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Professor Stephen Haver Files
Episode Twenty-seven

(Air date Thursday, March 18th, 2004)
Scene One: Hotel room, Puerto Rico, Jessica and Antonio; they are starting their romantic get-away. She tells him that they are there to forget their problems --  she has not once mentioned Prof. Haver.

Scene Two: Haver's jail cell, Haver is thinking, touching his forehead, Bo Buchanan walks up.
BO: They tell me you threw a tantrum. How's your headache?

(Rubbing his forehead) Excuse me, Commissioner, I need to talk to Agent McBain.

BO: He's busy.

STEPHEN: Is he? Being booked for assaulting me?

BO: The D.A. threw that out.

STEPHEN: (Turning towards Bo, surprised) They threw that out?

BO: Yeah! We all know that you inflicted those injuries on yourself.

STEPHEN: How about a replay then, let's look at the security tapes.

BO: (Moving around his head) Well our camera was out of commission when you ah.... (the slams his two fists against the bars) did your ah.... face plant.

STEPHEN: Really, how convenient!

BO: You knew they were out of commission, Haver, that's why you thought you could get away with this. (Shaking his head) But it's not going to work this time!
Bo starts to walk off.
STEPHEN: I still have a message for Agent McBain.

BO: (Stops, angrily) Well you SAVE IT! The arraignment's tomorrow!
The guard closes the outer bars; he walks off.

STEPHEN: (Pleased, obviously he has something planned) Excellent! I'm looking forward to that!
Scene Three: Haver's cell, some time later; his attorney Kendall Nelson is in his cell, sitting on the lower bunk; he takes out a yellow note pad from his briefcase, revealing his cell phone. Stephen is holding a book and pacing.
KENDALL NELSON: Tomorrow is just procedure. We may not win bail but at least we have a--

STEPHEN: (Interrupting) So, John McBain (fiddling with his fingers) will bear no responsibilities for assaulting me.

KENDALL NELSON: (Taking some notes) And don't go grandstanding to the press, either!

STEPHEN: (Leaning against the opposite wall) Why? I might be good at "grandstanding"?!

KENDALL NELSON: Just sit still.... (looking up at Stephen) and do what you're told! (Looking back down at what he is writing) And.... convincing the judge that you're insane will be a (makes a snapping noise) snap.

STEPHEN: (Not happy about the "insane" comment) Are you saying you think that I'm insane?

KENDALL NELSON: (Chuckles) Only (looking back up at him) that creating that impression is our best defense to keep you off Death Row (Then looks back at what he is writing.

STEPHEN: (Ironic laugh, gestures) Well, (raises his eyebrows) doesn't really matter anyway!

KENDALL NELSON: Quite the contrary! (Looking at Stephen) It's critical (tearing off a sheet of paper).

STEPHEN: (Takes a letter out of the book he is holding) This (holding the note and looking at it) is critical! (Gestures) I need you to give (looking at his lawyer) this in person (pointing the the letter) to the person listed on the front. (Gestures in emphasis) Insist on a photo identification (puts his fingers to his mouth).

KENDALL NELSON: (Putting down the notepad and looking at Haver) What is it?
Haver does not seem to want to tell him.
KENDALL NELSON: (Cont.) Anything you tell me is confidential.

STEPHEN: (Looks at the note, then at his lawyer, chuckles) Ha.... (then he looks at the note, examining it) Well it's (being evasive) merely some (looks at his lawyer) instructions (then back at the letter) about some financial transactions and.... things (looking back at his lawyer, trying not to make him suspicious) having to do with my work.  (Looking at him) You don't need specifics.

KENDALL NELSON: (Looking at him, not suspicious) All right.

STPEHEN:  But I do need to know that you deliver this (flicking it with one hand, then looking at it again) before--

KENDALL NELSON: "Before" they send you to the mental hospital?

STEPHEN: (Smirk, fiddling with the note) I'm not going to any psych ward.

KENDALL NELSON: It's better than prison.... I promise!

