Episode Twenty-six: The Odyssey
Starring Jack Deveraux, Part IX: Jack
Discovers There Are Two Jennifers.

[Air date March 14th, 2005]
Scene One: Somewhat of a repeat of the last scene of the previous show, Jack walks towards the door after hearing the car.
JACK: Who's that?
Outside is Jennifer, she walks up the walkway then stops, she flips her hair and looks inside her purse. Inside Jack looks away confused.
JACK: Huh, that's weird. What's Jennifer doing outside, she was just....
Jack looks over towards the living room. Jennifer walks in with a tray with coffee cups and a cup pot. Jack frowns trying to figure out what is going on. He does a double take, his mouth agape, pointing in confusion. He walks back to the window, and pulls back the curtain. However, no one is there.
JACK: Ha, huh, I must be really tired. Huh.
Jennifer calls from the living room.
Jack walks over towards her in a daze.
JENNIFER: What's wrong? You look like you've just seen a ghost?
Jack slowly walks in, pointing with his finger.
JACK: I have. Yours!

Jack looks at her still confused. Jennifer looks at him confused as well.

04Ep026A: Jack tells her about the double

Scene Two: The scene continues.
JENNIFER: Ah Jack, wha.... what are you talking about? M-My ghost?
Jack rubs his forehead. He gestures, is about to speak then stops.

JACK: I.... I am sorry, it's just th.... (putting his hands to his temples) it.... (gesturing) it.... it's jus.... it's sleep deprivation after the long the long slow freighter to the States, and getting away from Tony's castle, and hitchhiking to Salem, and.... and.... well, needless to say (slight smirk)....

04Ep026B: Jack smiles thinking about the Horton cabin

JACK: (Cont.) ....we didn't get any sleep back at the Horton cabin, so...

Jennifer smiles slightly, still confused.
JACK: (Exhaling) Huh, but still I saw you! Or.... or.... or someone who looked like you.
Takes her by the arm and leads her to the door.
JACK: (Cont.) Out.... outside. Wha.... jus.... I'm telling you it was righ.... on the front walk....
Jack opens the door and they look outside.
JACK: ....righ.... right here. There was....
No one is there.
JENNIFER: There's nobody here.

JACK: I know, when I looked back I didn.... (gesturing) I didn't see you or.... or.... or anyone there, either.
Jack again touches his forehead, confused. Jennifer turns to him.
JENNIFER: I've a really bad feeling about this, Jack.
Jennifer walks inside. Jack rubs his forehead, confused and worried.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) Because if Tony knows that you escaped the castle, he knows that the ISA is after him!
Jack immediately closes and locks the door.
JENNIFER: Okay, so what if, Tony di Mera right now is after us?!
Jack stops and is about to say something, thinking over the consequences of what Jennifer said.
JENNIFER: (Cont.; worried) We got to get out of here!
Meanwhile, someone walks down the walkway and opens the backdoor, and then walks into the kitchen. It is the Jennifer whom Jack saw. Her cell rings and she answers. Jennifer tells the person on the other end not to worry, that she will "get what she came for and be back before anyone knows I was here."

Scene Three: Jack is freaking out over the fake Jennifer.
JACK: (Pointing) Hey, hey, what if.... what if di Mera got....
He runs over to the window again, and looks out. Jennifer has an odd expression as Jack babbles on.
JACK: (Cont.) ....some clone, look-a-like drone to.... to.... to come back and get me? Or.....
Jack has a horrible thought and turns to Jennifer. She has her back turned to him, and continues to act strangely.
JACK: (Cont.) Or even worse what if to get you (walking to her) and me (taking her arm) and take us back to that fortress-slash-prison (putting his hand to his head) castle of his? (Gesturing) I mean, he knew I was coming here to talk to you, and tell you that he's alive so....
Jack stops in mid-sentence, and puts his hand to his for head, realizing how silly it sounds.
JACK: (Cont.) I'm sorry, I'm.... I'm way out of line. I'm.... (worried chuckle; exhales) there's no double out there. (Gesturing) There's no one trying to break-in.

