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SOAPNET's SoapTalk Jan 04

show: Soap Talk [Talk Show]
role: Matt and Missy are guests
show co-hosts: Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway, with Chunkie B.
network: Soap Net; June 22nd, 2005



Lisa introduces Matt and Missy, mentioning how they have been a couple for fifteen years, and how they have been apart for, but how the fans were excited when the couple was finally reunite. They show a clip of Jack surprising Jennifer and Abigail at the hospital.

TY: Welcome back, from Days of our Lives, Matthew Ashford and Melissa Reeves.

The crowd cheers wildly. There is a large screen showing a clip of Jennifer's fantasy of the two of them when she went to Alice and Tom's anniversary, the night Jack returned the first time. Matt and Missy walk out hand in hand, stop and wave to their adoring fans. They walk over and hug and kiss Ty and Lisa. They play musical chairs and finally Matt sits on the end, then Missy next to Lisa, and finally Ty.

MISSY: Is this fun?


LISA: Now, I have to say, it's really great to see the two of you back together!

MISSY: (Looks at Matt and takes his arm) I knooww!

LISA: I Mean, as a couple, as on the show, and here!

MATT: Thank you, mean to be here, to be really here here, here !

MISSY: Yes, it's so nice, we love working together, we have so much fun working together.... so even though, Matt was at work he was in the Castle with Tony di Mera, so I didn't (gestures)....

MATT: Right, chained up but, uh (shrugs)....

MISSY: Chained up [says something else to Matt]....

TY: Now, are we really sure you're together this time? (gestures with his hand) 'Cuse, you know, because there was a lot of false calls there for a while?

LISA: Yeah!

MATT: I keep pinching myself.

TY: Yeah!

MISSY: I know! It's.... it's for real this time.... (frowns and looks at Matt) Right?

Matt nods.

MISSY: (Cont.) I'm a little scared.

TY: My favorite was when you pulled back the mask.

Missy sighs and Matt makes a face; could it be they were not that pleased by the thing.

STJun05A: Joking about Donny OsmondTY: (Cont.) You slept with her....

LISA: Only in daytime! Only in daytime!

TY: (Cont.) and (mimicking it) you pealed back a mask and someone.... you were Donny Osmond.

LISA: Yeah.

Missy busts up laughing.


MISSY: You know what--

MATT: He works all the time!

TY: Yeah....

MATT: (Shaking his head) Donny?

MISSY: (Points to him) Matt and I, It's.... It's a joke for us to get through a scene without laughing, (demonstrating) so, of course, now I have tear off this mask....

TY: Yeah!

MISSY: You know so I have (putting to under her jaw line) this little flap of rubber right here, (laughing) that I had to keep on doing the scene.

STJun05B: Demonstrate fauJennifer & the mask

MATT: (laughing) So I kept playing with her chin (touches his chin).

MISSY: He kept playing (touching her chin) with my little flap.

MATT: I loved that little.... is it a mole? What is it? It's grown since the last time I saw you.

Lisa mentions Billy Warlock's returns, and they flash a photo of him.

MATT: Billy's back.... (sees the photo and points) there he is.

MISSY: That's great.

LISA: Now were you together? You and Billy were together.

MISSY: We were teenage.... Billy, Frankie and Jennifer were sweethearts.

LISA: That's right, Frankie!

MISSY: (Nods) Yeess!

MATT: (In a silly voice) Frankie!

MISSY: We went to school together, and gave me my own graduation, 'cuse I couldn't.... (turns to Matt) why couldn't I graduate?

MATT: You couldn't read!

Missy opens her mouth, then laughs; as does everyone else.

MATT: (Cont.) But she's a journalist, and she's a darn good one!

[They all talk at once and it is hard to understand who is speaking and what is being said]

TY: You know what, the bad thing about Billy coming back is.... flashbacks!

MATT: Yeah!

MISSY: That's what I said, I was.... I was right out of New Jersey!

TY: The mullet hair cuts....

LISA: Did you have big hair?

MISSY: My hair was (puts her hand way above her head to demonstrate her "tall" 80s hair) this big. I had the biggest hair!

MATT: Oh, Lady!

MISSY: Yeah.

They both laugh.

