Episode Sixteen: Jack and the Others
Are Being Held Captive by Tony in a
Bavarian Castle; Everyone in Salem Believes
They are Dead; Jack Tries Repeatedly to Escape.

Background: [Matt was off camera again for a couple of weeks] Eventually Bo and Hope borded the Japanese fishing Trawler. The "fisherman" were able to speak perfect English. They told them that they could search the ship. Someone found Marlena's wedding ring, but the "fisherman" denied knowing anythig about it; they told them that it probably came from a fish. Meanwhile, Roman and Marlena were able the others on the Coast Guard boat, but could do nothing. It appeared that some personal effects were found with blood on it, and they viewed that as fact that the missing werre dead -- though one article was Jack's backpack and Jack had no backpack when he haden fellen overboard.

The gang returned. Maggie was shocked to see that Mickey had moved on; Mickey seemed not to be that excited to see her home. Abe began to suffering from vision problems. John's back injury bothered him, and he began to abuse narcotics. Billie had a computer disk with about her and Bo's daughter, Georgia. It implied that she had not diee at birth but was alive. Billie convinced Bo to go search for their daughter. This caused tension for Bo and Hope. Patrick got involved, further fueling the tension. Despite saying he was no longer a di Mera operative he did call in some in the organization for information about the girl -- which has not only been SORASed.

Jennifer returned home broken hearted, others were having a happy reunion but not her and her family. She immediately checked the computer and spotted a message from Jack; however, it was from months before. Jennifer did not know how she can live without Jack, and her son would never know his father. An aged Abigail was thrilled to see her mother. Jennifer mentioned Jack and Abigail thought he was home too; Jennier had to break the terrible news to her. Jennifer explained the island and the rescue, and the lost Salemites. Abigail became nasty to Jennifer when Jennifer told her about Jack drowning. Abigail pointed out that had Jennifer waited to pull the life-support they would not have lost him. Abigail told her mother that she wished that she (Jennifer) had died not her father. She blamed her for not saving her father. Abigail has a new friend, Chelsea [it does not take much to realize she will be Chelsea]. Chelsea was a bad influence on Abigail, she incites her into rebellion, and Abigail upset over her father being alive only to die again and her anger towards Jennifer, caused her do succomb to Chelsea's manipulations. Despite everything, Jennifer still wanted Patrick to live in the garage apartment. Billie also moved in.

[Air date November 26, 2004]
Scene One: It is Thanksgiving. Jennifer has Bo, Hope, Billie and Abigail's friend Cassie. Jennifer tells Abigail she made Jack's favorite dessert, pumpkin pie. Abigail still has not forgiven her mother for what happened to her father.

Scene Two: There is a stock footage of the famous Castle Neuschwanstein, in Bavaria Germany, it is serving as Tony's castle. Apparently Roman and Marlena are being held prisoner.

In another room Bart and another of Tony's goons carry in a body, who we cannot see. The body is thrown on the bed, his back to the camera. Bart sits on the edge of the bed, tormenting the person.
BART: Someone's been a baaaaddddd boy! No turkey for you! You know, it's a funny thing, I'm surprised the Count's even keeping you around. (Gesturing) This is the third time you tried to escape.
The person must be unconscious because he has not said anything. Nastily Bart rolls the body over to reveal, *Jack*! Jack is mumbling.
JACK: Jennifer?!

BART: (Scoffs) I told you, Pal. Your wife and kid are okay. (Sarcastically) I'm just sorry I can't say the say for you (making a clicking noise to denote his disappointment).

Jack is groggy and his eyes flutter open. He tries to focus and look around, while still flat on his back.

04Ep016A: Jack Thanksgiving

[Air date December 7th, 2004]
Scene One: Jennifer is sleeping on her couch, her arms wrapped around a photo of Jack. Suddenly a hand appears, illuminated by a celestial light, accompanied with celestial music; the hand caresses her cheek which also becomes illuminated. We see that it is ghost Jack. He stops caressing her cheek and looks down at her with great love.
JACK: Jennifer?! I'm right here.
Jennifer wakes up confused, frowning.
JENNIFER: Oh, Jack?! (Her eyes reveal her confusion and optimism) Jack?
Jennifer jumps up, and throws off the blanket, looking around. However, no one is there. She gasps, and expectantly runs to the door, opening it.
JENNIFER: Oh my gosh!

However, it is only Abigail and Chelsea, home later than they said they would be. Jennifer is furious. She grounds Abigail. Abigail continues to ignore her mother's authority, still blaming her mother for her father's death. Abigail does not listen and invites Chelsea to spend the night. Jennifer gives in.

