Episode Thirty-Seven: The Homecoming
Part I: Jack Finally Makes it Home,
Only to Discover That Abigail Is in the Hospital.

[Air date April 26, 2005]

Scene One: The gang is still on the plane, from an outside shot we see Jack pass by the window, and tap Roman on the shoulder. Roman smiles back at him. Jack walks over to the rear of the plane where Cassie is sleeping in her chair. Jack gently shakes her to wake her.

JACK: (Speaking softly) Cassie, you're still asleep? We're about to land.

She starts to stir.

JACK: (Cont.) You slept through the whole flight.

She turns over in her seat, awake.

CASSIE: I was exhausted.

JACK: Oh, I can't blame you, I haven't had a good night sleep since, I don't know when.

CASSIE: You'll sleep well tonight, you'll be with your family.

JACK: "My family"! Ha.... That's right (sitting down opposite her) that's all I seem to be thinking about. (Gesturing) Well, while I am not the subject, you know, I think today.... (pointing) I think today my daughter turns 17.

She smiles back at him.

JACK: (Cont.) (Nodding) 17 years old, wow!

Scene Two: Abigail is in a hospital bed sleeping, Jennifer by her side. She leans over and kisses her daughter. A nurse comes in and tells Jennifer that she has ordered a roll-away bed for her so she can spend the night with Abigail. Abigail awakens and wonders where she is. Jennifer tells her she is in ICU. Abigail worries that something is wrong with her, she thought she was doing better. Jennifer assures her that it is just for the night, Lexie just wanted to monitor her just to be safe, but she is okay. Abigail thanks her mother for being there with her. She tells Jennifer she loves her. Abigail also apologies for her behavior and the way she treated her. She tells Jennifer that she is "the best mom." Abigail tells her she does not know what she would do without her. Jennifer is tearing up, and tells her not to cry. Abigail agrees as long as she does not cry either. Jennifer tells her that it was funny, because she was smiling in her sleep.

ABIGAIL: I had a dream. (Sighs) Ah.... The best dream!

Abigail smiles, thinking of her dream, she tells her mother about it as we see her thoughts. It exactly matches Jack's fantasy earlier that evening [on the previous show]. As she talks about the dream we see and hear what she dreamt. [To make it less confusing I will have Jennifer and Abigail's dialogue first, then the dialogue from the dream]

ABIGAIL: We were all together: You and Jack, Jr., and Dad.

Jennifer smiles hearing the dream.

JENNIFER: Really, your dad?

ABIGAIL: Yeah, it was today, my birthday. There was a cake with seventeen candles on it, you lit them all. An d.... (laughing) and Dad said, "Don't forget to make a wish!"

JENNIFER: And what did you wish for, Sweetie? Do you remember?

ABIGAIL: I said, "I didn't need to make a wish, because it had already come true. We were all together."

[The dream:

Jack is buttoning his shirt, and turns to see Abigail carrying Jack, Jr. Seeing his son, Jack lets out a gasp.
JACK: Ah, oh my gosh.

Abigail laughs.

JACK: (Cont.) Look how big he's gotten.

JENNIFER: 15 pounds as of yesterday.

Abigail hands her father Jack, Jr. and he gently takes him holding him out to look at him.
JACK: Ooh, oh, my gosh. Ooh lo ok....

JENNIFER: Ooh, he is so happy to see his daddy.

04Ep036E: Jack's fantasy of his sonJACK: (Talking to his son) Yes, well, I'm happy to see you too, and you're going to see alot more of me, my boy...

Jennifer laughs. Jennifer and Abigail watch Jack with his son.

JACK: (Cont.) ....yes, I'll be at every one of your birthday parties. (Looking at Abigail) and yours too! Yours too!

Jennifer takes he baby.

JACK: (Cont.) Oh, my gosh, it's your birthday!

Jennifer laughs at Jack, and admires her son. Jack motions to the cake.
JACK: (Cont.) Yo u.... you've got your candles lit right over there, we've got to blow them out! You Ota to make a wish!

ABIGAIL: Having you come home, Daddy, I mean, my wish already came true (smiling).

JACK: Aw www.
Jack pulls him towards him. Then hold all his family. He kisses Jennifer on the forehead, then Abigail, then Jack, Jr.

JACK: Mm, oh... ah...]

Back to Abigail talking to Jennifer.

ABIGAIL: I'm sorry it was just a dream.

JENNIFER: Well, my wish today was that my little girl wouldn't be taken away from me. And my wish came true.

The both smile at each other, then Abigail sadly continues.

ABIGAIL: I wish all our wishes could.