MATT: I've been waiting and waiting to see that!

MISSY: (Talking to Matt) Ours were bad enough.

MATT: Well, yeeaah!

MISSY: (Lowering her hand) My hair slowly got lower as the years gone by!

MATT: Battle of the hair.

TY: Because you guys, 1989 when they first put you guys together, as a couple?

Matt and Missy nod yes.


LISA: And you guys weren't suppose to be a couple.

MISSY: I needed, Jennifer needed a job on the show, 'cuse she had gone to school, college, and she needed to work. So they sent her (looks at Matt) to the newspaper and Jack Deveraux was her boss.

Matt nods.

STJun05C: Talking about the Jack/Kayla/Steve triangleLISA: That's right.

MATT: And I was getting over a horrible love tragedy, affair with Kayla and Steve....

LISA: Patch....

MATT: Patch, and Steve....

LISA: (Cont.) ....the Patch and Kayla story.

MATT: (Cont.) I was untouchable, I was told I was un-touch-able on the show because my character had assaulted ah.... Kayla....

LISA: Kayla, that's right.

MATT: (Cont.) ....and now I was, ahh, you know, so I couldn't do anything.... so they just put these two characters to work side-by-side so it was an office romance which (makes a face) .... I still look back and and say it was one of the best sets ups that I've ever seen--

MISSY: Because it wasn't planned!

MATT: It wasn't planned.

TY: That's always how it happens that's always the best ones....

MISSY: Whenever they don't plan it, yeeahh! It always works.

TY: (Cont.) ....when they don't plan it and it happens naturally.

MISSY: Yeah, and our.... (gestures) our personalities just... uh.... so opposite.

Matt nods.

LISA: What was your first impression of Matt?

MISSY: WeII, you know, he.... he was working with, like, the A-team! You know, it was Mary Beth, and Stephen and....

STJun05D: Matt shows off when being referred to as A-Team character

Ty laughs. Matt feigns a humble, raises his eye brows. She looks at him.

MATT: Well!

MISSY: (Cont.) ....and we were just the teens.

Matt puffs out his chest, looking important.

TY: That's the A-Team guy!

MISSY: (Looking at Matt) But I mean, he.... and I thought woooow!

TY: You're working with Mr. T!

Matt continues to ham it up.

MISSY: (Cont.) And I thought, I can't believe I'm going to be working with Matt Ashford, and.... I was still in the.... sort of the teen story lines, so to, sort of, move up (gestures) into the adult store line, (turns to Matt) which Matt and we're.... almost....

MATT: This is the (in an artificial voice) the adult story line.

MISSY: (Cont.) ....we're pretty much the same age.(Laughs) Ah, it was great. And Matt, ah, (turns towards him) I always say to this day has been my best acting coach.... for fifteen years!

LISA: Now, do you have like a crazy.... the craziest story? I mean, there's been a lot of crazy stories.

TY: Because of all your crazy adventures.

MISSY: Yah, the mask probably was the most recent was the most recent crazy.

MATT: Were we in that movie?

Missy and the others laugh.

MISSY: No, we don't do movies.

MATT: Oh.... (incoherently mumbles, correcting himself) not yet, that's right!

LISA: How about a memorable scene?

MISSY: You know, we always talk about, uh, some of our favorite scenes was from "The Cruise of Deception" they called it. But Matt calls it....

MATT AND MISSY: "The Cruise Beyond Description."

MATT: Yes!

Ty laughs.

MATT: It was good.

MISSY: But the whole through line through that cruise was that Jennifer and Jack had no.... had not made love. And that this diaphragm -- but we weren't allowed to say the "D-word"....

MATT: Right!

MISSY: (CONT.) I-I.... It traveled through (motioning for emphasis) through this cruise, and through this shipwreck and they ended up on this island , and Jennifer still had it!

LISA: Noooo! (Laughs raucously)

MISSY: She still had--

TY: (Laughing) Floated ashore.

MATT: We lost everything, everything except (whispering) the diaphragm.

MISSY: But Jennifer held on to that.... but we weren't allowed to say that word.

STJun05E: Matt quotes Christina TY: Matt, I heard that your wife, Christina, did not want you to work with Missy when you.... she first started.

