Episode Three: The Reunion of Jack
and Jennifer Part I: Jack Battles a Snake;
Jennifer Crash Lands on the Island.

[Air date June 28th, 2004]
Scene One: Jennifer demands that Davies tells her about Jack. She wonders if he really is dead, and that this was just a trick. Davies tells her nothing leaving her to believe that Jack is dead.

Scene Two: Jack is still unconscious in the jungle, and holding onto the locket.

Scene Three: Patrick is unharmed, and landed onto a haystack. Hope returns and they go to the control tower. They tell the tower what has happened and track the plane.

Scene Four: Jack comes to and groans.
Jack: Ahhh.
He blinks a couple of times, breathing hard. Then he stretches out his hand as if he is reaching for something or one.

He falls into a flashback of him and Jennifer at the acid plant, a few days before he was "murdered."
Jack is walking on the cat walking gingerly. Jennifer is at the other end.

Jack continues to walk gingerly down catwalk towards her, groaning as he tries to move forward without falling to the vats below.
The cat walk creaks as if it is about to give way, but Jack proceeds forward. Jack is only a few feet away from Jennifer when the catwalk collapses and sends him falling. Jennifer screams.
The broken portion of the catwalk is dangling. Jennifer gets on her hands and knees and looks down towards Jack.
JENNIFER: Jack! Jack.
She reaches over and grabs both his wrists to help pull him up. Jack is panting as he tries to climb up, using the grating to hold on to. Jack looks down at the boiling vats of acid. He then slips, causing Jennifer to scream. She reaches for him, gasping repeatedly, terrified at what might happen. Jack continues to pant, using all his strength to hold on and to try and climb up to safety.
JENNIFER: Ahhhhhh! Jack! Oh, oh.

JACK: Jennifer, I love you.

JENNIFER: (Not believing what she is hearing) What?

JACK: I love you.


JACK: Tell Abigail I love her too.

JENNIER: (Trying to pull Jack up) You listen to me.

JACK: I love you.

JENNIFER: ....you listen to me right now, I've got a whole lifetime of loving you and you're not going to let go, do you understand me! Do not let go!
Jack is coughing, and huffing and puffing, he is out of breath and his strength is lessening.
JENNIFER: Jack do you.... (just then the whole catwalk moves and appears to give way, Jennifer screams) Ahhhhhh.... NOOOOOO.... NOOOO.... JAAACCKKK....
Jennifer tries to hold her grip on Jack's arms. She grunts and groans as she tries to pull him up by his rolled up sleeves. Jack continues to look down, panting. He grunts as he tries to pull himself up with Jennifer's, whose gasping, help. Finally Jack's head is almost level with her.
JACK: Hi! (Having difficult speaking) Let go!

JENNIFER: (Jennifer repeatedly shakes her head) I'm not going to let go.

JACK: If you don't let go, I'm going to pull you in. What we [not sure what is said here] think about Abigail.

JENNIFER: I'll tell you want I'm thinking, when my car almost went over that bridge you didn't let go, Jack. You didn't give up and you didn't leave me.
The scene switches back to the time Jennifer was stuck in her car on the bridge. The front part of the car, where she is, is dangling high over the rushing river below. Jack is valiantly trying to hold the back of the car to keep it from plummeting into the river. The car slips and Jack uses all his strength to keep it steady.


Jack continues to use all his strength to keep the car level. He grunts and groans. Jennifer continues to scream from inside the car.
Jennifer has fallen out of the car and is dangling, she is trying to hold on and not go crashing to her death below.

JACK: Jennifer.

JENNIFER: OH, MY GOD! Save me. Help me.
Jack is struggling to keep the small portion of the car which is still on the bridge from completely sliding over with the rest of the car. Jack begins to speak calmly to coax Jennifer to safety.
JACK: Okay. Grab hold of that post on your left, directly on your left. (Panting and coaxing her, trying to keep her calm) Come on.... come on you can do it.
Jennifer slowly pulls herself along the top part of the open door, grunting as she exerts all her strength to do so.
JENNIFER: Oh.... Oh....
she nearly loses her grasp, causing the car to slip a little but Jack has all his body on the trunk.

JACK: Okay, you're going to do this Jennifer!

JENNIFER: I can't hold on.

JACK: (Cont.) You're going to do this, focus on that light post, all right.
Jennifer looks towards the light post which was part of the bridge but now is bent over. She nods her head.
JACK: (Cont.) Picture Abigail there, she's waiting for yah. She's holding out her hand.
The bridge creaks, the car is about to crash any minute. Jack continues to muster all his strength to hold down the back end of the car, while calmly and coolly trying to urge Jennifer to safety.
JACK: (Cont.) Come on reach out and take it. On the count of three, ONE, (Squinting from all the force he is trying to hold onto) TWO, THREE!
Jennifer pauses a second then takes the leap and grabs onto the bent light post.
JENNIFER: Ohhhh. Ohhh.
She swings around it, just barely holding on. Jack lets go of the car, completely worn out at this point. The car goes crashing down into the river far below.
JACK: Ahhh.

