Episode One: Maggie, Abe, and Roman
Relate to Tony How Jack Escaped;
Jennifer Is Caught in a Trap Trying to Get to Jack.

[Air date June 22nd, 2004]
Scene One: Jennifer is preparing to meet the plane to take to Jack. She has to sneak off because Patrick and the others do not want her to go. She has been told not to tell anyone. It is apparent that Jack is not the one who is sending the messages.

Scene Two: On Salem Island Abe, Roman, Maggie, and Marlena are all worried about Jack. The fear the worst. Abe and Roman are out on their nightly patrol outside Jack's house. The wonder how long it will be before Jennifer arrives. Since the house is dark they realize that Jack still is missing. They then notice a dark figure walking around the Deveraux house. The figure is dressed in black, and his face is covered. He pulls some ninja acrobatic moves on them, but they are able to knock him out, and subdue him. They are shocked to see that it is Tony di Mera.

They throw some water on him, and when he is revived the tear into him. They know that he and his father Stefano are behind it all, and they want answers. He swears he is just as much a victim as they are. They do not believe him. Tony died in January after being mauled by Horton the Tiger, and then poisoned by "Marlena" while in the hospital. He swears that he woke up in the jungle on palm fronds, not knowing where he was. All he had were two tiger teeth. After he wandered around he found an exact replica of the di Mera mansion. They wonder why they never saw it. He insists that it was well hidden. He stayed there to recuperate [He does not say how long, so it is hard to tell if he got to the island immediate, or recently (if it was recently then it appears time is out of whack on the island)]. He tells them once he was feeling better he decided to go look around. It was then he found a compass which he shows them. He said that he used it and it lead him to this replica of Jack and Jennifer's house. He was shocked to see it, so he wanted to investigate. Now they really are suspicious and want answers because it is Jack's compass, and he would never have carelessly lost it.

Scene Three: Jennifer has arrived at the small air field outside of town, waiting for Jack to arrive. She walks around and smiles, thinking about seeing Jack again. Time passes and she looks at her watch. She laughs, "Five minutes late, typical Jack. She then flashes back to the last time she saw Jack, last October at Salem Place, just before he was "murdered."

Jack and she had some errands and they were going to meet back, and spend the day together. They are arm in arm.
JENNIFER: Oh, but (turning around) I'm going this way....

JACK: And I'm going (motioning in the other direction) this way.

JENNIFER: (Turning back towards Jack) So, you know what.... let's meet back in the middle.... say around noon at the Java Café. Plan?

Jack gives her a big bear hug, and holds her tightly, surprising Jennifer.
JENNIFER: (chuckling) What are you doing, It's only fifteen minutes?

JACK: Well that is fifteen minutes too long without you!
Jack reaches in and kisses her, and Jennifer kisses back.
JENNIFER: I love you!

JACK: (smiling down at her with great love) I love you!

JENNIFER: (Smiling up at him) I'll see you at noon.
Jennifer comes out of her memory. She says out loud that that time he never came.She walks around and leans against the car. She now thinks back to later that day, Jack she is near Jack's bedside, he is in a coma and is hooked up to machines.
JENNIFER: (Talking to Jack, near tears but trying to be optimistic; smiling) Dr. Morales and that nurse they looked at me as if they felt sorry for me like they think (fiddling with Jack's blanket) you're not going to make it. Obviously they don't know Jack Deveraux. 'Cause he's a fighter and he doesn't give up on anything. That's how you won me back and I'm so glad you did. (Pausing) I love you sooo much. (Voice cracking And I soo so very proud of you, (crying) and I hope that you know that. And if you think that me seeing you like this makes me love you any less than you do not remember our wedding vows: "For richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health." And nothing will part us til.... Well that's not going to happen, Jack. It's not time. It's not time yet.
Jennifer comes out of flashback. She realizes how unrealistic it is for Jack to be alive. Nearly crying.
JENNIFER: (Talking to herself) Ah, that was the worst day of my life. (Nearly in tears; pacing) I didn't wanna give up. I didn't wanna let you go. You were already gone weren't you?
Jennifer recalls Lexie shutting off Jack's life support. She and Abigail are crying. Roman is there upset. Hope and Bo are nearly in tears, consoling each other.

Jennifer comes back to the present, very shaken by her memories, realizing even more so that she is on some fool's errant.
JENNIFER: This is crazy. (sobbing) I was there when he died (thinking). Patrick, Lexie, ann... and Julie are right, this is some horrible trick. (Coming to a realization) Oh my gosh, what is someone did lure me out here. I got to get out of here (takes her suitcase and begins to leave but hears a noise.
Scene Four: He wonders how they know it belongs to Jack, the read the inscription on the back, "Jack, may you always find your way back to me. Love Jennifer." He tells them he did nothing to Jack.