JENNIFER: (Now acting worried) Are you sure, Jack? Because, you know, I think it all makes sense. Except of course for the clone part.
Jack again puts his hand to his head, and laughs nervously and slightly embarrassedly.
JACK: No, Jennifer, I (putting his hands on her shoulders) have been dreaming about seeing you everywhere!
Jack flashes back to the island, just after he has rescued Jennifer from the ledge.

04Ep006F: Jennifer is overjoyed that Jack is ALIVE

JENNIFER: (Crying) Thank God you're alive! (She puts her had to his face and caresses it) You came back to me. I can't believe it. I can't believe it.
They both continue to caress the other, and look lovingly into the other's eyes.

04Ep006G: Jack tells her he IS ALIVE

JACK: (Crying and caressing Jennifer) Believe it! I'm alive! I'm here! And nobody's ever going to take me away from you again!

04Ep006H: J&J finally reunited, kiss passionately

Jennifer puts her arm around his neck. They reach in and begin a passionate, heartfelt kiss. Jack holds her tightly. They continue to kiss, oblivious to the poor rain.

Back you the present.
JACK: You and Abigail and the baby are all I've been thinking about for months! I haven't been sleeping for months. A.... (gestures) so my eyes are playing tricks on me. And.... and I can't believe (angry) I'm still letting di Mera control my life. So, I'm telling you right now, we're not leaving the house! After the ISA and the police get here and I give my statement, you and I are going upstairs, and going to bed! To sleep!

JENNIFER: Okay, well then, then coffee is out of the question. I'm going to go into the kitchen and make you some herbal tea.

JACK: All right.... you're the best. Hmmm....
Jack reaches over to kiss her forehead, but she walks off, as Jack tries.
JACK: (Cont.) .... the best.
Jack follows her into the living room. And sighs twice, putting his hand over his mouth. Jennifer picks up the tray, but stops in her tracks. Sensing something, Jack wonders what is wrong.
JACK: What, what is it?
Jennifer turns to him, her voice concerned.
JENNIFER: Look, I don't mean to be an alarmist, but after everything we've been through, I am really scared. If Tony di Mera were going to send someone, they'd be here by now.
Jack realizes she is right, and looks concerned.

In the kitchen the other Jennifer picks up a large carving knife, and rather malevolently says, "Oh, I'm definitely going to need this!"

Back in the living room, Jack realizes they could be in trouble.
JACK: You're right! (Sitting down on the arm of the couch) You're right....
Jack's voice expresses his fears. Jennifer sits down too, or is she the fake Jennifer?
JACK: (Cont.) ....Tony would want to try to stop me before I got back and (gesturing) told Bo and John and the authorities that he's still alive, and.... he kept (motioning with his two hands) Cassie, (pointing to himself) and me, and all those others hostage. Well, (pointing with his finger) the ISA and the police are on their way.
With a determination in his voice, he reaches over for Jennifer, and pulls her up.
JACK: (Cont.) If Tony comes here, and tries to get me or us, I promise you, I'm gonna be ready for him!
Jennifer smiles weakly at him.

Back in the kitchen the other Jennifer picks up the knife, she continues to stare at the knife, saying it "oughta do the trick!"

Scene Four: Meanwhile at the hospital Bo and Billie, and Hope are waiting for the the results on the DNA tests on the strands of hair which was mysteriously sent to them. The guy doing the lab results cannot be located and goes missing for a time. Kate has arrived, after Bo and Billie go looking for the lab technicians, Kate lays into Hope about Shawn chasing after Belle, while Philip is MIA. They return unable to find the technician. Shortly afterwards the nurse returns with the technician, who allegedly had turned off his beeper. Hope is concerned about Shawn, and is upset when Bo seems more preoccupied with Billie and finding their daughter. Hope is leery, and thinks it is a di Mera set up. She goes off to help Shawn, Bo does not come with her.

