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Professor Stephen Haver Files
Episode Seventeen

(Air date Friday, February 20th, 2004)
Scene one: Viki's office, the university, Jessica drops by to tell her mother about Haver. She stands by him, but Viki tells her to be careful, if the police suspect him there may be a reason. Jessica seems brainwashed by Haver and continues to believe he is being rail roaded.

Scene Two: In Bo's office, John thinks Stephen Haver is not only the Music Box Killer, but the Love Child Killer and the White Rose Killer. They both worry about Rae. An officer brings them evidence from Haver's house. John then plays a video tape of him during the White Rose murders. He is egging on the killer referring to him as coward who feels superior when he murders innocent women. John realizes that his press conference got Haver to react. Bo goes over a file, it seems as though Madison Kensington, the sixth victim, had an altercation with Professor Haver in his class and made a comment about his sexuality. John thinks that may be why she was a victim; Haver paid her back for her insults.

Scene Three: In her prison, Rae is tied up and gagged, lying in the middle of the floor; the door opens, Haver enters, and uses his remote to turn on the lights. She is blinking, as he walks and bends over her. She whimpers.
STEPHEN: Congratulations, Rae, you made it through another day among the living! (Pulling her up by the arm) Upsy-daisy (removes the gag from her mouth).

RAE: I can't do this much longer, Stephen.

STEPHEN: Oh, nonsense, Rae; nonsense! You're (rubbing her shoulder) doing marvelously! Your profile of the serial killer was.... was, ah.... was amusing. If not exactly original (looking at her, smiling).

RAE: My profile of you was accurate, and you know it! You're not going to kill me. In fact, you're right now, you're trying to figure out how to avoid it.

Stephen looks affected by the accuracy of what she said. He looks around, not able to reply for a moment. He then gets up and walks around.

STEPHEN: You're a laudable colleague, Rae. (Panting, he shuts the door, then walks back towards her) Laudable, and for that reason, I'd like you to help me with another profile.

RAE: (Still seated on the floor, looking downward) Whose?

STEPHEN: A certain.... federal agent. Agent John McBain! I want you to tell me about his strengths.... (smiling) and his weaknesses! So I'll better know how to exploit them!

As he says the last part John is looking at crime scene photos of his fiancée lying murdered in bed.

Scene Four: The scene continues. Rae is in the process of analyzing John McBain. As she does so Stephen paces around the room. She tells him that McBain is a loner. She talks about how he admired his father who was a street cop. Haver puts his hand to his chin, in contemplation. She continues that unlike John, John's father never received recognition nor promotions. A tear falls down her cheek as she continues. She says that John harbors resentment towards his father.

STEPHEN: (Coldly, unemotional) Fake! Generic! You can do better!

RAE: Why would I give you ammunition against him?!

STEPHEN: Because you want to live longer!

RAE: (Breaking down) But.... but I'm not going to! (Sobbing, shaking her head in frustration) Whom am I kidding, it doesn't matter!

STEPHEN: Is it better to die sooner? Or later?OLTL017A: Rae refers to Haver as a sadistic sicko

Haver continues to stand, rubbing his chin, with a cold, blank look.

RAE: (Resigned, yet determined, under her breath) Fine! (Gets up) Fine! (Walking to him) You want to know about John McBain? He's strong, driven, brilliant. But he is tortured, he has a dark side. Not unlike the psychopaths he hunts down. Not unlike you, Stephen! He's not afraid to go into your mind! To.... get in there and see (no longer afraid or weak) the sadistic sickness that's there! And that's why it's just a matter of time before he catches you!

STEPHEN: "A matter of time"? (Turning towards her) Such a simple phrase, (walking around) conveys so much. Time it takes.... John McBain to (gestures) figure out who I am.... (putting back his hand to his chin in contemplation) prove (gestures) it.... (putting it back) hopefully and to catch me, as you so eloquently put it, (motions with his hand) why relatively, that could be.... (gestures) all the time in the world (pointing to himself) for me.(Sighs, then looks down at the broken music box and picks it up) Or as for you--

RAE: No! (Panting) Ha.... ha.... ha.... ha.... ha..... ha..... (walking towards him, begging) Stephen, ha..... ha.... ha...., Stephen, listen to me..... ha..... ha..... ha..... you said that.... that you would keep me alive if I could name your next victim, well, I can I-I.... I know who your next victim is!

Haver looks over at her.

Scene Five: Haver turns the lights back on.

Haver has Rae "role play" as his hated mother;
3:20 min; 7.6 Meg.

STEPHEN: Better work on your poker face, Rae! I can....

RAE: No....

STEPHEN: (Cont.) ....that you're bluffing.

RAE: (Cont.) ....no, no, I.... I do know who your next victim is, Stephen! I do!

STPEHEN: Okay, (smug) I'll play along, (walking around) I'm thinking of a name that rhymes with--

RAE: Marlena Haver....

OTLO17B: Rae mentions Haver's mother

[This is a stab at DAYS, Matthew's Jack Deveraux was killed by that show's "serial killer" Dr. Marlena Evans]. This stops Haver, this has hit its mark. He no longer is smug and sure of himself. He stares and says nothing as she continues *her* mind games.