Roman tells Tony that he, Abe, and Jack had a big reunion when he (Roman) arrived on the island. He showed them the compass, and was determined to find away off the island. Jack showed him the compass. Roman tells Tony that Jack was sure that the compass would lead him to freedom.

Flashback to Jack, Roman, and Abe in the Salem Island replica of Jack and Jennifer's house. Jack is wearing a brown fedora, leather jacket, white shirt, and khaki brown pants; he looks like Indiana Jones. Around his neck he is wearing the silver heart-shaped locket that he bought for Jennifer the day he "died." Pensively he rubs his chin with his hand and them makes a gesture with it.
JACK: (Talking to them) Look, I tell you I am through sitting around here for the palm trees to grow. I am going to get the hell off this god forsaken island and get back to Jennifer, and Abigail--
Abe watches on quietly, Roman seems a little frustrated, finally interrupts him.
Ep2004.001: Jack tells them he is going to be there when Jennifer has their babyROMAN: (Put out his hand to stop him) Jack! You wander around out there all you're going to do is get lost. At least here you've got food and shelter.

JACK: (Raising his voice excitedly) You're the one who told me (pointing to his chest) I'm going to have a baby.... (correctly himself) ooohhh, Jennifer's going to have a baby. My baby! I'M GOING TO BE THERE WHEN SHE HAS IT!

ABE: (Trying to be the voice of reason, speaking calmly) Jack, we want to get back to our loved ones too, but we have to keep cool heads, and try to figure out what the hell is going--Ep2004.001B: Jack shows them the compass
Jack interrupts him, and reaches into his pants pocket.


JACK: Wait, whoa.... let me show you this (he takes out the compass, and shows it to them). You know what this is? (Pointing to it) This is a compass, Jennifer gave this to me. This is going to lead me back to her.When I get off this god forsaken island, I'll send for help.



Back in the present Roman and Abe tell Tony that there is no way that Jack would lose the compass, they do not believe that he found it. He insists he did. We then hear Maggie who is very angry.
MAGGIE: Well we don't! (Walking towards Tony) What the hell did you do to Jack?
Maggie turns him towards her, and then slaps him hard across the face. Tony groans, and rubs his cheek.

Scene Five: Patrick realizes that Jennifer has given him the slip, Hope has just arrived at Alice's and he notices her. Prior to this Hope went to a pawn shop and picked up a stuffed bear. It appears that this bear may be the bear which Will put inside Marlena's casket. Patrick tells Hope about Jennifer and frantically they try and search for her. Patrick tells her that Jennifer was getting messages from Jack, and he fears that someone was doing it to trap her. He does not tell her the whole truth, that the man who hired him has threatened to kill Jennifer, and he believes that that man is behind the messages alleged to be from Jack. Jennifer has left her cell phone in the car, and they are unable to reach her by phone. They are unable to access her computer, but find a blank notepad by it. Using a pencil they are able to read the impression left on the pad with the directions to the air field. They take off hoping to stop her.

Scene Six: Back at Jack's house on Salem Island Tony is still reeling from the slap. He tells her that Horton the tiger is not the only fierce Horton. Maggie asks Abe for Jack's compass. MAGGIE: (Holding up the compass) I know how important this was to Jack. We were out in the bush, trudging through this jungle, trying to find a way out. No one was more determined to get off this island than Jack!
There is another flashback. Jack is talking to Abe and Roman.

Ep2004.001C: Jack that he is a

JACK: (Ex hails) Ahhh, (fiddling with the compass) I know you're both prudent, (pacing around) calm collective professional types. (Patting on the back) But me, I'm more fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type. Jennifer and I spent too many years apart, I'm not going to waste any more.... soooo (motioning with his hand, and about to walk off) adios..
Roman stops him.
ROMAN: JACK! Goddamn it, alright look, I hear every damn word you're saying, I just got a bad feeling about this.

ABE: Jack, you're doing the wrong things for the right reasons.

JACK: Maybe.... (pausing) maybe, but I'm going to do it, and there's not a damn thing you're going to do to stop me.
Just then Maggie walks up.

MAGGIE: More power to you Jack.

The men turn to look at her, startled by her spunk. She is dressed in a khaki tan jacket, white shirt, with a matching tan scarf around her neck; she also has leather glover; she is carrying a whip and a very nasty looking, large machete.
MAGGIE: Someone has kidnapped us, gentlemen. Someone is holding me against my will, and that really PISSES ME OFF!!!!


The men stand dumb-founded at her language.
ABE: (With a slight smile) Maggie?! I never hear you talk like this.

MAGGIE: Well I've never been held prisoner like this before! I'm with you Jack (showing off the whip and machete), let's go out in that jungle and kick some major butt!
Roman does not seem to know what to think. Abe flashes his eyes. Jack turns towards the men, also surprised by Maggie's new attitude.

