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Professor Stephen Haver Files
Episode Six
Background: Since the case seems air-tight against Troy, John has be assigned back to New Jersey. When he goes back to his hotel room he sees numbers painted in red on the wall where he has all the information on the killer. Also, there is a piece of paper upon which someone has written a musical score. The numbers are "3-2-3." John shows Bo, and they think that someone had to have helped Troy put up the other clues. They look at the numbers and notice that there is a space between the "3" and the "2-3," leading them to believe that the first "3" means a number, the third to next victim in the countdown, and the "2-3" is a date, Friday the 23rd. The music, they realize, had to have been written by someone who has extensive music knowledge. The score is a piano arrangement for Romeo et Juliet.

They come to the conclusion that Troy had an accomplice, though they also are not sure that maybe Troy has been telling the truth. They discover that Troy, Colin, and their sister have all had musical training.

Jessica goes to John's hotel room to get information for her article since the killings have been solved. She tries to pump him for information, She also discovers that someone has left John some messages.

Since Jennifer has broken things off with him, Rex has started pursuing her mother, Lindsay, they get hot and heavy.

(Air date Wednesday, January 21st, 2004)
Scene One: Jessica has been taking care of Antonio's daughter Jaimie, RJ, the child's grandfather, hates the idea and has told Jess that he does not want a rich trust fund Buchanan raising his granddaughter. Carlotta, Antonio's mother and the baby's grandmother is taking care of her at her restaurant. RJ comes by to take his grandchild. Jessica arrives, and again he is short tempered with her. Meanwhile, Haver is at a booth and sees what is going on. After RJ leaves, Jessica goes to join Stephen for their appointment.
JESSICA: (Walking to his table) Hiiii! I.... I hope you haven't been waiting long?

STEPHEN: No, no, no, no, I just got here. (Takes off his jacket) I just got here.


STEPHEN: Soo, (looking out the window) who's the man with the baby (looking at her rather impressed with his powers of observation)?

JESSICA: That was uh, RJ, he's uh the grandfather of Antonio's little girl, (trying to avoid the subject)isn't she beautiful.

STEPHEN: Yes, yes, and (motioning with his finger) so what's the problem?

JESSICA: The problem?

OLTL006A: I do this for a livingSTEPHEN: (Pointing out the window) Between the two of you.

JESSICA:You can tell?

STEPHEN: Well, I do this for a living, remember.

JESSICA: (Slightly embarrassed, looking away) Yeah, right. Umm, well it's a long story, believe me.



Jessica smiles, apparently not comfortable with telling her professor her personal problems.

Scene Two: They are still at the diner talking about RJ, and Jaimie.

STEPHEN: So I can't promise you that RJ will ever accept you.

JESSICA: Because he blames me for everything that went wrong.

OLTL006B: Haver grins learning McBain isn't leavingSTEPHEN: Essentially yes, he may know what he is doing, he may even know what he is doing is wrong, but sometimes people just can't help themselves.

JESSICA: Well I.... I can't.... I can't stop loving Jaimie.

STEPHEN: Good, good you do that.... that's what you have to do, (strangely changing the subject, is his interest more than professional, could it be more sinister) now.... (with almost gleeful pleasure, flashing a crocked grin) now what was this you said earlier about Agent McBain not leaving town?

OLTL006C: Acts shocked over the newsJESSICA: Hmmm, well it's just.... when I was speaking with him I.... I.... got the feeling that he thinks Troy MacIver really isn't the Music Box Murder.

STEPHEN: (Really shocked, or is he pretending to be surprised) Reealllly!? (Sitting back) Woooww!

JESSICA: Or, that he had some help.

STEPHEN: An accomplice, excellent! That's very good. You know th....there are plenty of cases with an accomplice. But I thought that all the evidence suggested that MacIver worked alone?

JESSICA: I know, but....when I... I got the feeling John thinks that--

STEPHEN: (Interrupting her) Now does John or you?

JESSICA: Well, from the questions that I was asking him I got the feeling--

STEPHEN: (Smiling realizing something) Ahhhh (pointing at her, realizing he is right about something)!

JESSICA: ....that John thinks....

STEPHEN: Uh hmmm....

