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Professor Stephen Haver Files
Episode Fifteen

(Air date Wednesday, February 18th, 2004)
Scene One: Bo visits his son Matthew at Nora's and they talk about Haver. She is surprised that John McBain believes Haver is the killer. She asks Bo what he thinks. He is not as sure, but where is Rae he asks. He points out that when she called them last she seemed stressed. Nora had to admit that she did sound nervous.

Scene Two: Jessica is talking with John, she rails into him for thinking Stephen is involved. She tells him that he is basing it on the photos, and he should realize that Haver would be there because of his research. He realizes that she saw the photos, and gets furious. He tells her she had no right using her Uncle Bo and boyfriend Antonio to sneak around the police station. He asks her if she is so sure what happened to Rae. Angry she leaves. After she has gone he calls for information about Rae's whereabouts. However, there is no news, she still cannot be found.

Scene Three: Back in Rae's cell, she is alone; the room is dark. She is no longer dressed in the "hippie" costume, but in the white blouse and black pants which were part of the pants suit -- though it looks like something out of the 70s too. She picks up the leotards, which are on the cabinet, and flings them across the room, in disgust. They land up against the door. Just then the door opens, and Stephen walks in, again acting as if it is a normal situation; though he is very smug. As he talks Rae is terrified, breathing heavily, not knowing if this will be the day she dies.
STEPHEN: Good morning, Rae Cummings! Did you figure out who my next victim's going to be? I certainly hope so. Otherwise, time is up!

Scene Four: With a slight smile, the music box is playing he kicks it away, and it stops playing. Rae stands and tries to be calm, but his behavior and her fear make it hard for her retain her composure.

More Rae and Haver;
2:30 min; 5.4 Meg.
STEPHEN: That's enough Tchaikovsky, neurotic sentimentalist that he is. (Picking up the leotard) Soo, Rae (extending it in both hands) tell me, (fiddling with it) what is the name of my next victim? Say the magic word and win another day. (Walking towards her waving the leotards) If not--

RAE: No, no, I know exactly who your next victim will be.

STEPHEN: Hmm. (Pacing around) due tell!

RAE: (Thinking) I will, but....
Haver is standing against another wall, the light from outside shining on him; he is fiddling with the leotards and waiting for her response, though he appears to be enjoying toying with her, as if he knows she has no answer for him.

RAE: (Cont.; exhaling) First, wouldn't you like to know how I figured it out?

OLTL015A: Haver rejects being referred to as a
Stephen walks towards her, and stares a her, intrigued by what she will say.

RAE: (Cont.) I've finally realized, Stephen, (kissing up to him) how brilliant you are. I mean that. You are truly a.... a..... a criminal genius, Stephen, uh--

Haver interrupts her; putting his finger on her lips to silence her.
STEPHEN: Not "criminal!" Scientific! (Takes his finger away; gesturing) Sit, Rae! Sit!

Stephen sits on the cabinet. He puts his arm around her; dangling the leotards. She sits next to him, terrified. He has a spooky expression. Throughout their exchange he continues to caresses her with the leotards, the method of his murders.

RAE: Stephen!

STEPHEN: I've explored the mysteries.... of life and death....

RAE: (Faintly; freaked out) Yeah.

STEPHEN: (Cont.) ....from unique perspective. (Caressing her jaw with the leotards)

RAE: (Looking down at his hand) Yes, of course you are a scientist. And you.... you are in control of.... every one of your experiments.

STEPHEN: (Looking at her very creepily) Hmmm.

RAE: It must be terrifying then to lose control?

STEPHEN: That'd be very unscientific of me, wouldn't it Rae?

RAE: (Nervous chuckle) Right!

STEPHEN: So I don't.

RAE: Right. But of course when you were just a child I'm sure you were in control, and.... (nervously licking her lips) your life was very difficult.(Swallowing hard, nodding) Chaotic, irratic. I.... I.... I.... I'm just so interested in knowing how you came through all that. How you turned yourself into the great scientist you are now.

STEPHEN: You know something, Rae, you and that matchbook [Rae at first was pretending to be a shrink but hand no certification] psychiatric degree] of yours seem to want to tell me about my childhood.

RAE: (Nervously laughing) I guess so.

Stephen laughs with her, and smiles, making it even more chilling. She has a false, scared grin.

OLTL015B: Haver tells Rae if she can psychoanalyze him she earns her living and MAYBE HER LIFE

STEPHEN: All right, let's give it a go! Who knows, (raising his eyebrows) you get it right, that degree would not only have made you a living.... it would have kept you alive.
He gets up and walks off, waving the leotards. Rae is nervous.

Scene Five: This scene jumps back and forth between John telling Bo about Haver's background, and Rae and Haver talking about his history.

In her cell Rae is questioning him on his past, as he, his back turned from her, gazes at the leotards.
RAE: You never knew your father, am I right?

