than you?

Michelle:Oh, way better!

Matt: Now why is that?

Michelle: Because she's alot smarter than I am.

Matt: (Turns to the camera and gives a fake interview-esque laugh) Ohhh!
Susan Flannery, Peter Bergman, Pat Sajak and Matt are together talking, the sound is off. Peter says he is off to see Vanna, and the group walks off.

Cut to a shot of Vanna at the Letters Board, then of Matt and Vanna together.
Vanna: I want you to touch the letter and see if it lights up. (Shot cuts in and out; Vanna touches to the board) Anywhere on this bar.
Matt does so, and a buzzer sounds.

Vanna: You've got to have the magic touch.

Matt turns to the camera and pulls  a face. The shot cuts in and out again.
Matt: Vanna, thank you so much for having us here today (smiling at her).

Vanna: My pleasure, (taps Matt on the shoulder) thank you for being here!

Matt:  Oh, it's my plea...., you know, this is  so great giving everybody a chance to.... to win for their charities.
Matt is back talking with Michelle.
Matt: Do you have a charity, that  you're here?

Michelle: I do, I'm playing for the "Smile Train."

Matt: (Nodding his head) "Smile train!"

Michelle: It's a non-profit organization that funds, ah, cleft surgeries for children.
He is now asking Lisa the same question.
Lisa: My charity is St. Jude's Children's hospital.

Matt: That's excellent!

Lisa: Isn't that cool?!

Matt: That's great!

Lisa: You know, they do not turn away a sick child!
Matt has just ask Kamar De los Reyes the same question.
Kamar: "The Gabriel Project" which I--

Matt: (Nodding and smiling) Hmm.

Kamar: ....I helped raise money to bring children from Third World countries to the United States for life saving heart surgery. 
Matt has asked Corbin Bernsen. the question about his his charity.
Corbin: I'm playing for "The Rape Treatment Center" in Santa Monica.

Matt: Hmm, mmm.

Corbin: It's something I've been associated with since the beginning of LA Law.
Matt has asked  Ty Treadway the question.
Ty: I'm playing for "Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles"....

Matt: Hmmm.

Ty: ....and, um, man, I'm very, very very proud of being able to play for them.
Matt is back to chatting with Susan Flannery. Matt points to a red pin, an anatomically correct, heart shaped pin which she is wear on her lapel.
Matt: Can you tell me about this pin?

Susan: This is from the "American Heart Association," (holding out her collar to better show the pin) women die of heart failure more than any other, ah,  disease in the United States.
Quick flashes of scenes for the taping of the various shows. Then back to Matt, with the set in back of him.

Matt: We've had a great time here on Wheel of Fortune Soap Star Week. This is Matthew Ashford signing off. Back to you at the studio!


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