STEPHEN: (Smirking, looking at him confidently, fiddling with the note) I'm not going to prison, either! I'm....
Becoming dizzy and then putting his hand to his forehead, dropping the note. Stumbles and then regains his composure.
STEPHEN: Excuse me.
He walks to the bunk bed, his lawyer watching. Panting, he eases himself on the bed.
STEPHEN: Hee.... Ha....
Nelson chuckles and gets up. Haver then palms Nelson's cell phone, and moves aside the note pad so Nelson will not notice. He then puts the phone off to the side. Nonchalantly he rubs nose, as Nelson goes back to the briefcase and shuts it; not noticing that his phone is gone.  He backs up to leave.
KENDALL NELSON: I'll see you first thing in the morning, then.

STEPHEN: And you deliver (pointing motion with his hand) that tonight!
Nelson indicates that he will. He turns and walks to the bars and calls to the guard.

The guard can be heard opening the cell. Haver looks around with his eyes, seemingly pleased.

Scene Four: Hotel in Puerto Rico, Jessica has gone back to her room to change. Just then her cell rings. She leans over the bed to answer it.
JESSICA: (Grunting as she reaches for the phone) Ahh... (answering it) Hel-lo?
There is no answer and she is confused.


Haver calls Jessica to say goodbye;
1:20 min; 3 Meg.
It is Haver, using the phone he nicked from his lawyer. He says nothing but hums the repetative music he used to play when he would hypnotize her.  His look very psychotic.

Scene Five: The scene continues, Jessica's hotel room, she realizes who it is and  is terrified.
JESSICA: Doctor Haver?

STEPHEN: That's right.... I'm calling to say (almost sadly) good-bye!
Jessica looks terrified as the scene fades out.

Scene Six: Nora was set up on date, but the man turned out to be married. Bo comes up and wonders what is wrong. Nora tells him that it is just her usual look. She lists her bad luck with men. First there was Troy MacIver. Then she had drinks a couple of times with Stephen Haver. Roxy tries to comfort her, telling her that she is not a loser. She tells Nora to look on the bright side, at least *this* guy was not a serial killer. Nora is comforted.

Scene Seven:  Haver's cell, Haver has called Jessica on her cell phone, despite her being on a getaway vacation in Puerto Rico with Antonio.
STEPHEN: (Sounding spooky) Listen to me, Jessica. This is important!

JESSICA: (Nervously touching her hair) Are you allowed to be calling me?

STEPHEN: Don't believe people when they tell you.... I'm simply a monster! There's nothing simple about it! (Pauses for moment) I'm a scientist. I was experimenting.

JESSICA: (Scoffs) You killed women!

STEPHEN: (Seriously believing what he is saying)
My subject.... dealt with people who knew they were at the moment of their deaths. Not that moment they lived. Jessica, I saw such things you wouldn't believe.
Jessica is listening on, freaked out by what he is saying, grabbing on to her hair as a reaction.
STEPHEN: (Cont.) It was beautiful!

JESSICA: You know, y--you should.... you should be telling this to the police.

STEPHEN: (He seems sincere) I never would have hurt you, Jessica. (Emotionally) The world is a much more beautiful place with you in it.

JESSICA: (Gets up, and still is nervously touching her hair) Stop it! Shut up!

STEPHEN: The truth is, you're probably the only person in the world that I'll miss.
Jessica throws the phone across the room, and runs out the door. Haver closes his eyes tightly as if truly hurt by her dejection.

Scene Eight: Puerto Rico, Jessica has told Antonio what happened concerning Haver. He reassures her, he has talked to the police back home. She tells him "he sounded like a lunatic." Antonio tells her that tomorrow is the arraignment, Haver probably thought talking to her as he did was his last chance to save himself from the electric chair. Antonio tells her there is nothing to worry about, Haver is back in Llanview and she is here in Puerto Rico; he cannot get to her.

Scene Nine: Haver's jail cell, Haver pushes the cell phone under his pillow, and leans against the bunk, moving his fingers over his face, as if he did nothing. Just then the guard lets Bo into the jail area.
BO: (Angrily) Hand it over (Leaning out his arm through the bars to reach for the phone)!