Mack in the present Maggie obviously seems worried about Jack. Abe questions him about the compass. He found it about a kilometer from Jack's place. Abe realizes that the location Tony found the compass was near where he found Jack's shredded and bloodied backpack, near Salem Place. Maggie shudders. She tells Abe that they have to find Jack before Jennifer arrives. Tony is surprised to hear about Jennifer, he wonders how they know. Maggie explains how Jennifer's name appeared on the plaque outside the house, like an announcement. Tony does not know. Smugly he smirks how tragic it will be if Jennifer appears and Jack is not around. "That's why you're going to find him," Maggie tells Tony.

Scene Seven: Back at the airfield Jennifer hides, but the noisewas a bunny. It appears bunnies have appeared at other times, one was on Marlena's grave. [Could it represent some allusion to Alice in Wonderland, seeing the white rabbit and then falling through the bunny hole into a strange world?] Jennifer is about to leave when she hears a plane. Excitedly she begins to wave her hands in the air and shut Jack's name. A man gets out of the plane, but it is not Jack. He calls himself Davies. He says that Jack wants him to take her to him. Though he is vague, and Jennifer becomes suspicious again. She demands to have proof.

Scene Eight: Back at Jack and Jennifer's place on the island, Tony sarcastically tells Maggie that he is a gentleman and would love to help a Horton in distress. Roman, certain that Tony is involved tells him to cut the Sarcasm. Though, is Tony involved. Or is it someone else, maybe even Roman? Tony tells them that under these circumstances sarcasm is very useful Maggie then begins to tell him about how Jack went missing.

We hear Maggie's voice relate what happened, in flashbacks we see Jack and Maggie but there is no dialogue.
MAGGIE: Jack and I were slowly moving through this.... dense, overgrown jungle.
In the jungle we see Jack come out of some foliage. He holds them back for Maggie, but stops when and looks up at something. Maggie comes up and her mouth agape she stares as well.
MAGGIE: We, um, we came upon these (trying to find a word to explain them) uh.... uh.... strange looking uh, high tech poles.
Jack walks towards these metal poles, which seem to have a force field extending from them. Oh their base there is a small shield, with a picture of a palm tree on them. Maggie walks over towards Jack, who is pointing to them.
MAGGIE: (Continuing her narrative)That seemed to be radiating some kind of electricity or something. At first, Jack thought it had something to do with the power supply to the city.
In the flashback, we see Jack pointing things out to Maggie (Jack's motions mirror Maggie's narration).
MAGGIE: (Continuing) And then Jack had a theory that it was the perimeter of the city....
In the flashback Jack motions with his hand towards the towers and force fields.
MAGGIE: (Continues) ....and that it might lead to some passage in and out of this.... (sighing) New Salem. He felt that our captor lived somewhere in this jungle, but outside the perimeter.... with all the comforts of home, like communication to the mainland, satellite phone, transportation, on and off the island.

ROMAN: And then what did you do?
As she is relating this to Tony, he remains silent. His expression hard to decipher.
MAGGIE: Jack, he, ah, picked up a stick [there is no flashback of this part of her narration] and he stuck it between these two electrical poles. Well, sure enough, it charred the stick.
Roman is listening intently. It seems odd that he had just heard the story since Jack supposedly had been gone at least a few days -- if not longer. Tony also seems interested.
TONY: Did you find a way to disarm it?

MAGGIE: (Shrugs) We didn't have to, about that time we heard this sound, this awful alarm, and we knew that someone else was joining us on the island.
Back to the flashback, Jack is scanning around trying to figure out the poles and force field. Maggie covers her ears. Jack looks down, he is holding the charred stick.
MAGGIE: Well that's when Marlena arrived, and the power was diverted off the fence.....

Ep2004.001E: Maggie relates how Jack escaped when the power cut off for Marlena's arrival.Maggie still has her hands over her ears, as the Jack notices the power field disappear. He drops the stick and runs through the opening. Maggie tries to follow but as she gets to the field it reappears. Maggie tries to look through the field to see Jack, but he has slipped away.

MAGGIE: ....Jack used that opportunity to slip through. Before I could follow him the power was back on. Jack.... had disappeared. (Choking back tears) Jack is out of the city, he's out there somewhere, and he's probably in terrible danger.


Roman tells Tony that it is up to him to do his di Mera thing. Use his influence as a di Mera and turn off the power grid, and help them all off the island. Roman says that Abe can then retrace Jack's steps, and they can find him, and then they can all leave. Tony has one consideration, "What if I can't?" "Well then you're going to die trying," Roman smugly replies. Tony tells them that threats will not change things. Maggie is furious and says he really is heartless. He tells her to can the insults. Tony tells them that he wants to get off the island as much as they do, he is a prisoner just like they are, so they will have to endure his presence on the island. Maggie becomes very tough, she informs him that she just wants him to go to the poles and examine the symbol, logo, on them, and maybe he could identify it. He tells her if it is not the sign of the phoenix he cannot help them. He smiles wickedly, and tells them that there is someone, who is anything but a di Mera, who can help them.

