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Matthew/Prof. Stephen Haver's photo from the opening credits.

Background Information:
On the 10th of December Matt Ashford returned to his first TV show, One Life to Live. Matt originally played Drew Ralston from 1982 through 1983. Drew was killed on his way to his wedding.

Matt returned to the show but in an entirely different role, Dr. Stephen Haver, a psychiatrist/psychology professor at Llanview University who specializes in human sexuality, and who researches serial killers and sexual predators. He becomes a part of the investigation of an especially nasty killer who targets female college students. Since the killer leaves behind children's music boxes at the scenes of the murders he has been labeled the Music Box Killer.

Jessica (Jess) Buchanan a reporter and student at Llanview University was approached by a female friend who was distraught. One of her instructors gave her an ultimatum, either have sex with him or she would fail his class. She refused and she flunked the course. Jess learned that this was not an isolated occurrence, because of this she was determined to write an article on the subject and get justice for those students whom he sexually harassed.

Meanwhile couple of murders had occurred in New Jersey, with the death of a P.I., who was working for Kevin Buchanan finding information on the mysterious Walker Lawrence -- who in actuality was the very much alive Troy Manning -- it appeared that the killing was not due to her case, but that she was the fourth victim of the killer who now seemed to have relocated to Llanview. Police Commissioner Bo Buchanan and FBI Agent John McBain began investigating the case; also helping them was former cop Antonio Vega -- boyfriend to Jessica. All the victims were strangled with a red pair of dancer's tights, a music box was found near the body, and heart shaped tears were painted on the victims' cheeks -- later it was discovered that the number victim, that was how many tears the killer painted on her cheek.

Sometime later, Jennifer Buchanan, growing tired of her new husband Joey Buchanan, a minister at St. Andrew's church, went partying with her friend, Karen, a hooker. Meanwhile the viewers saw their first glimpses of the killer -- of course only from the neck to the waist. He, or she, wore black, and heavy black gloves. He had a black bag, and a music box which played Tchaikovsky's Romeo et Juliet; he had a number of red lipsticks and finger nail polish bottles, and a pair of red leotards. Later, the killer followed Jennifer and Karen to the Palace Hotel; the two were very drunk. Later that night, Jennifer awakens hung-over, and sleeping in the tub, she entered the main room to find a strangled Karen. She freaked, and called her ex-husband Rex, who had been trying to win her back. Scared that her husband Joey Buchanan would get upset she ask Rex for help. Rex helped her clean away her prints, and in doing so they destroyed any possible evidence. Later a maid found the body and called the police. At the scene they found a wedding ring, it was Jennifer's, and they realized someone else was there, and that the person cleaned up the room.

Meanwhile Ron Walsh -- brother to Marcie Walsh who is grieving the death of her boyfriend Al McBain (though Al is alive but inhabiting the body of the smarmy brother of agent John McBain in a Heaven Can Wait type story) -- entered Rodi's bar looking disheveled, and bleeding. He was taken in for questioning and held, much to the anger of his sister Marcie. His story of getting hurt fixing his car was proven false. The DA, Daniel Coulson, was out to get him. Ron finally admitted that he fought some punks who remembered he was Marcie's brother -- Marcie and Al had wanted to have a peace rally and got some students angry, they attacked Marcie, and as a result she developed an infection which she passed on to Al, and which caused him to have liver failure. The DA does not buy his story, and is sure he is the killer.

Meanwhile McBain figures out Jennifer was in the room and finally gets her to admit it. McBain now was worried for her safety, especially after the DA let it slip to the papers that she had been in the room when the killer struck.
cast list
(Only those actors who appear in the PSHF Scripts are listed --
in order of their appearance. Click on actor name for actor information, at TV.com .)
Bree Williamson
Jessica Buchanan
Kamar De Los Reyes
Antonio Vega
Melissa Archer
Natalie Buchanan Vega
Linda Dano
(Gretel) Rae Cummings
Robert S. Woods
Bo Buchanan
Michael Easton
John McBain
Hillary B. Smith
Nora Buchanan
Tuc Watkins
David Vickers
Catherine Hickland
Lindsay Rappaport
Robin Strasser
Dorian Lord Hayes
Mark Dobies
D. A. Daniel Colson
Ty Treadway
Troy MacIver
Kathy Brier
Marcie Walsh
Kristen Alderson
Starr Manning
Robin Strasser
Dorian Lord Hayes
Kassie DePaiva
Blair Manning
 Eddie Alderson
Matthew Rappaport
Timothy Adams
Ron Walsh
Erika Slezak
Viki Lord Carpenter
Dan Gauthier
Kevin Buchanan
Renee Elise Goldsberry
Evangeline Williamson
Fedrick B. Owens
Nelson Kendall
Jessica Morris
Jennifer Rappaport
Lisa Banes
Eve McBain
 no information
Dr. Paulsen
Patti Perkins
Marlena Haver
Phil Carey
Asa Buchanan
 no information
Raymond Collins
Alex Rocco [???]
Bureau Chief
Christopher Scoletta
Patricia Mauceri
 Carlotta Vega
 no information
Nurse Janie
Jarrett Willis  [???]
Dr. Jordan Kingsley
Nathaniel Marston
Dr. Michael McBain
(Al Holden)
 no information
Nurse #2
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