OLTL017C: Rae is getting to StehenRAE: (Cont.) ....your mother!

He slowly turns, and tries to pretend it has not affect him. Rae observes him.

STEPHEN: Who I've been killing, over, and over, and over for years now. Right! (Bending back his head and letting out a deep sigh) Haaa....

RAE: (Leaning into him) Because you won't forgive her, isn't that it?You won't forgive her for abandoning you.

STEPHEN: (Looking down at her with a deadly stare) That's enough Rae!

RAE: No, no....

STEPHEN: It's enough (walking off).

OLTL017D: Rae profiles his victimsRAE: You can't punish her.

STEPHEN: (Walking away to avoid the truth) Huh hmm....

RAE: (Cont.) Can you?!

His back turned, his head bent, and his hand to his chin. She walks towards him.

RAE: (Cont.) That's why you.... (pause) that's why you look.... for her in all those other women. Women who.... who laugh and dance and love life.

Haver just has a far away look in his eyes.

RAE: (Cont.) And then you punish them.

He almost seems as though the truth is hurtful.

RAE: (Cont.) It doesn't help, though, does it, Stephen (more rhetorical)? Because the pain and the anger (pauses) it grows (pauses) with each murder....

Haver continues to stare into the distance, as if she is getting through to him, and he sees the truth behind his killing and how wrong it is.

RAE: (Cont.) Let me help you, Stephen!

His eyebrow twitches as if he is thinking about it.

OLTL017E:  Rae offers to help

RAE: (Cont.) Please! (Begging) I can! You know I can! But you have to let me go!

He slowly turns to her, his expression changing.

OLTL017F: Haver is not moved by her pleas

RAE: (Cont.) Please!

He looks down at her with a deadly stare, it is obvious that he has no indication of letting her go.

Scene Six: John and Bo go over forensic evidence from Haver's house. The footprints they found there match the ones at one of the crime scenes. They also discovered that Haver wears a device to correct an uneven leg. John talks to Bo about when he shot the intruder who murdered his fiancée. The angle of the gun could have hit his leg which further damaged the leg from the time he escaped the fire at his grandparents' home. They think that this caused Haver to really have it in for John. They surmise that the killings now is part of the revenge. They talk about Troy MacIver, and how the evidence was set up to frame him, Haver could easily have gotten away with the killings. However, he continued to taunt them. John remembers that Haver wrote a series of articles on a special hypnosis technique. He thinks that Haver may have used that on MacIver when he confessed in the office.

Scene Seven: Back in Rae's "cell," Rae continues to try and get to Haver. Haver has a strange, smile expression on his face.

OLTL017G: Stephen decides to let her help, or does heRAE: I can help you, Stephen, please! I can.

He thinks about it. Lets out a sigh. Continues to think and finally speaks.

STEPHEN: Okay! (Turning to her ) Why not! How about a little role playing. You, of course, (gestures) will play my mother (putting his hands on her arm).

RAE: No, no! -I don't want too, please--

STEPHEN: (Leading her) No, no, no, no no!

RAE: (Cont.) ....Stephen. Please!

STEPHEN: (Cont.) No more talking! (Leaning over her shoulder) No more talking, Rae! No more talking (loosens the bindings around her arms)!

RAE: Ahh....

STEPHEN: Only singing! (Takes her arms) Singing! My mother loved to sing. (Holding Rae who is freaking out) She sang all the time! (Look up with a look of "love") Songs of love. Songs of peace (putting up his hand in a sign of peace).

OLTL017H: Songs of Peace

STEPHEN: (Cont.) Songs of (looking at her) protest. There's one (putting up a finger in gesture) that she loved! Here! (Easing her down) Down on the floor! Assume the position! (He eases her to a sitting position) He we go. Cross your legs just let this (then crosses his legs in a semi-lotus position). (Helping her cross her legs) Just like this, very good! (Getting in a weird-esque yoga position) Put your hands out just like this (his eyes closed and hands out in a weird form of meditation; she reluctantly does it). Take my hand (he takes hers and intertwines her fingers with his) and sing, "We shall oooo-ver cooom-uh-mmme!" (He looks out of it, swaying back and forth).

RAE: (Under her breath) Oh God (Not singing)!

STEPHEN: "We--" Come on, Rae, sing! I can't hear you!

RAE: (Too upset, trying to sing) "Shall..... shall!"

STEPHEN: "Cooom-uh!"

She is trying to sing, but it is inaudible. She is becoming more and more freaked out by his psychotic behavior. He is still in a lotus position, swaying back and forth.

OLTL017I: Singing 'We Shall Overcome'

STEPHEN: (Still singing) "Now I do beeeliieeeve! We shall...." (He moves around, still holding her hand) "....over...." (he leans back) "....this...." (lying back onto her lap) "....day!" (She holds him) Keep singing, Rae!

RAE: (Weak) "Daayyy...."

