Episode Two: Jack Hallucinates That
Jennifer Is His Guide to Safety.

[Air date June 24nd, 2004]
Scene One: Repeat of the previous episode, Davies is showing Jennifer the digital recording of Jack to convince her to come with him.
JACK: Jennifer, listen to Davies, and do exactly as he says. I know it's hard, but.... l.... loo.... look I'll explain everything when you arrive. (His voice catching) I love you. I need you. You're my only hope.
Jennifer is concerned, she asks Davies why Jack could not come on his own. He tells he has no answers, "I'm just the pilot." All he knows is that he is supposed to get her and take her to her husband. He tells her he does not know where Jack is, but does know where he is going to be in a couple of hours. Jennifer asks if she is supposed to trust him. He tells her she does not have to trust him, but asks if she trusts Jack. Indignant she replies, "Of course I do!" Then he tells her she has nothing to worry about. Though Jennifer is still uncertain.

Scene Two: Repeat of the previous episode, Jack is lying unconscious in the jungle. A wild cat growls, its shadow is cast over Jack. He slowly opens his eyes and becomes conscious of his situation. Jack gets up and screams, vainly shielding himself with his hand.
04Ep002A: Jack awakens to see a wild animal.
There is a flash, and it shifts to Jack, begging no. The scene is shot with a filter, it appears to be some dream, Jack appears to be hallucinating now.
JACK: No! No, get away! Ahh, away!
We hear Jennifer's voice, calling his name.


Jack covers his face with his hand, still mumbling. Jennifer gently reaches for his arm.
JACK: Get away!

JENNIFER: Jack. Listen.... listen, it's okay.
Dream Jennifer is dressed differently than the present day Jennifer. Currently her hair is permed and curly, in Jack's hallucination her hair is straight, like the last time he saw her. Jennifer lovingly takes Jack's arm, and tries to calm him. Jack's eyes are still shut tight, and he is moaning in fear, and is panting.
JACK: Ah, Ah....

JENNIFER: It's okay, it's gone. It's gone, nothing is going to hurt you.
Jennifer is leaning close to Jack's face, he slowing turns toward her, and opens his eyes.
JACK: (Out of breath, his panting starts to diminish) It's you.... (looking up, but not towards her) It's you. Jennifer it's you (slowing looking towards her).

JENNIFER: (In a soft, soothing voice) Hi.

JACK: It's you.

JENNIFER: (Trying to calm him further) Shhh..... It's okay.

JACK: It's you.

Trying to keep him from getting too excited, she tries to relax him, she gently puts her hands on him to ease him back to lie down. 04Ep002B:  Jack Hallucinates that Jennifer is there to calm him.

JENNIFER: No, it's all right. You need to lie down. (Holding his chin) You need to rest. You need to rest. You're okay.
Jennifer is able to sooth Jack, and he relaxes. Jack is caressing her cheek, and she is touching his hand
JENNIFER: (Continuing) I'm here. I'm here for you Jack, and I love you. I love you so much. And everything is going to be okay.

Jack relaxes, closing his eyes.

The scene then merges into the present. Jack is still lying on the ground of the jungle, unconscious, yet he reaches for the locket, and grasps it in his hand.

Scene Three: Jack is still unconscious, and his holding on to the locket. The camera focuses onto his face. Then there is a flash.

Jack is hallucinating back to the day he was with Maggie at the perimeter of the compound. Jack notices the shield going down and he escapes, just like Maggie's description. We then see Jack run around in the jungle. He looks around. He moves aside a frond.
JACK: All right, I made it without getting charred. Ah, it's a sign. I will get off this island. I'm coming home, Jennifer. I am coming home.
He pushes aside more fronds, and continues searching for an way out. We then see him come out of the brush, he then stumbles to prevent him from going farther because he has come upon the edge of a cliff. He looks down discouraged.
JACK: (Panting) Of course, there had to be a ravine.
He goes into his pocket and takes out the compass, which Tony found [not sure if it is a continuity error or some clue], and looks at to get orientated.
JACK: All right, aaaahhhhhh, (squinting in frustration, and looking down) It's like a mile down, and nowhere to cross.
Jennifer's voice is heard, surprising Jack.
JENNIFER: Have faith, Jack!
Jack turns around and sees Jennifer. She looks almost illuminated in white as if she is some celestial guide. She is beaming with joy. Jennifer runs into his arms.
JACK: (Not quite believing his eyes) Jennifer? (They run into each other's arms) Jennifer, ohh.
Jennifer is giggling with joy, Jack is emotional.
JACK: Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohh....04Ep002C: Dream Jennifer gives Jack advice.
Jennifer releases Jack from the hug, and looks up at him. Jack is overcome with emotion.
JENNIFER: Listen, what did you tell me. What did you always tell me, when I came to a bump in the road?