STEPHEN: (Turning to look at him) I beg your pardon?

BO: I know you made a call to Jessica. (Waving his hand) Now give me the phone!
Haver says and does nothing. After a moment Bo responds again.
BO: Otherwise (gesturing) I'm going to have a couple of my bigger officers come in there and turn you every which way but loose (throwing down his hand in emphasis) 'til the phone hits the deck! And I have a line of volunteers. (Stretches out his arm) Now come on!

STEPHEN. (Says nothing for an moment, then finally agrees) As you wish. (Reaching under the pillow for the phone. He examines it for a few seconds) I have no further need of it.(Bringing it to him) There you go.

He hands it to Bo who angrily snatches it away.

STEPHEN: (Cont.) I have.... done everything I need.... to get what I what.

(Air date Friday, March 19th, 2004)

Scene One: Llanview Courthouse hallway, it is the day of the trial. John, Nora and Bo are there. Bo gives John his badge for the Llanview PD. A group of reports see John and rush up to interview and take photos of him.

FEMALE REPORTER #1: Oh, Agent McBain, do you have a comment on.... on the Haver arraignment?

MALE REPORTER #1: Isn't true that you got a little too close to the Music Box murder case?

Was that before or after you resigned from the FBI?

BO: (Putting up two fingers to silence them) Folks, folks, we're going to have.... a press conference (gesturing) right after the arraignment, okay.

MALE REPORTER #2: (Shooting from the crowd) HERE HE COMES!

The reporters interviewing and photographing Bo turn immediately and run off to see Haver. They start throwing questions at him and taking his photo. He is wearing a suit and tie and being lead in by two guards, they have to push the reporters out of the way to make room for him to walk [it is hard to get everything being said].

FEMALE REPORTER #1: [Not sure which reporter is asking questions] DR. HAVER DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY?


MALE REPORTER #1: [Again hard to tell which reporter] DR. HAVER, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PLEA?

FEMALE REPORTER #1: [Again hard to know who is asking the questions] COME ON, DR. HAVER, GIVE US A STATEMENT! GIVE US A STATEMENT!

MALE REPORTER #1: [Again hard to tell which reporter] COME ON! COME ON! HOW DOES IT FEEL!

FEMALE REPORTER #1: [Again hard to tell which reporter] COME ON, I  GOT A DEADLINE!

Haver's arraignment day;
1 min; 2.4 Meg.
He ignores the reports and just keeps walking. Then he sees something and smiles.
STEPHEN: (Sounding like Ed McMann introducing Johnny Carson, smiling) HHHEEELLLLLLOOO JOOHHHNNNYYY!

John glares at him, knowing he is putting on a show for the reporters to further his plea of insanity.

STEPHEN: (Talking to the reports, in a normal voice) Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, I see an old friend.
John, glares, his arms crossed in front of him, Bo also is annoyed, Nora seemed to not believe what she is seeing and hearing. Throughout this the reporters are taking their photos at a mad rate. Stephen's voice is odd, it seems he has something planned.
STEPHEN: John, I hope you enjoyed our.... little game together. But like all good things.... (tilts his head  in emphasis) you know...
Nora looks at John, who continues to say nothing in response to the obvious taunt and act. He starts talking again and Nora looks back at  him.
STEPHEN: (Cont.) And remember.... we all kill the things we love, in the end (slight smirk as if he knows something). And, uh.... (bites his lip, looks down, as if thinking, the looks up and smiles knowingly) ....checkmate!
John just glares at him.
GUARD #2: ALL RIGHT, (pushing back the crowd) OUT OF THE WAY!


MALE REPORTER #1: How many women did you kill?



At this time other reporters throw out questions simultaneously, as Haver is being lead to the courtroom door. Just then, a couple of shoots are heard. The scene is pandemonium. People are screaming. Everyone is getting down. John pushes Nora down, and gets up with his gun, giving orders. Bo is screaming, and has  his gun raised.

John is looking around for the shooter. Everyone is on the floor, a man is against the wall and points to the direction of the shots.
MALE WITNESS: IT CAME FROM OVER (points to where John, Nora and Bo had been standing) OVER THERE!
The cops are lying over Haver. John searches around, his gun drawn.