OLTL006D: Smiles at the information

JESSICA: ....that either Troy had help within Statesville Prison or that there was someone on the outside.
Scene Three: Jessica and Haver are still talking at the diner, it appears that Haver is pumping her for information, his actions seem strange, is it purely for professional reasons, or is it because he is the killer and is pleased that his game is working as he wants. They are getting up to leave, Haver has the check and is about to pay.

STEPHEN: (Waving the check) Sooo....

JESSICA: (Going for her purse) Oh, no, uh please--

STEPHEN: (Put up his hand to stop her) I insist! Please.

JESSICA: Thank you, I get next time, I promise (brushing back her hair).

STEPHEN: (Still pumping her for information) So you think that Lindsay Rappaport actually helped Dr. MacIver or didn't help Dr. MacIver, which?

JESSICA: I-I-I, (shaking her head) I don't know, I don't know.

STEPHEN: Okay look, the idea that he had an accomplice is very plausible.

JESSICA: Well, i-i-it could be that! Or--

He really seems to know how to manipulate her into revealing information.
STEPHEN: Or it could be what?

JESSICA: Dr. Haver, I don't know. I just.... I have a feeling that John McBain has completely changed his mind about the case....

STEPHEN: Hmm....

JESSICA: ....that either he thinks that Troy MacIver got some help or that he really is not the Music Box Killer at all.
Scene Four:Trying to think of someone who could likely help Troy they come up with Lindsay. Since she seems to believe Troy is innocent John McBain pressures her trying to see if she will admit to helping Troy by putting up the messages so as to exonerate him. She remains adamant that she is innocent. McBain threatens her with jail if she does not go to Statesville and talk to Troy. When they get there Troy is acting strangely. She tries to get him to talk but he is vague, and seems like he does not know what is going on. He barely can speak, and he seems incapable of talking in complete sentences. This freaks her out. Troy's behavior apparently gets McBain to re-evaluate his belief that Troy is guilty.

Scene Five: Later Lindsay goes back to the her art gallery, she notices that the door is open, when she looks around she sees a whole musical score written in red -- blood -- on the wall. She freaks out, she now fears the killer is after her.

Scene Six: Jennifer binge drinks and goes into alcoholic shock, Ron Walsh saves her. After she leaves the hospital, Marcie says she will move in with her to make sure she is okay. Rex comes by and Marcie kicks him out, she wants Jenn to have a nice have a nice stable guy like her brother Ron.

(Air date Friday, January 23rd, 2004)
Scene Seven: At the university Jessica meets up with Haver again. On the wall there is a big poster warning students about the killer.
JESSICA: Well thanks for meeting me.

STEPHEN: My pleasure.

JESSICA: (Waving her pen around, and carrying a note pad) Umm, I saw you Channel 6....


JESSICA: ....Interview it was great.

STEPHEN: (Jokingly, feigning humility, raising his hand) Thank you, thank you. No autographs please.

JESSICA: Ahhh.... (both sitting down) So ummm, I finished my first draft for my second article on the Music Box Murders, and ah....
Haver listens to her, very intently, and looking very professional.


JESSICA: ....it was tough really because John and the police aren't really say much, and I'm.... I get the feeling they aren't so sure that Troy's the killer anymore.

STEPHEN: Well, you know they are the police, the authorities, and they have to make (motioning with his hands a slow step by step motion) sure of ever-y-thing, that's what they do. But it's good. It's very important.

JESSICA: Oooh, what do you think? I mean, you've interviewed Troy, you know his mental state better, as good as anybody else.

STEPHEN: Well, the police do have alot of evidence on Troy. Soo (gestures with his hands, a "who knows" sign).

JESSICA: But there was also another threat written on John McBain's wall while Troy was in jail.
OLTL006E: Haver pumps Jess  for info
STEPHEN: Yes, there was.

JESSICA: And Troy's also saying that somebody's setting him up, do you think that's a possibility?

STEPHEN: Anything's possible.

JESSICA: Dr. Haver, What-do-you think?

OLTL006F: Haver believes the killer will strike again


STEPHEN: I think, uhh.... (thinking or pausing the for effect) ....well, considering the fact that there is evidence now on John McBain's wall, a threat, plus the possibility that the police have the wrong man, I think that the Music Box Killer might be ready to take another victim, and soon.



