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Professor Stephen Haver Files
Episode Twelve

(Air date Tuesday, February 10th, 2004)

Scene One: Natalie is staying with mother Viki after the failed attack on her by the Music Box Killer. Jessica is there too since Antonio is off in Chicago talking to the authorities about the Love Child Murders. Jess talks with her twin Natalie, and tells Natalie that she seems to have misplaced her keys.

Scene Two: Haver tries to hide a pair of keys behind his back. They are on a key chain with a blue heart, with the letter "J," Jessica's keys. Haver opens the door, looking malevolently at Rae, though trying to also act normal. Rae is terrified, but tries to hide it. She has to try and explain what she is doing in his office and how she got the diploma for Samuel Hartford. She smiles. For a couple of moments neither says a word.

STEPHEN: What are you doing in my office, Rae?

OLTL012A: Haver catches RaeRAE: I..... just left you a note (smiles again).

STEPHEN: (Looking spooking and nodding) Oh! (Looking down towards the diploma she is trying to hide, he motions with his head) What have you got there?

RAE: (Nervous laugh) Huh, (Looking at the diploma) I'm..... I guess I'm caught, huh (forcing a smile)? It's the medical license and diploma of Dr. Samuel Hartford. The therapist that treated the Love Child Murder in Chicago.

STEPHEN: (Continues to stare at her, unblinking, standing at the door) Uh-huh.

RAE: I mean, what are you doing with them?

Stephen says nothing but continues to look at her menacingly. He eyes look down and then back towards her, never blinking. Haver has no other expression.

Scene Three: Haver quickly changes his demeanor. He puts down his satchel. He becomes very animated, talking fast, and friendly as if nothing is wrong.

Haver's explanation;
1:50 min; 3.9 Meg

STEPHEN: You know, I don't believe I ever told you this, but I collect criminal memorabilia. (Taking off his gloves) In fact, my collection is getting to be world class.

RAE: No, (Trying to act as if nothing is wrong, exhales) I didn't know that. What about murders?

OLTL012B: Talks about his crime memorabiliaSTEPHEN: (Frowning) Oh no, no, not just murders, famous, the best of the worst.

Picks up the diploma, Rae watches nervously. She is trying to hide her fear as he rambles on about his collection. He seems very excited by his macabre collection. This just makes Rae more nervous and worried for her safety.

STEPHEN: I have in my collection the gun that killed Ruby Rose in Hollywood in the 20's. I have the leather straps attached to the electric chair that killed Henry Dale. I have handcuffs once worn by Lee Harvey Oswald. And now, (looking at the diploma, admiring it) the medical degree and license to practice of the late Dr. Samuel Hartford. Not as good as something from the Love Child killer himself, but-uh, (Smiles) it's a start.

RAE: (Smiling too, trying to appease him) Yeah! So how do you (motioning with her head) get something like that?

STEPHEN: Ohhh, you'd be amazed what you can buy on the internet these days.
Looks admiringly at the diploma. Rae does a nervous laugh.
STEPHEN: I'm going to use this in my next book. Illustrations (looking towards Rae), you know.

RAE: Yeah.

STEPHEN: But-uh, it's odd though (frowning)....

RAE: What is?

STEPHEN: Well, this was in my desk (with a perplexed look), what were you doing in my desk, Rae?

OLTL012C: Questioning Rae

Rae does not know how to respond. Haver tilts his head and flashes and almost nasty grin.

Scene Four: Some time later, still in his office Haver is pouring a cup of coffee, from behind his desk, and hands it to Rae, who is standing in front of the desk.
STEPHEN: Soooooo, naturally--

RAE: (Takes it) Thank you.

STEPHEN: (Acting normal) You're very welcome. (Takes his cup) When you couldn't find your copy of the police report on Troy MacIver, (motioning) you assumed that they police (gesturing) put your copy with my copy by mistake (smiles).

RAE: (Smiles relieved) Yes! Yes! I.... I needed to go over to go over those dates--

STEPHEN: Uh-hmm.