Scene Nine: Back at the airfield Jennifer demands that Davies prove to her he was sent by Jack. He goes into the plane, leaving her outside. Jennifer notices a logo of a shield and palm tree on the door of the plane. Davies returns with a photo, and shows it to Jennifer, it is of him and Jack. Jack is dressed like he was in the flashbacks. Jennifer is thrilled at seeing the photo.
JENNIFER: Oh my gosh, (Jennifer gasps and puts her hand to her chest, her voice cracking) oh my gosh he's alive. (Excitedly showing the photo to the pilot) Do you see this locket right here? Jack gave me this the day that he died. Our little girl Abby she put it in the coffin with Jack. (Jennifer looks at the photo again). Oh my gosh, take me, (pleading) take me to him, take me to see my husband.
Scene Ten: The camera pans to a body, we see the locket opened up to the photo of Jack, Abigail, and Jennifer. Jack is lying unconscious somewhere

Ep2004.001F: In the present, Jack lies unconscious somewhere in the jungle.

[Air date June 23rd, 2004]
Scene One: Back at Jack and Jennifer's home on the island, Maggie, Roman, Abe, and Tony are still arguing about his role in their present position. He has told them that there is someone who can clear everything up. On cue they hear glass breaking, it is Marlena. She has brought some flowers for Jennifer and Jack, hoping they have returned. Tony accuses Marlena of knowing more than she is letting on. Everyone Roman tells Tony that she is a victim, and suffered more than the rest, because she thought she killed all her friends and family. They continue to insist Tony and Stefano are behind it. Tony insists Stefano is dead. He tells them that Stefano had brain washed John, and he had held Marlena captive for years, she could be programmed to do his bidding, and she could start killing them for real this time. He remembers seeing her put the poison in his IV. Later, Tony and Abe are alone in the house and Tony makes a comment about Lexie moving on, causing Abe to elbow him in the stomach. Marlena and Abe have to break it up. Tony tells Marlena that they are determined to hurt him, even kill him. This shocks her.

Scene Two: Back in Salem Celeste, Lexie's mother, is desperately reading the Taroh cards on TEK. She has had troubling readings about him, and she does not like how he and Lexie are getting closer. A few weeks back, the day of Lexie and Abe's son Theo's first birthday she got a weird reading about Abe, she could not contact his spirit, and she took that to mean he could be alive. Lexie refused to hear it. Lexie and TEK return home from Alice's opening, and she tells him they have to slow down. However they kiss passionately. Back inside Celeste goes onto the internet to find information about TEK. When Lexie returns Celeste tells her that she found out that TEK is a ladies man, and the women all talk about him on the net. He even, apparently, has a hot web page.

Scene Three: Throughout the episode we see Jack, unconscious, lying on the jungle floor. Occasionally his fingers twitch, and grabbing onto the locket, as if willing himself to be with Abigail and Jennifer.

Scene Four: Hope and Patrick hurriedly drive in Hope's Mercedes hoping to reach the airport before something happens to Jennifer. The car's tire blows causing them to nearly crash. This slows them down. Patrick does not tell Hope all he knows, just that he fears someone is trying to lure Jennifer with tails of Jack being alive.

Scene Five: Back at the air strip Jennifer wavers back and forth about trusting Davies. She tries to call Hope, and nearly does, but he snatches away the phone, and takes out the batteries. When he goes into the cock pit Jennifer remembers she has a spare battery in her purse, and puts it in. She then takes out her palm pilot and sends Hope and email, including the plane's serial number. Jennifer is stubborn about returning, she tells him that she was a newspaper editor, she knows about Photoshopping images. She looks at the photo of Davies and Jack and tells him this was doctored. He insists it was not, that his printer on the plane is not the best, and that the humidity effects the paper. He then goes into the plane and brings out his digital camera and shows her what appears to be the original still on the chip, he then plays back a short video message that Jack made, from which Davies took the photo.
JACK: Jennifer, listen to Davies, and do exactly as he says. I know it's hard, but.... l.... loo.... look I'll explain everything when you arrive. (His voice catching) I love you. I need you. You're my only hope.
Jennifer listens on intently. Moved by the message. For now her doubts seemed to have been revealed.

Scene Six: Jack is still lying unconscious. We hear the growl of a wild animal, a wild cat, possibly a tiger -- is it Horton the Tiger who attacked Tony, and was never caught. Se see the shadow of its head on Jack's body. Jack slowly awakens, terrified, he shuts out in fear.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]