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dramatis personæ
(*listed in order of appearance in videos) [click on actors name to link to information about that actor]
Steve Johnson
Steve Nichols
Melissa Anderson #1
Lisa Trusel
Kayla (Brady) Johnson
Mary Beth Evans
Jo Johnson
Joy Garrett
Darrell Canby
Charles Klausmeyer
Dr. Mike Horton
Michael T. Weiss
Dr. Neil Curtis
Joe Gallison
Alice Horton
Frances Reid
Dr. Tom Horton
Macdonald Carey
Justin Kiriakis
Wally Kurth
Adrienne (Johnson) Kiriakis
Judi Evans
Anjelica Deveraux (#1)
Jane Elliot
Kristina Adropolous (#2)
Susan Saldivar
Mickey Horton
John Clarke
Maggie Horton
 Susan Rogers
Dr. Neil Curtis
Joe Gallison
Diana Colville
Genie Francis
Cheatin' Heart Bartender
Christian Andrews
Jennifer (Horton) Deveraux
Melissa (Brennan) Reeves
Dr. Marcus Hunter
Richard Biggs
Emilio Ramirez
Billy Hufsey
Julio Ramirez
Michael Bays
Victor Kiriakis
John Aniston
Nico (Victor's man)
Lorenzo Caccialanza
Sally Wales
Nancy Sloan
Eddie Reed
Deke Anderson
Mrs. Simms
(Hannah's social worker)
Gracia Lee
Baby Hannah
Desiree Neriz
Calliope Jones (Bradford)
Arlene Sorkin
(Shane's Butler)
Gerry Gibson
Col. Alfred Jericho
(crooked friend of Shane)
Steve Eastin
Earl Johnson
(Duke's twin brother)
James Luisi
Cal Winters (#1)
Wortham Krimmer
Vern Scofield
Wayne Heffley
Little Old Lady in the Park
(Stingray gang member)
Ray Oriel
Roman Brady
(later John Black)
Drake Hogestyn
Isabella Toscano Black
Staci Greason
Marina Toscano
(alias Donna d'Angelo)
Hunter Tylo

  indeces and summary of videos
index # synopsis of indices
1   Matt's first scenes as Jack while on honeymoon with Kayla; Jack and Steve on the phone. Jack trying to get amorous with Kayla; Jack tells Kayla he will let her go if she wants; Jack confides to Jo about Kayla; Jack and Steve share some time together;The night Jack wins the election, Canby, a unscrupulous reporter, shows Jack photos of Steve and Kayla, later Jack snaps and rapes Kayla; Jack fights Steve, and needs a kidney transplant; Jack and Jo share a moment; Jack discovers he is not a Deveraux but Billy Johnson, he confronts Steve, Harper, Jo and Melissa. Jack reacts to Harper being the Riverfront Knifer; Kayla and Steve's wedding. Jack struggles with being a Johnson; Jack proposes to Melissa. Jack and Melissa's non-wedding; Christmas 1988; to stop negative press, Jack buys The Spectator.
2 Jennifer asks Jack to write a story, Jack and Jennifer's first official scenes together. Jack vows to change; The DAYS fractured fairy tale. Jack's relation with the Johnsons becomes more complex; Jack investigates Diana's past; "The Baby Hannah Story."
3 Emilio returns, Jack is not happy, having grown close to Jennifer, he engages in various manipulate things to get Emilio out of Jennifer's life and to keep Jennifer at the paper; Jack's Vegas Elvis fantasy; Jack wins the Ferraro Award; Jack and Jennifer go to Atlantic City for a journalism convention. Jack writes an article on gangs and the Ramirez family and is attacked by the Stingrays, he stays at Jennifer's while he recovers, Emilio is his body guard. Shakespeare in the Park, Jack tries to teach Emilio about A Midsummer Night's Dream. The Marina Toscano storyline, a mystery woman from Steve's past returns, and Jack is determined to find out what is going on when Steve begins to act strangely. Jack tries to help Steve and Kayla concerning the mysterious Marina Toscano. Jennifer meanwhile is worried about Emilio going back to being a gang banger, and wants Jack's help. Jack tries to help Kayla and Steve by getting Marina out of their lives, Jennifer helps him. Jack takes Kayla to Italy to help reunite her with Steve, it only causes worse problems. Jack finds Isabella, Marina's sister, in Bayview sanitarium, while trying to get Marina out of Steveand Kayla's lives; visiting her to find out what her and Marina's secret is, he grows close to Isabella. Thanksgiving 1998. Marina's murder.
4 "The Great Bayview Escape." Jack hides Isabella, and they agree to look for "The Key" to the Toscano treasure. Isabella moves in with Jennifer for her safety. Christmas 1989.