BO: (Gets up and motions to stay down) STAY DOWN! STAY DOWN!
He goes over to where Haver is, he is lying on the floor, a blood pouring from a wound to his chest. Bo touches his throat to check his pulse. The two cops are trying to loosen Haver's collar.


Haver blinks and has a satisfied look.

Scene Two: The Courthouse, the place is still in pandemonium. Nora is walking around, talking on her cell phone.
NORA: This is A.D.A. Buchanan. We need an ambulance....

BO: (Talking to the cops) LOCK DOWN THE BUILDING (putting on surgical gloves)! NOBODY IN OR OUT.

NORA: (Cont., on the phone) Gun shot wound we're in the West Corridor.

JOHN: (To one cop pointing to the right) Lock down that hallway. (To another cop, pointing to the left) Lock down that hallway. Check every door!
The reporters are milling about taking notes, conferring with each other and calling the news back to their agencies.

Bo is kneeling next to Haver, applying pressure to the wound. Nora comes over, kneeling next to them, to see how Haver is.
NORA: How's Dr. Haver?

BO: (Looking at her but still applying pressure) It's bad! It's bad! We may lose him before the ambulance gets here.
Nora is upset, she runs her hands through her hair.
BO: (To the crowd) Step back, please! Give him air! Step back!
Bo continues to try and keep Haver alive until the ambulance arrives. The reporters are hovering around taking photos of the injured Haver, and writing their articles.
Scene Three: The Courthouse, Haver is now on a stretcher, he has a neck brace. A female EMT work is working on him, first giving him oxygen and then belting him to the stretcher.  A cop is trying to shield him from the gang of reporters who are circling around him. Bo is giving instructions to someone on his cell.
BO: I want men on every exit. No one leaves the parking lot. I'll get back to you (he closes the phone). (Talking the EMT people) Keep him alive!

A male EMT work is at the foot of the stretcher and rolls him away. The female paramedic monitors Stephen. Bo says something unintelligible to one of the cops. Nora is in the back ground talking on her cell. A cameraman has his light on video taping Haver being wheeled away.

(Cont) I need him alive! (Nora walks over towards him, talking to her) How are you doing?

NORA: (Watching them wheeled Haver off) I'm okay.

BO: (Looking at her) Look, why don't you (gestures) take off? (Points to the courtroom) The court's not in session today.
Nora tells him that she has to take Matt to a party anyway. Bo calls over to one of the cops. He calls over the cop Robert to escort Nora out. He asks another cop if he checked the "air ducks." The cop says it's too small. Just then a woman comes up, she had been on her cell when the shooting began.
WOMAN: Excuse Me, Commissioner, Buchanan. I think I maybe I saw the person who shot the prisoner.

BO: (Interested, his hand on his chin) You did? Where is he? (Takes his hand down and looks around) Can you point him out?

WOMAN: Ahhh, yesss, (looking around sees him and points) That man! Right there!

It is John McBain, who is on the other side of the hallway, putting on gloves.

Scene Four: The Courthouse, Bo and the female witness; Bo gets off the phone to the hospital, he was checking on Haver; however, he has not arrived yet. Bo thanks the woman for her help, but tells her that the person she pointed out as the shooter is a cop. She leans her head over to look at John, and scoffs, "Well all I know," pointing at John, "is I saw *him* with a *gun*!" He thanks her again, and walks off.  She is annoyed that he will not listen to her further. Could she be a set up to frame John?   Bo walks over to John who is handling a gun, the probable weapon used to shoot Haver. He says it is a, "Astrid 9mm. It's still warm." He tells Bo, "I found it in the trash." They give the gun to a cop to have analyzed by forensics. Bo remembers that John had a gun just like that at the target range the previous week. John tells him he did, he used it for a back-up. Bo wants to stick around, and he wants John to go to the hospital to hopefully talk to Haver for some clues. Bo says "He looked bad! I don't think he is going to make it!"