Scene Two: Two of Tony's goon's drag Jack back into his room. It appears he has attempted yet another escape.
JACK: Hah, all right! All right! All right already! Now, (fixes his sleeves) easy on the threads!
Jack straightens himself out then crosses his arms and stands defiantly. Just then Tony, furious over Jack's continued escape attemps, enters the room.
TONY: Double the surveillance on Mr. Deveraux around the clock!
The goons leave, Jack, his back to Tony, is staying in the stance and running his hand up his opposite arm. Frustrated he puts his had to his mouth.
TONY: (Cont.) you interrupted my daily meditation and sword purification ceremony.
Turning to talk to him directly.
JACK: That's a waste of time, there's no ceremony that's going to clean the blood off that sword!
As Tony replies, Jack walks towards his bed, and sits on it. Despite it being a prison it is a tastefully decorated room.

04Ep016B: Jack vows to escapeTONY: Oh your futile attempts at escape are getting rather tiresome.

JACK: (Sighing, then talking defiantly ) You better get used to it.... because I will break out of this maximum security (motioning with his head trying to find the appropriate word) cas-tle. In fact I'll do you one better, (gesturing with his hand) I'm promising you right now, I will be home for Christmas.... With Jennifer and my family!

Jack glares at him.

TONY: (Cont.) There's no form of escaping this castle! But I promise you, (with a slightly malicious smile) you will be home for Christmas, in you dreams!

Furious Jack continues to remain silent, but glares at him with hatred.

Scene Three: Back in Jack's room, prison.
JACK: Yo--
Jack is about to attack until Tony points his Samurai sword at Jack's throat. Tony lowers it to Jack's chest, Jack reluctantly sits back down on the edge of his bed. He exhales.
04Ep016C: Like the inventor, Jack vows to finally succeedTONY: All right, in here, then, Jack unless you want to go home in a big box with a big red bow on it, I suggest you learn to behave yourself.

JACK: (Gesturing) You now Tony, just as that inventor who tries and tries and fails a hundred times but gets it right in the end, I'll find my way out of here. (Being smug) So, tell me, where's Cassie? You know I haven't see her since (enumerate with his figures) we were drugged, and taken off that Japanese fishing trawler. (Throwing out his hands gesturing a question) So, where is she? (Gesturing again) In fact, where is everybody else? (Grinning) What is this place?

TONY: (Laughing back) So many questions, (gritting his teeth) so little time.

JACK: (Shrugs) Well, I'm a prisoner, right? I've got all the time in the world.

TONY: Prisoner, yes. (Scoffing) "All the time in the world," I don't think so, Jack.
Jack contemplates what he has said, though Jack's expression almost indicates that Tony is the one who will be surprised.

Scene Four: In Abigail's room, Chelsea first tried to get Abigail to smoke but Abigail told her that it is bad for your health. She, however, convinced Abigail that they should sneak off and go out and have fun.

Scene Five: Tony again is threatening Jack with his sword. Jack's eyes follow the blade of the sword as Tony uses it to toy with Jack, pointing it at Jack, and waving it up and down Jack's body. Jack, however, does not want to play into Tony's game, not wanting to show fear.

04Ep016D: Tony threans him with a sword

JACK: No! (Breathing) If you were going to kill me, (not moving but looking at him) you would have done it by now.
Tony whisks the sword away, grinning.
JACK: (Cont.; speaking calming) Ex-actly! You have other plans for me. And for Cassie. If she is here. Or for anyone else in this castle, if they're here. So tell me, how many others are here?

TONY: (Grinning) Just you, Jack! Everyone one else went back to Salem.
Tony turns away.
JACK: (Confident) You're lying! I know I heard the sound of a young girl crying, in the middle of the night.

TONY: (Fiddling with something, not wanting to let Jack know he is right) Yes, probably your overactive imagination. You probably were driving of your precious Abigail, crying herself to sleep at night because.... (twisting in the knife) she misses her good old dad.
Tony has struck a never, Jack, carrying a pillow, gets up and lunges for him. However, Tony is too quick and cuts Jack's arm with the sword. Jack groans in pain.
JACK: Ohhh.
Tony lifts the blade parallel to Jack's throat.
JACK: Ahhh. Ah. (Breathing) Hah....

TONY: (Menacingly) Try that again, and I promise you your next wound will be fatal!
Jack does not move, but looks done at the blade, practically next to his neck.

Scene Six: Sitting on the edge of his bed, Jack is using his other hand and teeth to tie a cloth around his sword wound. His hand is blooded from the wound. He is breathing somewhat heavily.
TONY: Oh, it's all not that ser-ious! But the next one will be if you ever try to attack me or try to escape again.

JACK: (Looking towards Tony) Did I happen to mention, that your assistant Bart told me that Jennifer and my baby made it back to Salem safely, no thanks to (gesturing with his head) you.

TONY: Ha hah. (Getting up, pointing the sword to the floor and gesturing with his other hand) You know, I'm very disappointed in myself, I've had you all hostage on the island, I set up an underground volcano, (gesturing) which brought on a big tidal wave, (gesturing with his head) you should have all been killed, but.... here you are still alive.