Jennifer sadly smiles at her daughter.

Scene Three: Back in the plane Jack and Cassie are looking out window as the plane nears Salem.

A short time later, the pilot is heard over the inter comm, he tells him that the are approaching the airport and that the should prepare for landing. Jack gets up and goes over to talk to Roman. He taps him on the shoulder.

JACK: (Quietly) Do you know--

Just then there is some severe turbulence and Jack goes flying backwards.


Roman and Marlena hug each other, as Cassie falls out off her seat.

Scene Four: Back at the hospital, Jennifer is talking to Maggie on the pay phone. She asks about the baby. As Maggie fixes the decorations for Abigail, she tells Jennifer that the baby is wonderful, he is the "sweetest, the darlingest, the easiest baby." She says that she and Mickey "are in their glory. It is the next best thing to having grandchildren." She says it is even more special because they are in "a Bonny-free Zone!" Maggie tells Jennifer she is so happy that Abigail is fine. Jennifer asks Maggie to fix her an over-night bag, because she plans on spending the night with Abigail.

Back at the Deveraux', Mickey comes in the room after Maggie has hung up. They are acting like they their oldselves, very loving and affectiate with each other. They both come up with the idea of bringing the party to Abigail.

Jennifer goes back into Abigail's room. She asks about her brother. Jennifer tells her, "He's great! He's sleeping *like a baby*." They both laugh. Abigail says she misses him. The nurse comes in and tells Abigail that Chelsea has awken and is asking to see her. Abigail sadly asks if Chelsea knows about her parents.

Scene Five: Back on the plane, the turbulence continues. Jack and Cassie are on the floor of the plane, while Marlena and John hold on to each other.

CASSIE: Oh, my gosh, Jack, what is going on?!

JACK: Ahhh (trying to get up) I don't know! Just hang-on tight! Jus....

Jack and Cassie stumble back to their seats. Jack buckles his seat belt.

JACK: Here we go. Okay....

Marlena looks around wondering what cause the trouble. Just then the pilot comes on and apologizes. He tells them that they hit some turbulence, but things are settling down. He advices that strap in for landing.

JACK: Ah, ha! (Testing his seat belt) [??] Finally strapped, okay, (he checks Cassie).

04Ep037A: Jack says nothing will keep him from his family ever againCASSIE: I cannot wait for this flight to be over!

JACK: Me neither (panting)!

CASSIE: Yes, but for different reasons! You cannot wait to get back to your family, I just had an aweful déjà vu of escaping that island and almost drowning. Please let us be the ones to.... get back home this time!

JACK: (Comforting her) Cassie, nothing is gonna keep us from our families! Nothing is gonna keep me from Jennifer! Ever again!

Jack and Cassie sit back in their seats. Roman asks Marlena how she is doing. Marlena tells him that just when it appears everything will work out something like that happens. It makes her "mistrust the future." Roman assures her that they are all still there and fine, and Tony is dead and will never hurt them ever again.

Scene Six: A short while later, the four of them are standing up, looking out the window. The pilot's voice comes over the intercomm.

PILOT: Welcome to Salem!

MARLENA: Ohhhh, Yes (slapping her hands together)!

Roman walks over and throws his arm around Jack and gives him a pat.

JACK: Roman.

Jack pats Roman. The pilot continues his announcement.

PILOT: (Cont.) Don't get too excited, folks, there might be a little delay with de-planing.

Jack and Roman continue to kid around with each other.

JACK: We did it. (Smiling and gesturing) We did it.

Roman gives him a good nature punch to the chest. The pilot continues to talk.

04Ep037B: The pilot says they may not be able to leave the plane,  Jack is franticPILOT: (Cont.) We might have some explaining to do about your lack of appropriate identification and passports.

Jack suddenly stops, realizing the implications of what the pilot is saying. Roman is thinking, he puts his hand to his mouth. Though he does not seem as concerned as Jack.

JACK: (Frantically) Wait a minute! No, he's got to be kidding! They can't keep us here! (Pointing to himself) They're not can keep me here, I got to it out of here!

ROMAN: (Putting out his hands) Look! (Gesturing pointing to Marlena and himself) We are sure not gonna keep you here. (Gesturing) As a matter of fact, Cassie is exhausted, can you drop her by the Pub on your way?

JACK: Sure! Sure! Sure, (gesturing to her) Cassie.

Roman tells Cassie to do her best to explain things to Pop (Shawn, Sr.), he will be there as soon as possible. He gives her a kiss, and she says good-bye to him and Marlena.

JACK: (To Cassie) Let's go!

MARLENA: Good luck!

CASSIE: Ahhhh!