Scene Five: Back at Jack and Jennifer's place.
JENNIFER: What do you think Tony would do to us?

JACK: (Trying to reassure her) Nothing! Nothing, I won't let him touch you.

JENNIFER: Alright, let me rephrase, what do you think he would try to do to us, Jack?

JACK: (Scoffing nervously) Well, a.... he made it very clear that he was never going to let any of us out of that castle. And (motioning with his finger, and pacing) if we did try to escape, (gesturing animatedly emphasizing what he is saying) he had the whole near-by town locked-down under his pay-roll. From the (his hand up in the air) Consulate all the way (his hand lowered) down to the nearest barmaid. (His hands outstretched) it was amazing that (his fingers pointing on his chest) I got away at all.

JENNIFER: Well, you know what? I am not going to let him take you away from me again! I am calling Bo!
Jennifer walks to the phone, picks it up and begins to punch in some numbers. Jack rushes over to her trying to stop her.
JACK: No, no, no, Jennifer, no! I am sorry. I am so sorry.
Jack hangs up and puts down the phone. Jennifer has a devilishly pleased smirk on her face. Jack has his hand on her shoulder, and is behind her, so he does not notice. After he hangs up he puts the other hand on her other shoulder.
JACK: Hu.... I don't want to upset you with my paranoia.
Jack does another nervous laugh, and puts his hand to his forehead. Jennifer now looks normal, and turns toward Jack.
JACK: (Cont.) (Slight laugh) Look, the person outside, (does like a little salute gesture) tha.... that Jennifer was just a figment of my imagination.
Jack smiles, trying to reassure her. Though it is obvious he is very concerned. Jack puts his hand to his forehead again, a sign of his nerves.
JACK: Tha.... tha.... tha.... that's all she was.

JENNIFER: Really, why, Jack?

JACK: (In the positive) Hmm....
Jack still has his had to his forehead, obviously very upset, but trying to hide his concern from Jennifer.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) Why?!

JACK: (Trying to explain) Because, (slapping his hands against his hips) you are (smiling at the thought) unique! (Gesturing) there's only one you! And if Tony thinks that he could find (motioning towards her with his hands) somebody to mimic you, he's crazy!

JENNIFER: He is crazy!

JACK: (Upset) Hhee....

JENNIFER: Isn't he, Jack?! He's crazy!
Jack is frantic, trying to calm her and himself, not wanting to think of the possibilities. Maybe Jack's nervousness is because he is beginning to doubt that she is really Jennifer, and not wanting to believe this.
JACK: Yes, but you (his voice breaks).... (breathing heavily) there's only (putting is hands on her shoulders) one you, you are.... you ar.... have so many wonderful things an.... tha.... tha.... that you do that I love! There's.... there's th.... I lov.... hu.... (frowning, thinking, worried) your hair. (Swallows hard) That thing you do with your hair. I love it!
Jennifer tries to hid it, but she looks confused.
JACK: (Cont.) ....y-you know what I'm talking about!
The statement is part question part question, Jack is hoping that she does because his concern is growing that this is not the real Jennifer. Jennifer looks even more worried. Then she tries to convince him; smiling, though it seems forced.
JENNIFER: Yeeaaahh! Of course, Jack!
Jack sighs with relief, then puts his hand to his forehead. Somewhat ominous music is playing.
JACK: Huu.... I'm sor..... ah.... I'm.... This sounds crazy (again he puts his hand to his forehead) I know I'm weird, but just to....
Jack slaps his cheeks several times.
JACK: (Cont.) ....just so I know I'm not dreaming, could you (forced smile) just do that.... for me?
Jennifer looks unsure and tries to hide it.

Back in the kitchen, the other Jennifer is looking almost transfixed at the knife. Then she stops and asks herself what was she thinking, Maggie has plenty of knives. Maggie wanted a pie server, and Jennifer, obviously, now, the *real* Jennifer says she does not have a pie server. Though she says she has a spatchula. She then takes out her cell and calls Maggie to ask if a spat chula. is okay.