STEPHEN: (Looking up) You're right. I knew who he was, but I didn't know him! He didn't stick around long enough for me to know him. (Sad smile) None of her men did.
John tells Bo that Haver grew outside San Francisco. His mom was into free love, and all that hippie stuff; she was a dancer and part-time street singer.

Back to Haver and Rae. Haver is transfixed by the leotards. Rae is still sitting on the cabinet, arms folded, psychoanalyzing him.
RAE: Knowing the 70s, I.... I would guess your mother experimented with drugs.

STEPHEN: That's a good guess.
She wraps her arms around herself, as if she is almost sympathetic with his past.

Back to John and Bo. They talk how Stephen's mother took him to live with her parents, so she could be with her then current boyfriend -- Haver was only 8.

OLTL015C: Haver tells her his grandmother taught him what BAD was Back to Haver and Rae. He looks like he is deep in though, the leotards pressed to his lips.


RAE: (Exhaling) How.... how bad was it when your mother left you?

STEPHEN: I had the pleasure of living with my grandparents. They taught me (half-smile) what bad was!

He turns to her with a maliciously evil grin. She looks on terrified.


Scene Six: This scene is like the last, cutting between Rae and Haver, and John and Bo giving background to Haver's past, and possibly how and why he became a serial killer.

Rae is still seated on the cabinet, watching him. There is a lit candle. Haver has the leotards draped over his shoulder, and has a lighter in his hand.

STEPHEN: Rayon, polyester, bad, (makes a motion) goes up like a torch. Granma and Granpa went up like a torch the night they died.

RAE: Was.... was your grandmother--

STEPHEN: Opposite of my mother. Disciplinarian.

He puts his arms around her like a buddy, then he puts his head against hers.

STEPHEN: (Cont.) Aahh, she loved her discipline (nodding).

Back to Bo and John. Bo is reading through Haver's file. According to the report young Stephen was beaten by his grandmother. John says that it happened even in public, according to neighbors; however, there was no proof. Bo reads that his grandfather was confined to a wheelchair, so he was not able to protect him.

Back to Haver and Rae. He still is leaning against her.

OLTL015: Haver talks about his grandfather's death, by fire

STEPHEN: Grandpa didn't do a thing, except sit in his wheelchair and drink cheap Scotch. Watch old movies. A spectator in his own life. And mine! 'Til the night he died, and life came to him.
Back to Bo and John. John tells Bo that both Haver's grandparents burned to death in their own bedroom. Bo reads that Stephen's grandfather's wheelchair was found in the hall, *outside*. John adds that Haver made it to safety from an upstairs window.

Back to Stephen and Rae. He still is talking about his life.
STEPHEN: Everyone said I was so lucky to escape. Jumping out that second story window, hurt my leg. Took forever to heal. Then, a special someone put a bullet in that same leg. (Scoffs) I don't know if I'll ever heal. Made one leg shorter than the other.
He licks is thumb a couple of times, then extinguishes the candle. He steps back, and wiggles the fingers.
STEPHEN: The secret is not minding the pain. (Walks back, and motions) Look at my legs! How do they look?

He then begins to tap dance. She does not know how to react. He clicks his feet together and flashes a silly grin, tilting his head.

OLTL015E: Stephen tap dances to show off his legs

Back to Bo and John. John reports that Stephen's mother picked him up after the death of his grandparents. She took him back to Oregon. There she had another boyfriend, much older, she married this guy. He was a doctor who taught at a local medical school. There is a knock at the door and it is an officer, he tells him that "he's here."

Back to Rae who is now questioning Haver.

RAE: You must have been happy to be back with your mother again?

He walks back towards her. He puts his hand in the back of her neck, and squeezes, causing her to let out a groan in pain and fear. He then sits next to her, his head next to hers.

OLTL015F: She was INTELLECTUALLY LAZY!STEPHEN: (Whispering) You're not paying attention! (Taking her hand) She wasn't happy to be back with me.

RAE: Did she say that?

STEPHEN: She didn't have to, that's why she left me with Grandma and Grandpa.

RAE: (Fearing he will kill her) Well, you know, Stephen, some women aren't able to take care of a child. An.... An---

STEPHEN: (Interrupting her) Intellectually lazy!

He pushes her head forward, she moans; then he pulls her back, again grabbing her by the back of the neck.
STEPHEN: Rae, (Putting his hand on hers) why would she have taken brother Kenny with her then?
He looks at her smiling.

Scene Seven: Haver's brother Kenneth arrives; he is also a psychiatrist. This is the brother Rae mentioned having met; at the time she implied to Stephen that he had vanished. Kenneth notices the music box. He tells them that it was like the one that Stephen had as a child, it had belonged to their mother. He tells them that he cannot believe that his brother is a killer. However, he then states it would make sense of various things that had happened. Later, after he has left, Bo and John talk about what they learned from Kenneth Haver. They learned that Stephen had committed arson and was cruel to animals -- two warning signs. They know that they have to find Rae soon, or it will be too late for her.