Jack and Cassie turn back, smiling since they are *finally* home, and Jack waves to them.

JACK: You too, Marlena!

Marlena does not seem too certain about Jack and Cassie just walking off, she asks Roman if he thinks the authorities will them go. He tells her that he will deal with the authorities.

Scene Seven: Back at the hospital, Jennifer and Abigail are visiting Chelsea; Jennifer has rolled Abigail in a wheelchair. She asks them about her parents and they do not know what to do or tell her. Finally Jennifer is about to tell her when Jennifer notices that she has fallen asleep. They leave the room.

Once outside the room Jennifer asks how Abigail is doing. Abigail is sad for her friend, she cannot believe that no one has told Chelsea about her parents. Jennifer tells her that she thinks they probably are waiting until she is stronger.

ABIGAIL: (Sadly) No matter when she hears it will never be better! She'll never see her mom and dad again. Except their bodies at the funeral. We never even got that with Dad. Don't you think that's why it's been so hard for it to seem real?

Jennifer is near tears, unable to speak she can only nod in agreement.

ABGAIL: (Cont., sadly) He's not ever coming back, is he?

JENNIFER: Ah, I don't know, Sweetie, (her voice cracking) there's so many times when I wanted to believe that, but he's not, he's gone.

Scene Eight: Meanwhile, Jack has *finally* arrived home. He is outside the house, and runs his hand over the mailbox.

04Ep037C: Jack is FINALLY home, and the coast is clear

JACK: (Sighs) Ha.... (He looks around) No di Meras in sight. Haa...., all right.

He quickly, cautiously, walks to his door, and opens it. Inside, again he cautiously looks around to make sure it is safe.

JACK: Wait a minute.

He walks towards the living room. The house is still decorated for the party. Mickey is sitting on the couch and does not see nor hear Jack. Jack looks surprised to see no one home, and Mickey there.

JACK: Mickey?

Mickey does not look up, and for the moment does not seem shocked by Jack's arrival. He waves his hand in gesture.

MICKEY: Eh, Jenn's not here, Jack! (Gesturing) She's....

Suddenly Mickey remembers that Jack is suppose to be dead. He turns around in shock.


Mickey, befuddled, gets up and points to Jack, and walks towards him.

MICKEY: (Cont.) Oh, my God, Jack, (pointing) i-i.... it's you! W....

JACK: (Throwing out his arms) I'm here! I'm here! Alive and in the flesh.

MICKEY: Huh....

Jack reaches to shake his hand. Jack is so excited to be home he is extremely hyper.

JACK: Here!

Mickey is still completely flustered and can only mumble.

JACK: Oh, come on, give me a hug!

Mickey still is confused, as Jack gives him a big bear hug.

04Ep037D: Jack is so happy to see Mickey he gives him a big bear hug

MICKEY: Hawha.... where the hell have you been for so long? (Pointing) We didn't uh--

JACK: (Interrupting and gesturing) I know, let me tell you, long story short....

MICKEY: (Muttering) Wha....

JACK: (Cont.) ....I was held hostage by Tony di Mera....

MICKEY: (Still muttering) Oh...

JACK: (Cont., still gesturing wildly) ....now he's dead and gone and I've risen again, Thank God!

MICKEY: (He still is befuddled) Y'uh ah....

JACK: (Cont.) ....but anyway, I ah.... (realizing something) wait a minute, you said that Jennifer was not here.


04Ep037E: Jack excitedly talks about his kidsJACK: (Confused) So, wha.... what's.... I was ready to see my wife and my kids.... I got two kids now.

Mickey laughs.

JACK: (Cont.) Two kids! (Still gesturing wildly) A boy and a girl, a perfect set!

MICKEY: (Mickey is still completely flustered and can only mumble.)Yeah!

JACK: A little boy, a little....

Jack notices that Mickey's expression has changed, Mickey looks like something is wrong. Jack becomes concerned.

JACK: (Cont.) ....wa.... wha.... what's wrong?

Mickey is upset, he does not know how to tell Jack. He puts his hand to his mouth, and flusters, has a hard time telling Jack about Abigail's accident.

MICKEY: Jack, ah, I-I'm afraid th-th.... there was an accident.

JACK: (Terrified) "An accident"? Wi.... with Jennifer?

MICKEY: (Putting out his hand) No.... no.... no.... no, it's Abigail! Bu.... but she's gonna be all right....

04Ep037F: Jack hears about Abigail's accident

Jack becomes more frighten, his mouth is agape.

MICKEY: (Cont.) And.... (gesturing) and Jennifer is with her at the hospital, now, and Maggie went over there to be with her, jus....