MISSY: I remember that!

MATT: (Frowns) Well, she didn't exactly say that, but what she did say, as you know, wives tend to say, she said, "They can put you together with anybody on the show except," (Matt points)"that girl right there!"

Everyone laughs.

MATT: (Cont. to quote Christina) "That little blonde, because I know what you like!"


MISSY: OOOhhh! Because, that's Christina!

MATT: She's a little blonde!

TY: Yeah!

MISSY: (Demonstrating height with her hand) She's a little, tiny blonde.

MATT: She's a little blonde. It's weird, because I-I.... I said, "I don't know!" (Shrugs) An....

MISSY: I'm here....

MATT: (Cont.) And she did! So, here we are!

TY: Supercouple!

MISSY: And all these years these years later, we've had our children, we've....

MATT: Well!

Ty laughs.

MATT: And now, Missy shows up on the set the other day, she has this beautify ring on, and we're about getting ready to shut and she show's me this really beautiful ring, and I said, "Oh, did I give that to you?" She said, "No, my--"

MISSY: "Scott did."

The camera pans on the ring. They all laugh.

LISA: Funny!

MATT: (In a funny voice) "No, my husband gave it to me!"

LISA: Oh, how pretty!

MISSY: That's our--

TY: How is Scott?

MISSY: He's soooo good, this is our fifteenth anniversary!

LISA: (Takes Missy's hand) Nooo!

TY: Wow, congratulations!

MISSY: (Points out the rings) We have.... We have... This is wedding. This is five years....

TY: Yeah!

MISSY: (Cont.) And my ten year one is getting fixed. And this is fifteen. So--

LISA: Oh, I like that ring every five years.

MISSY: Every five years--

LISA: I like that!

MISSY: (Cont.) Scott has--

MATT: It's got a ring to it! Yaaah (reacting to his how corny it is)

MISSY: Scott has four of 'em (laughs at Matt's silly joke). But, anyway, so I'm trying to get Matt to just spring for Christina.... a nice ring!

LISA: Oh, yeah!

MATT: We're on national television! (Matt slaps the back of her chair)

MISSY: There you go! Christina's gonna maybe--

TY: Yeah, she's putting the pressure on!

MISSY: That's right!

MATT: Yeah, funny!

LISA: And you're going to host a show, I heard!

MISSY: Well, you know, CMT, ah, I don't know, does any watch CMT, Country Music Television?

Matt nods and the audience applauds.

MISSY: (Pleased) Yeeaah!

LISA: I bet they do!

MISSY: And they have a show called CMT Insider and their.... there's a gal who works out of Los Angeles and she is getting ready to have a baby. And, uh, I'm going to fill for her for about twelve, thirteen weeks.

LISA: That's fun, are you excited?

TY: Really, congratulations!

MISSY: Sooo, excited! I'll get to meet all the country singers I've always wanted to meet (giggles)!

LISA: Oh, that's[??] fab!

STJun05F: Matt about the Ashford family reading of THE DEMON SEED, family entertainmentTY: And Matt, you just finished a performance with your family -- your entire family is involved?

MATT: Ah, we did ah.... long threatened production -- not production -- reading of The Bad Seed, which is about a demon.... girl.... who kills people. I mean, it's a lovely, lovely family story....

Missy laughs and the others laugh.

LISA: Nice!

TY: Played by?

LISA: Played by?

MATT: Played by my daughter Grace. And my wife Christina played the mother, and I played the father. I kinda produced it and kinda co-directed it, but we been threatening to do it and she was finally 12 years old, you know, she was old enough to kinda really do it and , and uh, we had a great time, and uh, but the 7 year old wanted to do it now, so I know if I've have to reprise it again when she gets old enough.

MISSY: Because Grace has been talking about that for a while? I remember that a work one day.... she was saying.

MATT: Yeah, they're being.... they're bitten by the acting bug.

MISSY: Yeah!

TY: That's good!

MATT: Yeah?

TY: (Laughs) Scary!

MATT: Scary!