STEPHEN: (Reclining on her lap, as if reverting back to his childhood) "Day--aaa---aaay!" (Caressing her hand, with a ecstatic look) Yes, that's it, keep going!

She sings with him, nearly breaking down. He is completely out of it.

STEPHEN AND RAE: "We shall oooo-ver cooom-uh-mmme. We shall...."

He stops, she still sings a line. He looks as though he is resting.

OLTL017J: Resting on her lap

RAE: "....O...."

She stops realizing he has stopped. She looks down in terror, realizing the implications. Haver's eyes are open and he has a a psychotic expression in his eyes.

OLTL017K: Stephen opens his eyes freaking Rae out

He bolts up. She throws her hands to her face in abject horror. He sits up right. Then with a almost normal look looks at her.

STEPHEN: Sorry, Rae. Didn't work!

Rae has her hands together. He then replies to her in a normal, yet chilling voice.

OLTL017L: Tells Rae he still

STEPHEN: (Cont.) Still hate the bitch.

He leans over and gives her a perverted kiss to the cheek. She is disgusted, terrified. He clicks the remote and the lights go out.

OLTL017M: Stephen gives Rae a perverted, psychotic kiss

STEPHEN: (Cont., chillingly) Good night, mother!

Scene Seven: Bo and John have gone to question Troy MacIver. Troy is nervous and agitated. John questions Troy if he remembers Dr. Haver. He said he does. Then he tells him that Rae already came and asked him about Haver. Bo asks him if Haver ever gave him anything. Troy's doctor is there and cannot understand how suddenly Troy is so upset when he had been so relaxed earlier. Troy reaches for an object when no one is looking. However, Bo sees him. A guard takes it away. Troy babbles about needing his medicine. Inside the object they find drugs. John recognizes them as heavy hallucinogens. Troy's doctor surmises that Troy has been programmed to take the drugs. He then gives him truth serum. John begins to question Troy once the truth serum takes effect. As they question him we see flash backs to Haver talking to Troy, the image is distorted.

STEPHEN: (Friendly) Hello, Troy, I'm Dr. Stephen Haver I'm here to help you. We're going to become good friends you and I--

John interrupts the memory. Troy remembers but has not said anything. John is seated, his hand to his face, looking annoyed that he is getting nothing from MacIver. Troy is in a daze from the drugs, and probably still slightly under Stephen's control.

JOHN: Troy, let's talk about Dr. Haver. What did he do to you.

Scene Eight: Rae is dressed in black, like a funeral garb. She appears unconscious or dead. she is surrounded by white sheets, around her body. It is like some sacred burial ritual. Some light shines over part of the "burial," and we see the outline of Haver's body. He stands over her. He moves around her and pours gasoline over the sheets.

STEPHEN: John McBain (continuing to light the sheets) may be all that you say he is, but is he invincible? I'm feeling (Bending over her fixing her collar, touching her cheek) invincible (Touching her hair) so invincible (getting up) that I've killed you, (continues to pour out the gasoline) and no on can touch me!

He finishes pouring the gasoline all around her. He steps back. Then lights a match.

STEPHEN: No one will ever know!

OLTL017N: Stephen lights Rae afire

He throws the match onto the sheets at her feet and all the sheets burst into flame. We see the flames dance around her feet.

Scene Eight: Back to the prison, Troy is groggy, and John tries to get information from him. He asks him who he got the passes. Troy says that the head nurse gave them to him. She was found dead earlier. Troy then tells John how he had told Stephen Haver about seeing Gabrielle. Troy says that Stephen told him to go back to the same bar and keep meeting her. Troy tells him that Haver told him to keep their friendship a secret. He asks what else Haver told him. Troy flashes back to Haver who is playing with some kind of puzzle or game.

STEPHEN: (Clinically, brainwashing Troy) He's inside you, making you do things. Colin's a part of you. (Looks down) You can't escape him!

TROY: (Repeating what Stephen told him) Colin's inside me.

JOHN: Why did you confess to killing Gabrielle? Who told you to do that?

TROY: Dr. Haver. He's my friend.

JOHN: Do you know where he is now?

TROY: (Disappointed) He doesn't come to visit anymore.

John goes out to Bo who is watching and listening in the hall way. Bo cruses Haver for killing Gabrielle. He now realizes that John was right Professor Stephen Haver killed them all.

Scene Nine: A door opens, it is Jessica and Antonio's place. Haver looks around cautiously before entering. He appears to have a set of keys. Seeing no one there in walks in and shuts the door. Talking out loud.

STEPHEN: (Walking around scanning the place) So careless of you Jessica.... to misplace your keys. (Stops and looks at a photo of her) Someone could have made a copy.

The scene skipped to John and Bo talking about Haver being guilty. John says that they "just have to find him," realizing that will not be easy.

The scene returns to Haver exiting the place. He is locking up as Jessica turns the corner and sees him.

JESSICA: Professor Haver?

Stephen stops, is momentarily flustered but turns and addresses her as if nothing is wrong.

STEPHEN: Jessica?

He as has a devious smile, as she walks up to him. What has he planned for her?

OLTL017O: Stephen surprise Jessica, what has he planned for her.