Jack does not listen any further, he rushes out towards the door.

JACK: I've gotta go!

MICKEY: Wait, wait, wait!

Mickey chases after Jack.

MICKEY: (Cont.) ....She left her cell phone, take this to her (handing it to Jack)....


MICKEY: (Cont.) ....oh, come on, wa.... and here, wait, hey, take my keys (handing them to Jack too) there good....

Jack rushes out the door and Mickey follows him set befuddled.

JACK: All right!

MICKEY: Drive carefully! Oh, God!

JACK: (Waves) Sure! Thanks Mickey!

Jack has taken off and Mickey stands by the mail box, muttering to himself.

Scene Nine: At the hospital, Maggie has Abigail's cake. She is thanking the nurse for helping her, she will save her a piece. The nurse recognizes that it is one of Alice Horton's cakes. She walks off as Maggie continues to admire the cake. Just then Jack runs up.

JACK: Maggie! Maggie!

Maggie looks up in shock. Jack walks up right in front of her and still in shock she steps back.

MAGGIE: Jaa-cck?

JACK: (Out of breath)Yeah!

Maggie overjoyed seeing him throws her arms around him!

MAGGIE: Oh, Jack!

JACK: Yeah!

Maggie continues to hug him, she is nearly chocking him she his so thrilled to see him.

04Ep037G1: Maggie hugs Jack 04Ep037G2: Jack is hugged by Maggie

MAGGIE: Oh, my God! I don't believe it!

JACK: I don't believe it it either, Maggie!

MAGGIE: Ooooohhh, how? How? Oh! Oh!

Maggie lets go, and then touches his cheek.

JACK: I'll sum it up in two words....


JACK: (Cont.) ...."Tony" "di Mera"!

MAGGIE: Oh, say no more! Look, you can explain later, right now your daughter is about to get the best birthday....

JACK: Ahhh....

MAGGIE: (Cont.) ....present ever!

JACK: (Concern in his voice) Maggie, is she okay? (Pleading) Abigail, is she okay?

MAGGIE: (Maggie is so thrilled Jack is alive) Ah.... Oh, oh (touching his face to reassure him), oh, oh, she's gonna be better than okay now that she sees her dad!

JACK: (Looking over towards the room) Oh, my gosh!

MAGGIE: Oh, look, here! Ah, do me a favor....

She picks up the cake. Jack, his thoughts on Abigail, looks down confused.

JACK: Wha... Whu....

She hands him the cake, but he is still preoccupied with worry for his daughter.

MAGGIE: (Cont.) ....do the honors!

04Ep037H: Jack is concerned about AbigailJACK: (Still preoccupied and confused) Uh?

MAGGIE: Yeesss!

JACK: Thank you.

MAGGIE: Ah....

JACK: Ah....

MAGGIE: Here (handing him the cake).

JACK: Thank you!

MAGGIE: Okay. Ah... I can't believe it!

Meanwhile, inside Abigail's room. Jennifer is caressing her daughter's cheek. Abigail is absentmindedly petting her stuff lamb Lambie.

ABIGAIL: I always felt like Daddy was somewhere out there, waiting for us to help him. And we didn't know what to do, or where to look. I don't feel that anymore. I guess it is because I know where he is, in heaven (she looks towards her mother). He's at peace, and I can talk to him. And he can hear us, Mom. Right?

JENNIFER: I don't doubt that he can hear us.

ABIGAIL: (Shaking her head) I don't want to give up on him, Mom! (With a deep sigh) I just want to be able to tell him, "Good-bye."

JENNIFER: I know. Listen, why.... why don't we just say a prayer, okay?

Abigail nods and sighs. She closes her eyes and listens to her mother's prayer. Jennifer closes her eyes in meditation.

JENNIFER: Dear Lord, we just thank You for all the blessings You have given us. And I thank You that You watched over Abby tonight. And I pray, Lord, that You will heal her and You will help Chelsea through this very difficult time. And I also thank You that Chelsea's parents are home with You, now. (Becoming more emotional) But especially now we want to thank You for Jack. (Almost crying) He was the best father, and he was the best husband anyone could ever ask for.

At that moment Jack appears at the door way, carrying the cake. He stops and listens moved by what she is saying about him. The more she talks the more emotional he becomes. Jennifer is practically crying as she continues.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) And we just thank You for the time that we had with him. And we know, we know that he can see us now, and we just want him to know that we love him! And that we will always love him!

Jack continues to listen silently. He too is near tears hearing how much Jennifer loves him.

04Ep037I: Jack is overcome with emotion hearing Jennifer's prayer

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]