Scene Eight: At the student union, Stephen and Jessica are still discussing the case. Haver's behavior is difficult to interrupt, is motives sincere or sinister? He is about to say something more, but a student walks by and he hesitates until the student has walked past. He leans forwards.

STEPHEN: If Troy MacIver isn't the killer, that means that somebody else is, that means that another person is going to die.

JESSICA: Why doesn't he just stop? He's already gotten away with seven murders with the police thinking that Troy did it.

Haver and Nora go out for drinks;
1 min; 930k

STEPHEN: That's not what he wants.

JESSICA: Well, what does he want?

STEPHEN: (Getting intense) That's the question! (pointing at Jess) What does he want? (Clinching his fists) He's a power freak, he needs to control things. Right now (a slicing motion with his hand) he's controllingeverything.

Jessica listens to his analysis. Haver becomes more and intense, and seems even more odd.OLTL006G: He tells her the killer's a power freak

STEPHEN: (Using his fingers to count off his points) He's controlling the police; the potential victim; the entire community.


STPEHEN: (Stopping her) But (leaning in closer to her) the more out of control he spins (seems impressed with his analysis) the more he wants to control.

JESSICA: (Trying to follow Haver's train of thought) Soo, he won't stop killing because--


OLTL006H: Haver gets carried away discussing the killerAs he talks he becomes more and more strangely excited he seems to be impressed with the killer, or even speaking for the killer.

STEPHEN:Because he knows he is smarter than everyone else. He's dropping clues right and left, up and down, about who the next vic-tim's going to be. And yet, they still can't do a damn thing to stop him.

JESSICA: So, it's a game?

OLTL006I: Haver says the killer outsmarted the cops

STEPHEN: It's a game he knows he can win. (Pausing for a moment, raising his finger) Think about it this way....

Jessica continues almost transfixed by his explanation. She unconsciously is touching her mouth.
STEPHEN: ....if Troy MacIver is behind bars and another person is killed, that means that the police are wrong.... it means he's outsmarted them all (nodding with his head).

Jessica is intrigued yet disturbed by his analysis.

Scene Nine: Lindsay comes running into the police station frantic. She tells them about the message from the killer on her gallery wall. When she returns with Antonio (who is back on the force) and McBain the wall is clean, and no clues remain. This makes her more frantic. They do not appear to believe her. She tells them about the musical score, saying it was written in blood. She insists that the killer is after her, that she felt as though someone was following her when she went to the police station. As soon as they leave she gets a call, no one is on the line. Then Rex appears, she leaves him alone in the gallery she has to go and warn Jennifer -- whom the killer unsuccessfully tried to kill. After she leaves, Rex oddly sits alone in the gallery, and twirls around in a chair. It is night, she runs to her Jennifer's place, frantically she beats on the door, there appears to be someone watching her in the bushes. We do not see what happens next.

Scene Ten: Throughout the episode Jenn, Marcie Al (in Michael's) body, and Ron munch on pizza.

Scene Eleven: It is later in the evening Jessica meets up with Flash/Sarah and Riley Colson. She leaves and the Flash excited tells Riley about a tour. Riley tells he does not want to go and they fight. The guard tells them he has to check in and walks off. Flash, upset, storms off, alone. The cop returns and chastises Riley for letting her run-off alone. Jennifer, Linsday, and Flash have all been set up to look like the killer's next victim, will he indeed strike, and if so, who of the three is his next victim.

Scene Twelve: The day before, he and the police have learned that Troy, though he studied music was not that good. Despite McBain trying to convince the Feds of his theory that Troy is innocent, they believe they got the right person, and have reassigned McBain to another case. It is the now the next morning, Agent John McBain is walking around the Llanview University campus (it is a location shoot, they are using Princeton's campus). Jessica runs up to him and tells him that it is the 24th, and there was no body was found. John is not so sure, he tells her it does not mean that someone was not murdered. He walks off.

Scene Thirteen: In the bushes we see a body, with a music box, and what appears to be a pair of red leotards around the victim's neck. She is covered by leaves. It appears to be Flash. The camera pans out, and it is by some university building, students are walking by, oblivious.