Back in the living room, Jennifer picks up the tray. Jack nervously has his fingers by his mouth.
JACK: I just love....
Jennifer stops.
JACK: (Cont.) ....all those little things that you do so much.... (worried) could you....
jack puts his hands on her shoulder, he seems desperate hoping, but beginning to doubt it, that this is really Jennifer. FakeJennifer tries to hide the fact that she does not know what Jack is talking about.
JACK: (Cont)....could you do that hair thing for me? Please!
Jack is nervously hopeful. The fake Jennifer is worried, because she apparently does not know what Jack is talking about. She turns to him.
JENNIFER: Aahh, yeah, ah, sure.... sure but first I'm going to make you some herbal tea.
The fake Jennifer leaves to go into the kitchen.

Meanwhile Jennifer leaves through the back door, just in time, because the fake Jennifer enters [I do not know how either Jennifer or fake Jennifer and Jack could not have heard each other they were only a few feet away from each other]. The fake Jennifer enters the kitchen, and angrily puts down the tray, muttering di Mera under her breath, wondering why he did not inform her about Jennifer's hair thing. She also worries that Jack may have seen Jennifer and that would have put in jeopardy Tony's plan to recapture Jack.

Back in the living room, Jack walks to the door, and nervously puts his hand to his mouth, confused and thinking over the situation. He looks out the window, and thinks back to seeing Jennifer outside.

She is outside and as she looks into her purse she flips her hair.

Jack returns to the present, looking very confused.
JACK: Huh?
He walks away from the window.
JACK: How could Jennifer act like she doesn't know what I'm talking about with the hair?
Jack thinks some more and thinks back to earlier that night.
JACK: I don't know, I.... I just think, maybe we should go over to Doug and Julie's and pick up the baby, (making a swishing motion with his hand) and then just swing by and pick up Abigail, and you know, (pointing) I want to see the look on their faces when they recognize me.
Jack gets up. Again Jennifer tries to stop him.
JACK: (Cont.) Their reaction me, their reactions is going to be....

JENNIFER: No, no, Jack, no you can't! You can't see Abby nor the baby tonight!
Jack then thinks back to another odd occurrence from earlier that evening.
04Ep022D: Jack can't believe Jennifer asked Alice to tell the ISAJACK: Are you telling me, you called your grandmother?! Alice Horton?! To contact the ISA?!

JENNIFER: Yes, and anyone else (gesturing) that she can reach tonight.She and Agent Spector are like this (she puts her two fingers together)!

JACK: (Standing stupefied, furrowing his brows) Are you kidding me?

JENNIFER: No, I am not kidding you! They go way back, Jack. He adores her. And who better than Alice Horton to convince everyone of the truth.

JACK: (Pointing to himself) Me! That's who! I'm.... I need to be doing something!

JENNIFER: (Moving up close to him) You are, you are doing something! You're doing something! You're reuniting with your wife tonight!
Back in the present, Jack does a double take, and slightly shudders. Her massages the bridge between his eyes, utterly confused. He he shakes his head, as if shaking his thoughts, and starts walking back into the living room. Pointing towards the kitchen, about to say something. He does not, and puts is hand to his mouth in contemplation. He turns away, puts his hand to his head. Then shakes his head as if he is shaking off a thought.

JACK: Something very strange is going on here!

04Ep026C: Jack says something

Scene Six: Jennifer is outside, talking to Maggie [we do not seee or her her] on the cell. She tells her "mission accomplished" she found "a pie server and will be right over." She wonders if Abigail and her friend Chelsea had arrived. Maggie tells hey have not. She tells Maggie that she probably was not specific enough about where the party for Alice was to be [I thought it was too later much earlier to wake Abigail. Though it is the same night, even much later and a party is about to begin for Alice]. She tells Maggie that she will be there in a short while, she just needs to go inside and leave a note for Abigail.