They go to commercial break and return to play, Who Knows Their Co-star Best! The four of them do a little dance in their seats, as a the title pops up on the screen. The show's Chunkie B explains the rules. It is based on The Newlywed Game. They asked the four of them a series of questions, and they answered them, writing their answers on cards. As he describes this the four of them hum, swaying back and forth, the old theme to the show. Chunkie B then explains that he will ask the person's co-star the same question. They then reveal their answer. If it matches that team gets a point. Winners will receive a vintage Soap Talk mug -- "worth $475 in some countries." Missy laughs.

MATT: What country?

TY: [Sounds like he says] Pakistan.

CHUNKIE B: Let's get right into the game. Missy, We're going to go right to you!

MISSY: Okay!

CHUNKIE B: Your question to you, Missy....

MISSY: Okay!

CHUNKIE B: "Will Matt say that you're more dependent on him or that he's more dependent on you?" Remember you're answering what you think Matt said!

STJun05G: Matt looks on as Chunkie B asks the 1st question

MISSY: Okay....

She looks at Matt, and he looks at her with a knowing smirk. She smiles, and Matt smiles and rolls his eyes.

STJun05H: Matt reacts to Missy's answer

MISSY: I think that Matt is going to say that in most situations he is more dependent on me.

Matt show's his card, "I'M DEPENDENT ON HER." The crowd cheers. Matt smiles.

STJun05I: Matt's and Missy's answers match

LISA: Yeeaaahhh, that's a point, ding, ding, ding.

Chunkie B says, "Nicely done." He then asks Lisa the same question. He card says, "DUH!" on the next card, "I'm dependent on him (in his delusional small mind...." and the last card, "....Beause there is no Soaptalk if it weren't for my presence." His card says, "I CARRY YOU LIKE A FENDI BAG." The judges give them the point. Ty says it is "there first point *ever*!" The take hands and Lisa shouts.

CHUNKIE B: We're going to the men, we're going to the men, "Matt, what kind of shoes would say best describe you?"

Missy looks at him, Matt looks smug. Jack is about to reply when Missy interrupts him.

MISSY: Think! I....

MATT: I.... (laughs) I would say, "Birkenstocks!"


She has a big wide smile, and raises her arm in victory.

CHUNKIE B: Let's see your answer!

Her card says, "BIRKENSTOCK[S]," she is smiling and grinning. Chunkie B says that they are tough. Missy pumps her hand.

MATT: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

MISSY: You know, this is my running joke, this is my running joke (taking Matt's wrist and laughing).

MATT: (Saying his answer) Here we go, here is my Birkentock, right. Birksenstock.

Matt flashes his card, it says, "BIRKENSTOCKS" and has a picture of a foot in a Birkenstock.

STJun05J: Matt shows his card, BIRKENSTOCKS

MISSY: [Not sure sounds like] There wasn't a day he wore those to work, oohhh!

Ty and Lisa are asked the same question. Ty's card says,"PLATFORM SHOES." He says because, "Lisa is always looking up to me." Her card has, "loafer."

CHUNKIE B: Okay, back to the ladies, Missy, Missy than to you Lisa, "What will Matt say is the one thing he does on purpose to really get your goat?" Now, give us exact details, remember you're answering (pointing to Matt) what you think Matt would say.

Matt grimaces and makes faces, and looks over at her as she is answer.

STJun05K: Matt grimances at the question

MISSY: Okay, well, this was a tough one, because.... he.... he does...., 'cuz (gestures) we have such great working relationship, but I know that sometimes (showing her card, and reads it) He tries to get me to laugh in the middle of a scene.


STJun05L: Missy's answer to the question

CHUNKIE B: Ooohhh!

MATT: (Frowns) Oooohhh!

TY: Good answer.

Matt frowns, and tilts his head.

MISSY: Did you not say that?

MATT: Well, no, I said, what did I say?

STJun05: Matt's answer does not match

Flashes the card, and Chunkie B reads it, "I THINK (& TALK) too MUCH About our MOTIVATION IN A SCENE." He has a smiley face at the end. Missy mouths the words, then laughs. Ty and Lisa think the have a chance since the score is, 2 points for Matt and Missy and 1 point for them. They continue to discuss the question as Chunkie B. asks the same question to Lisa.

MATT: (Talking to Missy) It was about getting your goat.