JENNIFER: Jack! (Jennifer grunts trying to hold on; she then sees the car crash, and closes her eyed) OHHH! Oh, God! Oh, dear God.
Jack looks down and a little dizzy stumbles.


JACK: (Stumbling again) Ahhh. Ahhh.

JENNIFER: I CAN'T hold on.
Jennifer's grasp begins to give; she is slipping. Jack bends down on his hands and knees, still weak from all his efforts.

Jack is partially lying on the bent post, trying to regain is calm to help ease her to safety.
JACK: Jennifer, you're go.... going to have to.... (placing his hand on hers) grab onto my hand.
Jack tries to ease closer to her.
JENNIFER: Oh, okay.

JACK: Okay.

Jennifer slips, but Jack grabs hold of one hand, but she is still losing the grip on the other.
JENNIFER: Oh, thank God.

JACK: (Lovingly puts his hand on her head) Relax. Thanks Jennifer, you did it.
Jennifer continues to sob.
JACK: It's great, it's going to be okay.
They both turn and look towards where they were. Jennifer sees how close she was to dying.
JENNIFER: Oh my God. Oh, my God.
The scene fads into the present. Jack is awaken and stretching out his hand as if he is reliving those past events. Jack looks at his hand, he obviously is only partially conscious.
JACK: Jennifer, have to.... get back....
Jack clutches the locket and then puts it back around his neck.
JACK: .... to come back.
With some excursion Jack gets up, taking his fedora hat, and sits on a boulder. There is vegetation behind him, and from a branch of a tree a yellow and white boa constrictor slithers towards him.

Scene Five: Roman and Marlena are outside Jack and Jennifer's house. They are worried because Jack is still missing, and Jennifer has yet to arrive -- if she is even going to arrive. They talk about Tony possible involvement, and how whoever planned all this probably has them all under surveillance. Just then they hear a sound in the bushes.

04Ep003A: Jack notices the boa constrictor slithering towards him.
Scene Six: Back in the jungle the snake is slithering closer to Jack, unbeknownst to him. Then out of the corner of his eye Jack spots the snake. Jack does not move as the snake begins to wrap around him. Jack watches in panic as it further wraps around him. Jack tries to pry it loose to no avail. He starts gasping, it apparently is slowly crushing him, interrupting his breathing. Jack gasps for breath.

Scene Seven: Back at Jack and Jennifer's house on Salem Island Marlena and Roman call out, out from the bushes comes Maggie. They talk about Jack being lost, Maggie says that Jack is "clever, resourceful, and brave when he has to be." Despite being very worried for him she has faith that he will succeed.

Scene Eight: Jack is still struggling with the boa constrictor. He squints trying to muster all his strength to lessen the snakes hold on him.

04Ep003B: Jack struggles with the boa.

JACK: W.... When we had snakes on (Grimacing from the boa squeezing him and trying to think) In the House what did it say about constrictors? You.... ah.... Right, right, relax. Relax! Reeelax. (Jack stops struggling and focuses on calming himself) Don't move.
Jack lets go of the snakes head and eases his body.
JACK: Right. Riiiiiiiiiigghht. (The snake begins to slowly slip away) Theerrrree we go. 04Ep003C: Jack breathes a sigh of relief as the snake slithers away.Relax. Just gooo away. (Jack does not move his head but lowers his eyes to follow the snake) Leave me alone. (Realizing the snake is slithering away, he smiles) Ahhh, that's right. Just go on your way. Right, (the snake is almost gone) just go away. Right, just relax. (The snake has slithered away, Jack slowly rises) Aaannndddd, (he now jumps up quickly and moves away from where the snake is) Riiiight! (Panting)..... ah.... all right.... Right! That worked. Snakes, I hate snakes [an another allusion to Indiana Jones]. All the more reason to get the hell of this island and get back to Jennifer. (Slaps on his fedora) Right.
Jack takes off back into the jungle.

Scene Nine: Jennifer struggles with the pilot, who has left the plane on automatic pilot, after he discovers she is in contact with Hope and Patrick. The plane then begins to nose dive and the pilot rushes to try and level the plane before it crashes. However, he is not successful, and the plane starts falling towards the jungle. Meanwhile, Hope and Patrick hear what is going on inside the plane.

Scene Ten: Jack is wandering around the jungle, using the compass to help guide him. He notices something is wrong.
JACK: No.... No, no.
He takes off in another direction, as he is wandering around he hears the plane as it spirals downward. He looks up trying to spot it.
JACK: That plane sounds like it's in trouble. It's awfully far away.
Jack takes off.