JACK: (Contemplating) If you can't go around it...

...go over it!
Jack smiles. Jennifer smiles back.
JENNIFER: Exactly! You go over it. Let's do that. Let's go over it together, Jack.
Jack looks around at a vine which is at the edge of the cliff.
JACK: All right.
They walk over to the vine, still embracing. Jack reaches for it. Grunting he pulls it toward them. Jennifer reaches for it, and holds on to it. Jack gets in back of her, holding on to her.
04Ep002D: In his dream J&J swing on a vine to safety.JACK: On the count of three, right?


Jack pulls back for momentum, and then wraps his legs around her, and pushes off.
They continue screaming with exhilaration as they disappear out of camera range.

Back to the present. Jack's face eases into a smile, while his hand squeezes the locket.

Scene Four: Jennifer and Davies are inside the plane. Jennifer is not too certain about the condition of the plane. He sarcastically apologizes for not being up to her standards, He goes into the cock-pit to prepare for their flight, and she secures herself in a seat. She then takes out her purse, and inside her wallet she takes out a photo, it is of Jack. Jack is smiling and wearing a red checked shirt.
JENNIER: (Smiling at his photo) Ohh, Jack, I do not know what's going on. I don't know. But I know that you need my help, and I am on my way.
In the cock-pit Davies is on the radio talking to someone. He tells the person that everything is going as planned. With a evil chuckle he tells the person on the other end that Jennifer suspects nothing.

Jennifer, meanwhile, is rubbing her stomach, smiling. She looks down and talks to her and Jack's baby.
JENNIFER: Soon you are going to meet your daddy.

Scene Five: Back in the jungle, Jack is still unconscious.

Back in his hallucination Jack is wandering around another part of the island. He stops, and smiling he has spotted something below.
JACK: It's a dingy. If I could get down to that shore, and into that boat, I could be ho.... home by.... (thinking) by Thanksgiving..... (Pausing) Or at least by Christmas.
A few yards away a figures slowly appears, as if it is materializing, there is a strange sound. The figure is Jennifer, she appears as she did in the other scenes, almost like some celestial, angelic guide.
JENNIFER: Just in time to share our baby's first Christmas.
Jack quickly turns toward her, overjoyed.
JACK: Jennifer?!!!
Jennifer grinning a big grin, runs over towards Jack, and throws her arms around him; Jack returns the bear hug.
JACK: Jennifer!!!

JENNIFER: Aaaahhh, I missed you soo much.

JACK: (Overcome with emotion) Ohhhhh.... ohhh, Jennifer.

JENNIFER: I missed you so much, Jack.

04Ep002E: Dreaming, Jack becomes emotional holding Jennifer.

Jack is nearly in tears, he closes his eyes tightly. He uses his hand to caresses her hair and wipe away his tears.
JACK: (Overcome with emotion) Ahhh, Ohhh.
They release each other. Jennifer puts her hands on his arms and looks into his eyes. As Jennifer is talking Jack cups her cheek in his hand.
JENNIFER: Listen to me..... I'll see you when you get (nodding) home, okay.
Her hand slips down his arm to his outstretched hand, she places her other had on his chest. As she steps back, they hold on to each's finger tips.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) Don't take too long.
Stepping back she stops.
JACK: If I have you and Abigail (swallows hard full of emotion) and our new baby (smiling) to come home to I can do anything!
Jennifer dissolves away. Jack continues to stare into the direction where Jennifer was, and mouths "anything." Determined he turns around and returns to the edge, looking down towards where he saw the dingy. He is still grasping the locket.
JACK: (Rubbing his chin with his hand, in concentration) Now, (point) how do we get down to that boat. (Groaning he climbs over a rock and apparently begins to climb down) Okay! (Grunting) Ah.... Uhh.
Back to real time, Jack is still unconscious, and is still clutching the locket. We then hear his thoughts.
JACK: I'm coming home to you Jennifer.
Scene Six: Jack is still unconscious. He moves his foot, and the the camera pans up his body. He grimaces.