MISSY: When I laugh. I always laugh all the time.

MATT: It's a goat thing.

(Laughs) I couldn't figure anything else...

Chunkie B asks Lisa the same question. Her cards says, "He interrupts my fabulous informative and always...." next card, "....entertaining stories." He tells her that, flashing his card, "I TRY TO COMPLETE A STORY WITHOUT LISA INTERUPTING." He tells her that he knows that makes her angry. A bell rings and the judges award them a point, so now they are tied with Matt and Missy. He asks Matt the fourth question.

CHUNKIE B: Matt, what would you, what would Missy say is the most important thing you've taught her?

MATT: I.... I would say is to.... to trust herself and her own comedic timing.

Matt flashes his card, "to trust her inherent COMIC timing!" Missy widens her eyes and her mouth is open wide.

CHUNKIE B.: Uuhh, interesting deep there. (Talking to Missy) Reveal!

I think this could be a match. (Reading her sign) "Not to be afraid to take chances in a scene."

The sign reads, "NOT BE AFRAID TO TAKE CHANCES IN A SCENE." The bell rings, indicting it is a match.

STJun05N: Matt and Missy match again

CHUNKIE B: Oh, yah!

MATT: (Smiles) Yeeaah, Yeeaah (they hug)!

CHUNKIE B: You guys are on fired!

MATT: All right, okay!

He then asks Ty the same question. He says, "that the most important thing he taught her was," flashes his card, "HOW TO HOST A TALK SHOW!" He says "it is a work in progress but they're getting there." Lisa laughs. She thought it was, "HOW to work Solo!" Ty tosses his card and laughs. The score is now 2 points for Ty and Lisa and 3 points for Matt and Missy. Chunkie B. says this is the last question.

CHUNKIE B: Missy, what would say is his favorite thing to whine about?

Matt frowns, and looks at her.

STJun05O: Matt frowns at the question about what makes him whine

MISSY: Yeah, this was hard because I, uh, (looking and gesturing towards Matt) if you knew Matt, he doesn't whine about anything, he's always very positive (making gestures, emphasizing) and tries to find the best situation in a bad situation. But I just thought of maybe one thing--

MATT: (Matt makes a face) [Sounds like, but hard to tell] I ber... about all day.

MISSY: (Cont.) ....that we were talking about yesterday, it was, um, when a story point doesn't quite make sense. When the story is not (waves her arm in gesture) flowing in the right direction....

Matt makes a face. Missy shows her card, "WHEN A STORY POINT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE."

CHUNKIE B: And he'll whine about that. Okay....

MISSY: (Cont.) ....he gets a little persnickety about that. But... but he doesn't whine--

TY: "Persnickety" you say?

CHUNKIE B: Oh, I love that word!

TY: Oh, I like that word!

MISSY: Persnickety, but he doesn't whine, he is not a whiner!

STJun05P: Matt's answerCHUNKIE B: Matt?

MATT: (Shows his card) I would say.... Well, what do I say?

Matt's card has a face, then says, "that the storylines...." sad face drawing, "....don't take advantage of the WONDERFUL HUMAN MOMENTS the present us with!" Miss reads his card. Chunkie B is about to answer, but Missy reads the card.

MISSY: "That the storylines don't take advan--" (stops, turns) that's it, that's [??].


The bell rings for a correct match. Missy throws up her arms and then pumps her fists in victory. Matt looks at his card and reads it, as the audience cheers, and Missy claps. Chunkie B turns over a card reveling Matt and Miss to have 4 points.

STJun05Q: Missy celebrates her and Matt's winning the game

MATT: "that the stories don't take advantage of the wonderful human moments that the present us with!" That's it.

CHUNKE B: That is deep!

LISA: You guys are deep. You're real deep!

Lisa is then asked the same question. She acts out her answer as if she were Ty, saying Ty gets upset that J-lo wears uggs. Ty says he is also not a whiner, and is very positive. He says that when he whines she interrupts him. Matt and Missy are present with their mugs. They all kiss each other.

MATT: We're wieners, we're big wieners We get the mugs (he and Missy show them off)! We're a couple of mugs! (Points to the tissues filling the mugs) And we get a [something] tissue!


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