Scene Five: The University Hospital, the paramedics are wheeling him to the O.R., followed by a Dr. Jordon Kingsley. They run off Stephen's vitals and what they had done to him the doctor. A nurse comes up.
FEMALE PARAMEDIC: B.P. 60 palp. Pulse 130. Nu.... Number 16-gauge A.C.

MALE PARAMEDIC: Tension pneumo right. Decompressed on the scene.

DR. JORDAN KINGSLEY: (To the nurse) Alert the O.R. Get him set up for a chest and get him incubated now! Come on! Let's go.
The nurse gets things for the surgery, just as Dr. Michael McBain comes in.
MICHAEL: Are we swamped?

NURSE JANIE: Yeah, Dr. Kingsley just took a gunshot victim (gesturing)--
Just then Dr. Kingsley busts open the doors and calls from the O.R. from where they just took Stephen.

Scene Six: Outside the O.R., John arrives and asks his brother Michael about Stephen Haver's status. Michael tells his brother that Kingsley was able to stabilize him and then they rushed him to O.R. "What the *hell* happened?" He tells him that someone was able to get a gun into the Court House, despite the security being tight. Michael wonders if it was like at the police station, it was one of his victims out for revenge. John says he does not know. He then asks about Haver. Michael says, "I don't know. He's got *massive* internal injuries. I-I'd be amazed if he made it out of surgery."

Scene Seven: The Courthouse, Bo and the two cops. They tell Bo that they have done the interviews with witnesses and that they are going to check the video security tapes and then make a second sweep of the area. He tells them they they can let the people go. "How the *hell* did somebody get in here a gun and then get out without anybody seeing them?" The two cops do not understand how it happened either. Matthew calls Bo asking if he will be at the party. Bo tells him he probably will not because he is busy -- Matthew is upset because he wanted his father there because he wanted to set up us parents so that the would get back together, he ha a plan to get them to participate in a dance competition. After Bo hangs up, he tells a cop to make sure no one cleans up until after forensics have had a chance to do a thorough search of the crime scene. Later Bo changes his mind and shows up at the party, much to Matthew's joy -- it appears his plan might work. While there Bo gets a phone call, it is bad news. It appears the gun they found at the scene is in fact registered to John McBain.

Scene Eight: University Hospital, Michael and John. Michael tells his brother that Haver made it through the surgery but things are still uncertain.  He tells John that they will be moving him to I.C.U. and that he can question Haver, but he will have to wait a few minutes. He adds that Stephen is asking to talk with a cop. Michael gets a call from his girlfriend Marcie, and as he is talking he gets interrupted by a nurse regarding Haver's condition, he is hemorrhaging.

Dying, Haver implicates John;
25 sec; 1 Meg.

Michael rushes in. Haver's condition is deteriorating. He is choking on his blood, and is trying to remove the oxygen mask to speak. A nurse another nurse (not Janie) is checkinghis vitals.

MICHAEL: Ju.... Just lie back (trying to calm Haver, trying to keep him from moving), Dr. Haver. Ju.... just lie back, okay.
Haver tries to remove his oxygen mask so he can say something. He gasps, and chokes and spits up blood. He leans forward.
NURSE: He's suddenly started hemorrhaging from the [hard to make out what she say]--

MICHAEL: We need to get him to O.R., right away! (Trying to calm him) Stabilize him and get him to O.R.

STEPHEN:  (Grunting) No.... (gasping) Uh.... (He is horse and has a difficult time speaking, grabs Michael's wrist) The man who did this.... uh... I know.... the man who did this.

MICHAEL: Just lie--

STEPHEN: (Cont.) ....I know him! He murdered me! (Chokes and spits up blood) He.... he's John McBain!
Michael looks shocked.
STEPHEN: (Cont.) John McBain! Ah....
He head rolls back, he eyes roll back. He pants, breathing his last breath.
STEPHEN: Ha.... Ha....

Michael looks over towards John and Bo. They say nothing. Haver no longer is talking. The nurse is holding a bag for his epi. Just then he flatlines. Michael tries to revive him. John and Bo look on, knowing this is bad news.