Back into Jack's hallucinations. It 04Ep002F: Jack dreams he is like Tom Hanks in CASTAWAY.apparently is many years later. Jack hears a helicopter, and run towards the sound. His clothes are now tattered, he is bare footed, his hair is long, disheavled, and bleached blonde from the sun, and he has a very long scraggly beard [he looks like Tom Hanks in Castaway]. He also appears to have become rather buffed in the years on the island. He runs into a clearing and looks up to the sky towards the approaching chopper. He squints, and his voice sounds older and is rather weak and squeaky.
A ladder is dropped from the chopper.
JACK: Ahhhh, Ahhh, (laughing and moving towards the ladder). At last you found me (he takes hold of two rungs of the ladder. I.... I.... (He looks up and then thinks of something) wait, what about Jennifer.... (he looks around and begins to shut) JENNIFER?!! Wai.... Wait a (he feels around his chest, and looks down) the locket.... MY.... MY LOCKET! I.... No.... NO! [This is a take-off of Tom Hank's character after her loses the beach ball Wilson] (Jack is upset about the locket, but then realizes some) No, I've got to get home. I've got to get home to my family before it's too late. (He starts to climb up the ladder) I'M COMING HOOOMMMEEEE!!
Back in the present Jack grimaces again, and twitches.

Scene Seven: Jack still is dreaming, he is twitching. Jack talks in his sleep.
JACK: Jennifer.
Back in Jack's dreams, it is winter, there is snow on the ground. It is obviously Christmas time because all the plants and trees have lights on the. Jack is still dressed in rags, and is bare footed. He reaches the door to his and Jennifer's home, and looks in through the window. Inside Jennifer and Abigail are decorating their tree. Jennifer pats Abigail's head, lovingly. Jack watches on with great love.

Abigail grabs for something, and Jennifer slaps her hand and grabs hold of it, Abigail has just sneaked another candy cane meant for their tree.
JENNIFER: Ah, 'scuse me, little miss, we have to stop eating the candy canes off the tree.

ABIGAIL: (Playing innocent) What candy cane?

JENNIFER: (Laughing) Yes, exactly. Yes finish for Mommy, thank you.
Just then a young boy about four or five runs into the room. He runs up to Jennifer and she bends down.
BOY: Mommy, can I lick the bowl of the cookie dough.

JENNIFER: Ahhh....

BOY: Pretty please.
Abigail laughs, and Jennifer picks up her son; Abigail watches.
JENNIFER: (Repeating what he said) "Can you lick the bowl of cook dough, pretty please?" (Hugging and kissing him) Yeah, when you ask like that. Go! Go! Go! Go!
Jack and Jennifer's son runs off. Abigail laughs and watches her brother. From outside Jack is watching this family scene. He turns from the window.
JACK: (Very emotionally) I have a son!

04Ep002G: Jack dreams that Jennifer has moved on with her life.

Sighing three times he turns back to observe the scene. Jennifer turns and smiles and a man (we do not see his face) walks towards her. They look up at some mistletoe. She says something inaudible to him, and they kiss, and she puts her arms around him lovingly. Jack puts his hand to the window, and looks in in shock, and broken hearted, watching as they continue to kiss.
Back in the present, Jack is mumbling in his sleep.



JACK: Jennifer. (Jack awakens from his nightmare screaming and panting) NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

04Ep002H: Jack awakens from his nightmare.

[Air date June 25th, 2004]
Scene One: Jennifer has gotten ahold of Patrick and Hope, but Davies stops her. They have finally changed the tire and have arrived at the airfield and spot the plane. Hope drives her car onto the run-way. Davies sees them, and decides he has to take off now. Hope and Patrick try to keep up with the taxing plane, but are having difficulties so Patrick jumps onto the wing of the plane as Hope tries to drive ahead of the plane and pull in front of it. However, the plane takes off and Patrick screams as he falls from the wing. Jennifer watches on terrified. She realizes that she has been set up

Scene Two: Maggie is filling Alice in on what happened with Tony. Maggie tells Alice she is worried sick about Jack. They talk about the possibility that Tony had something to do with his disappearance because he had Jack's compass. Alice asks if Abe and Roman think Tony is involved. Maggie says they do, but he denies it. Maggie then admits to Alice that she did not think well of Jack when he married Jennifer. She remembered how he treated Melissa. She did not think he had it in him to be a good husband or father. However, after Abigail was born she saw how devoted, tender and loving Jack was. He is a wonderful man who deserves to have a chance to be there when his child grows up, since he missed so much of Abigail's life. Alice at first is surprised that Maggie felt that way initially about Jack, but agrees that Jack is a wonderful man, and deserves to get a chance to raise his child. Maggie then admits she is terrified about Jennifer and the baby. Jennifer has a high risk pregnancy, and though Marlena is a medical doctor she is a psychiatrist, and there are no medical facilities on the island. She also has a sickening fear that there may be an even more sinister reason for bringing Jennifer to the island, what if the person behind it all wants Jack and Jennifer's baby for some malevolent reason. If it is Stefano Maggie points out all the horrible things he did to Rex and Cassie. She shudders at that horror happening to Jack and Jennifer's child. Alice shudders at the thought as well.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]