Back inside the fake Abigail is talking on the cell too. She informs the person on the other end that Jennifer does something with her hair which Jack "adores" and she "has no idea what it is." She is rather furious about not being better informed. She wonders if the person on the other end knows. She angrily tells the person that she is "only as good as her intel!" "My suggestion is that *you* take action!" She tells the person; she adds, "or your mission *will be compromised*!"

Back in the living room, Jack is about to go into the dining room. He stops at the door and hesitates. He gestures thinking through what is going on.
JACK: Wait a minute, what if.... what if the Jennifer that I am with is the imposter? Then where is my Jennifer an....? An.... (throwing down his arm in frustration) how do I find her?!

Jack is completely worried, then he realizes something even more disturbing. He turns back towards the kitchen.

04Ep026D: Jack wonders to whom he made love

JACK: Who the hell was I making love with in that cabin? Oh my god! No, this can't be happening.
Jack runs to the door.
JACK: This can't be happening!
Jack unlocks the door and runs outside.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen, the fake Jennifer is just getting off the phone when she hears someone coming. She quickly runs into a closet. Jennifer comes from outside, and is getting a notepad and pencil when the phone rings. It is Maggie again. Apparently she needs a pie plate, Bonnie had broken her nice one. As she is looking, the fake Jennifer opens the door slightly and watches her. Jennifer flips her hair. The fake Jennifer is thrilled to see this. Jennifer hangs up and then writes the note for Abigail.

Back outside, Jack is wandering around, not sure what to do next. A dog barks.

Just then Jennifer has finished her note and walks by the window. She stops having seen something. She pulls back the curtain.
She looks away, and then does a double take.

Back outside, Jack is wandering around. He suddenly spots something.

JACK: Wait a minute! What's Maggie Horton's car doing here?!

Jack's eyes look back and forth. He calls out quietly and with uncertainty.

JACK: Jennifer?! Where are you?!

Just then Jennifer can be heard. Though which Jennifer.
JENNIFER: Oh my gosh, Jack, you're alive!
Jack quickly turns around towards the house.

Scene Seven: Jack is standing transfixed as Jennifer slowly walks towards him, startled by his presence. For a few moments neither of them says anything. Jack is unsure if this his Jennifer or not. Jennifer looks truly surprised to see him -- though is it an act.

04Ep026E: Jack sees Jennifer

JACK: Jennifer?
Jennifer stops a few feet away from him.
JENNIFER: Oh my gosh! (Gasping with emotion, touching her chest) Is it really you?
Jack does nothing, he tilts his head slightly, he still does not know if it is Jennifer or the fake. Jennifer seems overcome with emotion.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) I.... I.... (practically in tears) I saw you and then I saw someone who looks just like me. The.... they ran out of our house! What is going on?

JACK: Yu...
Then flips her hair. Jack watches, and exhales, believing this is proof she is the real Jennifer.
JACK: You did it!
She walks up to him.
JACK: (Cont.) You did it, you did the thing with your hair! You did it!
04Ep026F: Is Jack reunited with the REAL JenniferJack steps towards her and starts caressing her hair.
JACK: (Cont.) It's you! It is you!
Looking at each other overcome with great love.
JENNIFER: Yeah! It's me!

JACK: It's you!

JENNIFER: It's you. Oh....
Jack caresses her face. Jack lets out a deep sigh of relief. He runs his finger over her bottom lip. He exhales several times.
JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....oh my gosh, I thought you were dead, Jack. (In tears) I'd given up (throws her arms around him) I thought were dead, I thought I'd.... I thought you were gone forever, Jack!

They hold each other tightly, each crying from joy of being together again.

04Ep026G: Jack is overcome with emotion

Jack's head is resting next to her. He shakes his head.

JACK: No, never! Never!
Jennifer is crying. Jack lets go.
JACK: (Cont.) Never!
Jack kisses her passionately, and she responds.

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]