(Air date Monday, March 22nd
through Friday, March 27th, 2004)
Michael cannot revive Haver, and he is declared dead. It is a death bed confession and Nora tells John i that it can be used in court but it is weak evidence. Bo believes John that he had nothing to do with Stephen's death. Antonio and John know that Stephen set up the death as a final act of revenge to get to John. However, D.A. Daniel Colson feels differently. The newspapers in town all are doing stories on John being involved. New evidence comes out and Bo is forced to arrest John for Haver's murder. A Llanview police officer, Philips, has come forward saying that he had done some dishonorable things and was feeling horrible. At this time, John McBain came to him and asked him to kill Haver. He gave him the gun and paid him. After this confession, Antonio and Bo the keep tabs on the officer. They trace him to a seedy motel. When they go inside his room they find him dead, having committed suicide. He left a note which makes case against McBain even stronger.   Jessica talks to Antonio, she thinks she has something figured out. She reminds Antonio that Haver used hypnosis on her. She wonders if he did that to Philips. She tells Antonio what she remember about what Haver did to her. First Haver drugged her. Then he would talk to her and get her to believe things which he wanted her to believe; he made her feel calm, and she wanted to do whatever he asked. There was also the music which was the trigger. Antonio is pleased, he is sure, with this information, he has figured it all out and he will be able to exonerate John.

(Air date Monday, March 29th, 2004)
Scene One: Antonio and Jessica's place, Antonio and Jessica; they remember that Haver did the same thing to Troy MacIver  to get him to believe he was the killer, and Haver got him confess. Later Natalie comes over, after Antonio has gone to follow up on this latest bit of information. Natalie admits to her sister that she thinks she is falling in love with John. Jessica goes through her purse and cannot find the bottle of pills -- Haver swiped them when she visited him the day before he died. She looks around her place but cannot find them.

Scene Two: The police station, Antonio is going over the surveillance tapes from Haver's cell.  On the tape, Haver is playing cards with a guard, not the usual one, but the Philips who confessed to killing Haver and who then allegedly committed suicide. There is a table set up outside the bars, the cop is sitting outside the cell, and Haver is sitting in his cell; they are playing cards. There is a cup on the table. Antonio slows down the tape's speed. With one hand Haver is reaching for the cards, the cop watches Haver play his hand.
With his other hand, Haver seems to be dropping something into the cup.

The next shot is of Haver standing near the bars and the co p next to the bars. "*Gotcha*, Haver!.... All right, so you drugged him.... but where the hell did you get the drugs to do it!"

Scene Three: Antonio returns and tells Natalie, Jessica and John that the cop Philips was drugged with sleeping pills which he lifted from Jessica's purse. They have it all on tape. It appears that these tapes were found at Philips' place, he had switched them with other tapes. They also found a coded message, which they believe is the instructions from Haver.

(Air date Tuesday, March 30th
through Wednesday, March 31st, 2004)
Because of the new evidence D.A. Daniel Colson has agreed to drop the case. Colson  holds conference and formally clears John, thanking him for all his work on the case. After the press conference Nora tells them it is finally over. Though Bo has a bad feeling. Haver was too thorough, he loved playing games and always planned his moves well in advance. Nora thinks he is being silly. Haver is in the morgue where he cannot hurt anyone. His brother Michael and his mother wonder how he is feeling.  Later Bo tells Antonio that he has this nagging feeling that the case is not over.  Antonio is sure it is over, framing John was his final plan, and it did not work;  Haver is dead. Bo thinks it might be because of Gabrielle, but he is ready to close the case. John talks to Bo who tells him the Music Box Killer case is officially closed. John is glad he does not want to hear that name ever again. Later Haver gets a special delivery. It is from Haver. The message reads, "You missed one, John. Maybe dead, maybe alive. Cops always think they're the hunters." They try to figure this out.

[This apparently leads to story for John having emotional problems and abusing pain medicine. The way the storyline ended  I get the feeling that originally Haver was to have come return from the dead and be a nemesis to John, and torment Jessica; "back from the dead"/"faked death" is a soap staple; with Matt returning to Days of our Lives that June we will never know for sure.

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