OLTL012D: Amused by her liesRAE: ....of when he got those passes, and I shou ...., (exhales, bending her head in embarrassment) Oh, Stephen, I am sooo sorry. I.... I hope you'll forgive me. Sometimes I can be so obsessed by something (exhales).
Haver stands there, his head tilted to the left, with an amused expression. It is obvious he is not buying into her explanation. He seems to enjoy her squirming.
RAE: (Cont.) And (pointing at him) if you tell anyone I said that, (groans).

STEPHEN: (Holding onto his cup and walking from behind his desk; laughing). Your secret is safe with me. It's no problem. (Indicating with his finger) But, next time you want to go through my desk, just give me a heads up first, and I'll make sure everything's clean.

RAE: Yes, yes, they're won't be next time.
Haver laughs.

RAE: And you're right I should have just called you. And just so you know, the drawer was open.

STEPHEN: Strange how you found Dr. Hartford's things though.
OLTL012E: Haver doesn't want her to leave
RAE: Well, you know sometimes I am just so curious, (frowning) it's not always a good trait. And this collecting you're doing of this memorabilia I am fascinated. I would love to see it some time, but now I've got to go, I've got some students coming by.... by later. (Trying to leave) Alright.

STEPHEN: (Stopping her) Oh wait, if you could just wait a few more minutes, I just have to talk to you about something, alright.
Rae looks terrified.
STEPHEN: (Cont.) Just.... just a few minutes.
Rae almost grimaces. Ominous music is playing. Haver goes to the door and shuts it. The scene closes on the closed door. Very sinister.

Scene Five: Haver as ominously shut Rae inside his office with him. He begins to question her about her visit with Troy, earlier that day. It is obvious now that Haver is doing it to find out if Troy revealed anything about him.
STEPHEN: I was hoping (pointing to himself) that you could fill me in on your visit with Troy MacIver. (Gesturing) Just tell me any little thing that he said (Grinning)

RAE: Weelll, he didn't really say that much. He has no idea who poisoned him, tried to make it look like a suicide.

STEPHEN: (Stand right next to her, nodding) Hmmm! (Looks down)

RAE: You know what he did? He talked about you Stephen. Hmmm.

STEPHEN: (Looking at her with a pleasant expression on his face) Did he?

RAE: Yes he did. He likes you very much.

STEPHEN: Well, what can I say.
Rae Laughs. Haver walks around the room.
STEPHEN: (Cont.) You know when you.... when you first work with a patient, it's very important (gesturing) to put them at ease, make them feel relaxed (sits on his desk)--

RAE: Right!

STEPHEN: An.....An.... And th....then it's amazing what they reveal.

RAE: I know, yeeeesss. Yes I do, I know what's that like.

STEPHEN: Huh-hmmm.
They both appear to be trying to out shrink the other throughout their conversation.
OLTL012F: Rae mentions MavisRAE: You know, uh, in fact you are belove'd, throughout the prison.

STEPHEN: Really?

RAE: Yes, you are.

Stephen nods, and continues to stare at her.

RAE: You know for instance, let me give you an example, Mavis, you know, the nurse that gave Troy those passes?

Rae takes a sip of her coffee. For an instant Haver looks down, then returns his gaze on her.

OLTL012G: Asking about TroyRAE: (Cont.) She is..... or was.... oh, your biggest fan (drinking the coffee).

Haver is looking down, with an odd expression on his face.

STEPHEN: Yes. Her death was a very sad day for everybody there. (Softly) All of us. (Bending closer, smiling) What else did Troy say? (Standing up, in front of her).

RAE: That was, that was basically it.
Haver cocks his head, and smiles, leaning close into her.
RAE: (Cont.) You know I have a confession to make.
Haver looks at her amused.

RAE: I did, uh, take a little peek at your manuscript.

STEPHEN: Oh did you?

RAE: I hope you don't mind.

STEPHEN: Please, please, tell me wha.... what do you think?

RAE: (Picking it up) Well, I think it is terrific. I (looking at the cover, pausing, shaking her head, and patting it) you know, it's so interesting to read (rubbing it) about your take on the Love Child Killer.

STEPHEN: (Lifting his eyebrow) Hmmm. Back to the good doctor's license and diploma (snorts, and flashing a big grin).