Scene Eight: Back to Rae and Haver. She is by the door, he walks up to her startling her.
STEPHEN: Okay, family time's over.

RAE: Okay (turning to him)

STEPHEN: (Gesturing) Back to the names! I want the names of the persons. Ra--!
Rae throws her hands to her forehead, trying to think. She talks over him at first. She tries to stall for time.
RAE: It's going to be a (dropping her hands) you woman somehow connected to the university.

STEPHEN: Oh, that's lame, Rae! That's Lame! (Gesturing) that could any number of victims.

RAE: (Puts out her hands in frustration) I just can't give you a name!
He walks towards her, leaning into her.

RAE: I.... (pausing) I could give you name of someone and eh.... it may not be (gesturing) the name you've chosen to be your next victim, and then you may decide to make (her voice cracking) her.... I.... I can't do it!

STEPHEN: Rae, (speaking softly) you've the biggest ego! This isn't about you! Remember what we said, "I'm in complete control."

RAE: Right.

STEPHEN: So I decide who the next victim is going to be. In fact, I've already decided, so it's just a matter of you....

RAE: Okay.

STEPHEN: (Cont.) giving me a name.

RAE: I know.

STEPHEN: (Becoming annoyed) Come on!

RAE: All right....

STEPHEN: Give me....

RAE: (Cont.) ....I can tell you this....

STEPHEN: (Cont.) ....a name!


STEPHEN: And why not?

RAE: Because, you will want so muuch to come back in here and tell me every interesting detail of what happened!

STEPHEN: Interesting!

RAE: I also know something else....

OLTL015J: Stephen tells Rae the police only know what he wants them to knowSTEPHEN: Hmmm?

RAE: (Cont.) ....you won't kill me with the red leotard....


RAE: (Cont.) ....in fact, when you kill me, my body will never be found. That's because, we're sooo closely connected, Stephen, and the police will then suspect you (nodding).

STEPHEN: (Nodding with her) Naturally. But Rae, the police only know what I want them to know!

He grins with an amused grin, pleased with himself.

Scene Eight: Haver is walking down a hallway, looks like back on campus. He turns a corner just as his cell phone rings. He answers it. He is acting and soundly normally now.

Back in Bo's office it is John calling Haver. Bo is at his desk listening in.
JOHN: Stephen, hey, glad I caught you. John McBain.

STEPHEN: (Pretending he did not know) O John, I am sooo sorry I had my cell phone turned off. I've been out of town. I was visiting some friend up in New York (smiling).

JOHN: (Pretending to believe him) Well, welcome back. Look, there's ah, there's been a break in the Music Box case, and uh.... (trying to feed his ego) I don't know, I was wondering if maybe you can give us a hand.

STEPHEN: What kind of a break?

JOHN: Well, between you and me, we think we got 'em. We picked him up on campus. Guy had a red leotard in his backpack.

STEPHEN: (Smiling) Really!?

JOHN: Yeah, well, when we charge him we (smiling because of his deception) could use a hand, okay?

STEPHEN: Sure, anything!

JOHN: Great, do you think maybe you could come by the station and work with us?

STEPHEN: Ah, I'll be there in a couple of minutes.

JOHN: Thanks!

They both hang up. Stephen laughs, and smiles, at what he thinks is McBain's ignorance.

OLTL015K: Stephen's smug about John's call

STEPHEN: Haah, John, John, John.
He rolls his eyes, pleased with himself, he goes to meet John.

Back at the police station John tells Bo that Stephen is on his way.

Scene Nine: John and Bo are waiting for Stephen. Bo thinks he did not sound too weary. John agrees. He tells Bo that Haver is so smug, and he thinks that they are all idiots; he cannot believe that they would be on to him. Bo is worried about Rae.

Scene Ten: Back in her prison, Rae is pacing around, it is dark, with only a lit candle for light. She then notices the cabinet, and the space behind She blows out the candle, and goes to move the cabinet.

Scene Eleven: Haver has arrived at the police station/court house. He is walking down the hallway, Jessica sees him and calls out to him. Haver is back to his charismatic professor personality.

JESSICA: Dr. Haver, hi!

STEPHEN: Jessica, how are you?

JESSICA: Ah, fine, I'm just uh (motioning with a water bottle), here for my uncle's trial it's a little intense in there, right now. (Realizing something) Ah, why are you here?
OLTL015I: Haver is upset to find out John set him up
STEPHEN: Well, (gesturing) actually I got a call from John McBain he asked me to talk to him about the case so (gesturing) I'm on my way to see him now.

JESSICA: (Shaking her head, angry) I--I (gesturing) can't believe (shaking her head) that they're doing this, really! Questioning you is absolute nonsense!

Jessica does not notice his expression change.

JESSICA: (Cont.) I mean, how can they even think for a second that you're a suspect!

Haver is pleased, he tilts his head, and looks at her.