JACK: (Looking at Tony) Did anyone elssse happen to make it back to Salem?

04Ep016E: Jack reacts to hearing Patrick is livin in HIS homeTONY: Oh, yes, as a matter of fact, Patrick Lockhart survived.

Jack glares at Tony, he obviously is affected by this. Tony is enjoying Jack's reaction.

TONY: Yes, he is moved in with your grief stricken Jennifer. Huh, (grinning maliciously) she needs a man around the house. And I think he'll offer great comfort to her, and be a great to all the children

Jack cannot hide his concern.

JACK: Lockhart's living with my family?

TONY: (Nodding, enjoying Jack's reaction) Ah huh.

JACK: Jennifer knows that he is working for you.... (Thinking Tony is lying to get to him) No! (Shaking his head) No, this can't be happening! No!

Tony flashing a wide, wicked smile and laughs, really enjoying Jack's uncertainty and discomfort. He rolls his head around, like a madman.
TONY: Huh.... huhh, huh... (Getting serious) Oh. Hmmm.
Scene Seven: Jack is sitting on the edge of the bed, pressing the cloth to his wound, he cannot hide how affected he is by Tony's news about Patrick.
JACK: I've got to get out of here! I've got to get out before Lock.... Lockhart uh.... (Gets up quickly) My wife.... My children....
Tony stops him with the point of his sword. Jack realizes it is futile.
TONY: You're not going anywhere! There is no escaping this castle. You'll remain here, until I decide what your ultimate fate is.

JACK: Why the hell are you doing this to me?

TONY: (Moving closer to him) What, I'm supposed to share that with you? Oh hardly. No, you can spend your sleepless nights worrying about losing your loved ones to a man capable of working for your sworn mortal enemy.
Smirking and turning to leave, pressing the point of the sword into Jack's chest. With the sword Tony pushes him back.
TONY: (Cont.) Sweet dreams.... Jack!
Tony leaves, and closes the door. Jack glares at him. Jack runs to the door and tries to open it, to no avail.
JACK: NO! (Panting) NO!
Jennifer continues to have a difficult time dealing with Jack's death. She visits Alice for comfort. She tells Alice that Jack was always such a sentimentalist, he really loved the holidays. Jack would kill her if she told anybody that side of him. She thinks it is because she and Jack spent their youth in boarding schools, they missed out on those holiday memories. She tells Alice that even last Christmas, when she thought Jack was dead, he gave her a special gift, their son. Jennifer confides that it is so hard, losing him again. She does not know what to do, she has to be mother and father to her children. Sometimes she cannot even bare to continue without him. She wants Abigail and their son to have hope, but she does not have hope. She also tells her that she cannot control Abigail anymore. She does not know what to do.

[Air date December 21st, 2004]

Scene One: We see a chain, the camera pans down it's length to reveal Jack, with shakes at both of his ankles. He is reclining on the bed, doing a crossword puzzle. Reading and thinking over the next question. We hear Jack's voice, as the camera continues to pan his body.

04Ep016F: Jack is working on a crossword puzzle

JACK: Ahhhh, "Five across, Tim Burton animated scare fest."
Jack rolls his eyes, and hits the paper, not appreciating the humor of the question or answer since it is almost Christmas and he is stillbeing a prison in Tony's mad world.
JACK: (Sighing) Nightmare Before Christmas! Certainly describes this wretched place.
Jack hits the paper with his pencil, and does not bother to fill-in the answer. In frustration he throws down the newspaper on the bed, and gets up.
JACK: DAMNIT! Damnit. I'm going to get out of here.
He starts walking around the room, but has reached the end of his tether. The chain stops him, and he trips. rooming into some furniture.
He almost falls over but grabs onto a chair for balance.
JACK: Haaaaaaaaa, damn you, Tony! You.... waltz around this place like a.... (shoves aside the chair and tries to make sure his chain is not entangle) ....like a ninja. Loooving the fact that you're keeping me away from my family. If I can find a way to turn it around on you.... get out of here! (Jack sighs) Ha....
Just then a guard comes in [he has a very bad Arnold accent].
GUARD #1: The Count sent somevone to keep you company.
The guard motions to someone else nodding with his head.
JACK: Please tell me, it's not you.
Someone can be heard can be heard protesting, then a second guard is seen, being rough wih Cassie, he throws her into the room.
She runs towards him and throws herself into his arms.
JACK: Cassie?

GUARD #1: Enjoy your visit but don't get any ideas about escaping.

The two guards leave. Cassie continues to seek comfort in Jack's arms, burying her head in his chest. He seems a little uncertain, but tries to comfort her.

04Ep016G: Cassie throws herself into Jack's arms

Scene Two: Meanwhile, Bo and Billie's search for their daughter has lead them to the same di Mera castle they have broken in, and are searching for information on their daughter. Of course, Tony as lead them there.