OLTL012H: Rae mentions his comments about fireRAE: You know I was struck by something, the doctor who was convicted of killing (ominous music) those six women, (looking at him, as if she is trying to analyze his reaction) he burned himself to death, in prison.

STEPHEN: (Flashing a emotional look of sorrow) Very tragic, yes.

RAE: Yes, very tradgic.You made an odd comment (putting down the manuscript; frowns) you said that (walking up towards him and leaning in very close to him) fire is horrible,(emphasizing this, obviously to get him to react; she looks closely at him, trying to analyze his reaction) and beautiful.
Haver looks down. It appears he is trying to control his emotions. He speaks calmly.
STEPHEN: To some people it can be.
He walks away. As she talks he is about to put down his coffee mug on the piano. His emotion changes, he is apparently thrown by, and deeply effected by her question.
RAE: Your grandparents were burned to death in a fire, weren't they, Stephen.

OLTL012I: Haver shaken by his grandparents

She goes over to the piano, and puts her hand on it, looking over at him.
STEPHEN: (Shaken, but trying to hide it.) Haha, where did you hear that (Grinning to hide being upset)?

RAE: Your brother, remember? I saw him at the APA convention, last year.
Rae apparently feelings confident that she that she has upset Stephen. Haver is thrown by all this, he quickly tries to hide it.
STEPHEN: Yes (his voice catching), yes of course you did (laughing to make it appear it is nothing).

RAE: (Laughing) But--

STEPHEN: Well, (Still upset, apparently) I, uh.... (pursing his lips and frowning) that is true, my grandparents died in a house fire, (breathing deeply) I was at camp at the time, so I wasn't--

RAE: Really?

STEPHEN: ....so, I wasn't--

OLTL012J: Rae upsets HaverRae interrupts him, he looks surprised, and disturbed.

RAE: ....that's not what he said....
Stephen freezes, upset by what she said. His composure seems to be completely destroyed.
RAE: (Cont.) ....he said you were there. And, yo.... you barely got out.
Stephen is upset, surprised, but this remark. It has completely thrown him. He no longer is in control of the situation.
RAE: (She seems pleased at finally being in control) You know your brother (almost smirking grin) told me alot about you.
Haver seems very disturbed, but his face is blank and devoid of expression.

Scene Six: In Haver's office, Rae has confronted him about the death by fire of his grandparents, and has caught him in a lie about being there when it occurred.

STEPHEN: (Swallowing hard) Sooo, what version did good, old Kenny tell you?

RAE: Ooooh, you mean there is more than one version?

Haver laughs trying to pass it off as nothing. Rae laughs too.
STEPHEN: Oh, yes there is. That one came from a reporter, and she didn't even get half it it right (walking off).

RAE: Like what?

STEPHEN: (Exhaling) Will, for instance, (sniffs) there's word out that both of my.... both of my....
He is about to sit on the desk, but nearly sits on Rae's coffee mug, so he picks it up, and hands it to her.

RAE: Ah, thank-you.

(Cont.) ....both of my grandparents burned to death to death in my grandmother's.... bedroom. (Putting his fist to his mouth; sniffs)....

RAE: Uh, hmm.

STEPHEN: My grandfather would never go into my grandmother's bedroom, he hated her. He never went in there!

RAE: (Putting her fingers on her face, as if in thought) Ooohhh.

STEPHEN: He hated her.

RAE: (Motioning) Well, that.... that must be why everyone everyone was so fascinated because (looking off as if thinking this trough) your grandfather was..... in a wheelchair, he was bound to it. And yet, they found they found the chair in the hallway, he wasn't in it.

STEPHEN: (Shaking his head in denial) Not even remotely true.

RAE: Ahhh. Well....

STEPHEN: (Nods his head) Hmmm.

OLTL012K: Haver talks about the fireRAE: I mean, course you know, I mean, you were there. Thank God, you....you managed to escape (taking another sip of her coffee).

STEPHEN: (As if back in thought) Out of a second story window, yes. (Sighing; sniffs obviously troubled by the memory) Look the that, uh, other story I tell about the camp....

RAE: Yes.