Scene Eleven: Back at Jack and Jennifer's island home, Marlena, Roman, and Maggie also hear the plane; then they hear it crash. Roman says that in the past they never had heard planes flying overhead. He therefore thinks that the plane must have reared off course. By the sound, it is on the other side of the island, and there is nothing they can do to help whoever is on the plane; anyway, it probably does not matter because it is very unlikely anyone could have survived the crash.

[Air date June 30th, 2004]
Scene One: Back at Jack and Jennifer's home in Salem, Hope and Lexie comfort each other about Jennifer. They each blame herself for not stopping Jennifer when she was raving on and on about those messages from Jack.

Scene Two: Outside Jack and Jennifer's Salem Island home, Roman and Abe talk about the plane crash. They repeat their previous remarks that prior to that they had never heard any plane fly even over head. Roman has a sobering idea, what if the plane was bringing Jennifer over, and it crashed with her on it.

Scene Three: Back in the jungle, Jack is trying to find the site of the plane crash.
JACK: (Frantically) Where is it? I could swear I heard a plane going down. Where the hell are they. Whoever it is, I doubt they could have survived this.
Jack continues on trying to find the plane.

Scene Four: The plane has crashed in the jungle. One wing is on fire. Jennifer has been thrown from the plane, and is lying unconscious under a portion of broken off wing. After a time Jennifer awakens and realizes what has happened. She sobs and repeats, "My baby," fearing that the crash has endangered its life.

Meanwhile, Jack is still trying to locate the plane, wandering aimlessly about the jungle.
JACK: Who was on that plane. (Swallowing hard) If someone did survive, I've got to help 'em. I.... I.... gotta help 'em.
Jack continues on with his search.

Scene Five: Meanwhile back at Jack and Jennifer's place in Salem, Bonnie and Patrick are talking about what happened. Patrick believes he is the only person to help Jennifer. She is worried about her son. Bonnie later notices the pirate coin and takes off. Patrick notices it gone and follows her.

Scene Six: Back in Jack and Jennifer's place on Salem Island, Roman threatens Tony. He tells him that Jennifer may be on that plane, and Jack is still missing, Tony has to help them find them. Roman also points out that the plane may have a radio, or a black box and they could use that to get rescued.

Scene Seven: Jack is wandering around the jungle, he notices a circle made of rocks and realizes he, frustrated, that has be going in circles.
JACK: (Collapsing in frustration) Ohhh, oh my god, I've been going in circles. (Panting).
Just then a blinding white light illuminates Jack's face, partially blinding him. He squints and tries to shade his eyes.
JACK: What?
The light gets brighter and brighter until it completely obscures everything. An outline is seen, a woman. Jack still is trying to shade his eyes from the blinding white light.
JACK: What's that? Who's there?
The figure is still surrounded by the blinding light. It turns, revealing Jennifer.
JACK: Jennifer?
Scene Eight: Jack is still being blinded by the light
JACK: Jennifer?
The light disappears. Jack blinks. Looking he sees nothing.
JACK: No! (Panting, frustrated) No! Sh... she can't be here. I must have been dreaming.
At the plane crash the fire is still burning. Jennifer mutters she cannot lose her baby. She hears something and calls for help, but it is an iguana. She gets up and runs off. Jennifer looks inside the cock pit and Davies is near the broken window, bloodied, and apparently dead. Jennifer screams.

04Ep003D: Jack hears Jennifer's screams.

Jack is trying to locate the downed plane.
JACK: It must have been my imagination.
Just then Jennifer screams again, this time Jack hears her.
JACK: Jennifer?! Jennifer! Jennifer.
Jack takes off running towards the direction of her screams.

Scene Nine: Back at Jack and Jennifer's home in Salem Bo and TEK arrive. Lexie tells them that Hope took off after Patrick.

Scene Ten: In the jungle, Jack pushes aside some vegetation. Jennifer no longer is screaming.
JACK: I am sure that was her. (Gesturing) That had to be Jennifer. (Panting) I've got to find her.
Jack takes off again.

Back at the plane Jennifer is checking Davies' pulse. She moves a branch in front of him. She walks around and is surprised to see her purse. She takes out the digital camera and plays the message from Jack. Crying, she lovingly puts the camera to her lips and tinderly kisses it, saying "Jack!" She walks around to a clearing calling out Jack's name. Not looking where she is going she falls off a cliff, Screaming.

Not too far away Jack hears her.
JACK: It's her. I'm coming. JENNIFER, HOLD ON!
Jack makes his way through the jungle growth towards her screams.

Meanwhile Jennifer is barely holding on, grasping some jungle vines or roots.
Jennifer looks down, it is a long drop to water below, a short distance from where she is there is a waterfall cascading down to the water a great distance below. She beings to slip.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]