Scene Three: Back in Jack's cell, Cassie finally lets go of her tight embrace.
CASSIE: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get so emotional.

JACK: That's all right. Rea.... rea.... really, tha.... that's all right!
He leads her to the edge of the bed and sits her down.
JACK: (Cont.) I'm just.... I'm just so glad that you're all.... (gesturing) well, (putting his hand on her arm) you are obviously all right.

CASSIE: Jack, there was an explosion somewhere in the caste. Did you hear it?

JACK: Yes! Did you? Do you know what it was?

CASSIE: No, I don't (she shakes of her head slightly in the negative). But right after it happened, Tony ordered the guards to take me here.

JACK: (Smiling) They're consolidating us. (Looking around) All right, something is going on, and I bet--
Jack takes a few steps but is stopped by the chain. He braces himself on the chair to stop himself from falling.
JACK: (Cont.) Arr..... haaaa..., let's just hope, that someone's coming to rescue us.
Scene Four: Jack walks around the room, checks his chain, and hops to a grated window, and tries to peer out.
JACK: I know.... that the explosion took place (trying to see where the explosion was) to the (pointing) east... side of this building. Unfortunately, (walking back towards her) it's very well built.
Placing his hand on her should.
JACK: (Cont.) Not exactly designed for escape.

CASSIE: (Putting her hand on his arm, to stop him) You know Jack, we shouldn't be too sure about that. (Tapping him with her fingerr) When I was living at the di Mera mansion there were tons of catacombs and corridors beneath the house. I.... I.... don't think that Tony would live or own a place that didn't have some sort of escape route.
Cassie begins to wander around the room, looking for something.
JACK: Cassie, you may be on to something.
Jack realizes something and pulls back the rug. As he continues to talk as he continues to examine the flooring.
JACK: (Cont.) Yeah, when we were on the island.Tony always had a way out for himself. If not for us.... (puts his hand to his face in concentration) ....now, if we could find one of those.... corridors, passageways, we too could escape.

CASSIE: (Walking back towards him) Jack, I would give anything to be back in Salem.

Jack: (Looking up at her, hopefully) Maybe even in time for Christmas.

Scene Five: Jack is still trying to find a trap door. He throws back the rug in disgust. Getting up, and starts walking around for a sign of a secret panel or anything which may lead to a secret passage.
JACK: (Pointing with his hand) Have you ever seen those.... (looking behind things) Edgar Allen Poe movies with.... with.... Vincent Price?
Cassie joins him in looking something which would be a clue.
CASSIE: Oooohhhh, I don't know, Jack, maybe a couple, why?

JACK: (Continuing to touch and move various objects) Ah.... Well, you know, there.... there's always a.... a knob or a....
Jack is looking behind the mirror, as he imitates turning a knob to demonstrate to her what he means.
JACK: (Cont.) ....or a lever, or something (walking around searching) that you could press, or de-press that would.... that would make the whole wall rotate.

CASSIE: (Searching) Yeah, Jack, you see that on TV all the time. (Throwing out her arms in frustration) We're not going to get out of here. There's nothing here.
Jack looks at her from the window.
CASSIE: (Cont.) What if nobody comes for us? What if those who tried to come for us are dead?
Jack is sobered by what she said, he realizes what she said could be true.

Scene Six: Jack walks over to Cassie, trying to reassure her.
JACK: Cassie, look.... you got to stay positive. If we don't get out of here--

CASSIE: (Gesturing with her hands) I know, I know, you won't get back to Jennifer and your kids.
Jack's pain missing his family is evident on his face.

CASSIE: (Cont.) And I really want to get back to Rex. (Sadly) He's the only family that I really have. (Trying not to cry) Ha.... (turning away).

JACK: What do you mean? You're--

Jack trips from the chain and fans on her, she braces him.
JACK: Oh....

CASSIE: Hey....

JACK: Oh (Cont.) You're a Brady! You've got tons of relatives.

CASSIE: No, I know, I know that. I just.... I mean that I never really got to know any of them.... but Roman and Caroline.(Rolling her eyes trying to prevent herself from crying) What if they didn't make it after the tidal wave?

JACK: You've go to stop thinking like this! You've go to stop right now! We know that Rex is back in Salem. I'm sure that.... I'm sure your brother is going to want to have you home again. Now, we got to do something, right here, if there is an intruder in this castle, and if they're trying to rescue us, we got to let them know to let them know that we are here.
Cassie has been crying. Looking away, she sniffs from the tears, and nods in agreement. Jack gently rubs her arm, trying to comfort her.

JACK: (Cont.) What we have to do.... is get their attention.... (nodding) but I'm going to need your help.

04Ep016H: Jack tells Cassie that he needs her help for his plan

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]