STEPHEN: I tell that because-uh (frowning), well, it was a painful memory.

RAE: Yeess, of course.

Haver talks about his mother;
2 min; 4.9 Meg

OLTL012L: Rae mentions his motherSTEPHEN: (Looking down, affected) So what else, did my brother tell you?

RAE: (Pauses for a moment) About the two of you, that he was the older brother. He also talked about.... (slight pause for effect) your mother.

Haver gives an ironic, almost scoffing, laugh. He raises his eyebrows.
RAE: (Cont.) She was really a free-spirit, I guess, huh?

STEPHEN: Good old Mom!

RAE: Yeah.

STEPHEN: Always walking around listening to that.... (apparently disgusted) songbird of the street people.

RAE: Who would that be?

STEPHEN: Ah.... (a disgusted tone in his voice; making a face) Janice Rivers.

RAE: (Chuckling) Oh, dear!

STEPHEN: (Ironic laugh; putting his fist to his mouth in thought) Ah, died of a heroin overdose, I believe, . It was a (raises his eyebrows) mercy killing. (Laughing) Couldn't sing a note (Laughing; biting his thumb).

RAE: (Chucking along with him) Well, I guess your mother (egging him on) was more interested in music.... than you?

OLTL012M: Flashing evil glare

Haver flashes an unamused, and rather evil glare. His eyes are rolled up to the top.
STEPHEN: Rae!? She loved use very much. (Fiddling his fingers) Now you have to stop listening to my brother. (Getting up) He is a li-ar! (Slight laugh) He is the biggest liar there ever was.

RAE: I thought.... I thought he was very nice.
Haver is still laughing, trying to cover his emotions. To keep himself in check. Rae goes over to him.
OLTL012N: Haver says his brother RAE: (Cont.) Ahh, you know I..... I..... I haven't heard from him, or heard anything about him.... wha....wha.... what is he.... hmmm....

Shakes her head. Haver is obviously very upset, but trying to keep his emotions in check.

RAE: (Cont.) What is he doing.... (looks at Stephen) lately?

STEPHEN: (Speaking very softly, and oddly) Dropped out of sight, I guess.

More ominous music. Slowly he turns to look at Rae, with a very strange look on his face. Rae turns her head and gazes at him.

Meanwhile (not sure how much time has elapsed) Jessica is walking down the hallway, towards Haver's office. She knocks on the door. No answer.

JESSICA: (Calling out to Stephen) Dr. Haver? You there?

There is no answer.
JESSICA: (Talking to herself, confused) I could have sworn he had office hours.

She is about to walk off when Haver quickly answers the door. Acting and looking as if nothing is wrong.

STEPHEN: Jessica.

JESSICA: Hiii! Um, sorry to interrupt I was wondering (gesturing) if I left the key to my apartment.
Meanwhile Haver is standing by the door, which is such that she cannot see into his office. He seems also to be purposefully blocking the view of his office with his body. He feigns innocence.
STEPHEN: Oh, the key, yes, yes, yes (reaches for it)....

JESSICA: Ahhhh (Sighing in relief)!

STEPHEN: I found it on my floor....

JESSICA: Wwwwooooowww!
Haver hands her the keys. Though it appears he has probably made a copy of them.
STEPHEN: ....you just saved me a trip.

JESSICA: Thank-you, I've been looking for this everywhere. I haftha (motioning) go to class, but I'll talk to you later.

STEPHEN: Looking foward to it.

Haver looks very smug, after she has walked off. He closes the door, and looks smugly at a pair of duplicate keys to Jessica's place.
STEPHEN: (Talking to himself) Looking very much forward to it. (Looking at the keys) Very much indeed.
He looks towards the back of his office. Though the camera stays focused on him. He talks to Rae, but we do not see her. Apparently she is unconscious, he either killed her, knocked her out, or she is unconscious because the coffee he gave her was drugged.
STEPHEN: Unless you offer some kind of objection, Rae.

OLTL012O: Haver asks if Rae objects

He has a smug look on has face. He walks past the view of the camera, towards the rear of his office. More ominous music is playing. Then the camera focuses on his closed office door.