Episode Forty-one: The Homecoming Part V:
Jack, Preferring to Be Honest, Even If It Ruins
Any Chance of Happiness for Him, Tells Jennifer
About Sleeping with Madison, the Fake-Jennifer.

Background: Roman and Marlena finally discover the fact that John and Marlena are engaged. Things get complicated for the couples. Roman and Marlena do not make a decision about coming clean about sleeping together nor that they saw a video of John and Kate having sex. Back in the pit gas comes in and further incapacitates Bo. Bo thinks he is with Hope and starts to get amorous with Billie, despite calling Hope's name Billie uses the opportunity to have sex with Bo. Eventually Bo and Patrick pop by catching them. In the war zone the four arrive, and Sami goes to the bunker where Philip is being held but is taken. Tony not surprisingly is alive, he and Bart are on some yacht; Victor and Caroline have yet *again* been taken hostage by him. Tony continues to manipulate all the Salemities' lives.

[Air date May 11, 2005]

Scene One: At the hospital Abe is having his hand tended to, he burned it trying to cook; he has lost his sight from the head injury he received trying to escape the island. He now is also impotent, and has developed a surly disposition. Lexie comes into the examining room and sees him. She becomes upset that he tried to cook, for he could have caused a fire injuring himself and Theo. Abe tells her that he was monitoring the police radio and heard about Abigail's accident, he did not want to bother her to come watch over him. They eventually leave the examining room, as they walk into the hallway they continue to talk about Abigail.

ABE: Is Abby hurt badly?

LEXIE: Ah, she's gonna be all right.

ABE: Thank God!

LEXIE: The last thing Jennifer needs is another tragedy... (just then she sees something and stares, gasping) Ah, no! (Her mouth agape) No, it can't be!

ABE: (Annoyed) Whaat! What can't be!

LEXIE: Jennifer, she's kissing someone!

ABE: Well, she's entitled to move on--

LEXIE: (Gasping, becoming excited, jumps up and down) Abe, I could swear it's Jack!

ABE: Jack, that's impossible!

Lexie is trying see better.

LEXIE: Oh....

ABE: (Cont.) He died when we escaped from di Mera's island. That's not--

He is interrupted by Jack and Jennifer walking down the hallway. Jennifer is walking in front of Jack, and is giggling, ecstatic that her husband is alive. 04Ep041A: Jack surprises Abe & Lexie

JACK: No, no, no, no, no! Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated [allusion to a Mark Twain quote], Abe, just like yours!

Jack has his arm around Jennifer. She giggles at his remarks and looks back towards him. They are acting like to young, giddy lovers. Abe is in shock. Lexie, is overjoyed, and is giddy, placing her hands over her mouth.

ABE: Jack!

JACK: Lexie, Abe!

LEXIE: Oh, my God!

Jack and Jennifer are smiling, Jack has her arms around Jennifer, and Jennifer has her arm intertwined with Jack's.

JENNIFER: Lexie, now (pointing to herself) I now how (pointing to Lexie) how you (gesturing) felt when you found out that Abe was alive!

LEXIE: Well, yeah, but--

ABE: How?!

JACK: It's very easy, Abe....

Jack looks down at Jennifer filled without love. Jennifer has a silly smile on her face, overjoyed being in her husband's arms.

JACK: (Cont.) ....nobody can keep us away from the women that we love!

Jennifer turns to Jack.

JACK: (Cont., talking to Jennifer) Right.

They start to kiss again.

JACK: Hmmm....

Lexie watches them smiling. Abe is happy to for them, but is saddened he can see them. Jennifer giggles.

JACK: Mmmm.... Mmmm

Lexie then looks over towards Abe, who smiles at Jack and Jennifer but cannot see them. Lexie also realizes Abe's frustration over his impotency.

Scene Two: It is a short while later, Jack has obviously filled Abe and Lexie in on what happened. Jennifer and Jack are cuddling, and she is looking loving at him.

JACK: (Exhaling) Haa...., Abe, (looking at Jennifer) you, and Marlena and Roman and I....

Jack and Jennifer look at each other.

JACK: (Cont.) ....we've had an experience that very few people ever have (cupping his hand over Jennifer's cheek) coming back to families that thought we were dead. Coming back to people that we never thought we were going to see again. I mean, (caressing her, looking at her) I just can't take my eyes off you, Jennifer! (Sighing) Haa....

Jennifer continues to giggle.

ABE: The first time I saw Lexie, and Theo and Brandon....

Lexie looks at her husband.

ABE: (Cont.) ....I memorized their faces so I'd never forget them.

Jack is holding Jennifer from behind, he cups her face them lets go so he can gaze at her.

JACK: Mmmm, I know exactly what you mean.

Jack looks at Jennifer with profound love. She caresses his arms, and turns to look at him, to tell him about Abe's condition.

04Ep041B: Jack hears Abe is blindJENNIFER: No, Jack, it's not the same. Abe, uh, he lost his eye sight shortly after coming back home.

Jack's expression changes from smiles, to shock, to sadness.

JACK: What?! No!

LEXIE: Abe's was brought about by severe head trauma he sustained during escape from the island.

JACK: No! No, I mean, b-b-b-b-b-.... but there's a treatment, right, there's a treatment tha.... that you ca....

Abe says nothing. Lexie just shakes her head.

JACK: Can--

LEXIE: It's permanent.

Jack is heartbroken for his friend. Jack does not know what to say.

JACK: E... (frowns) Abe I'm, uh.... (swallows hard) I-I-I.... I'm sorry, um, I'm sorry!

ABE: Thank you!

JACK: I sa.... (really affected) W-w-wa.... is there anything I can do? Is there.... I mean, ah.... I mean.... you're o.... you're okay otherwise, right? You....

Abe tries to play it off as a joke, but Lexie knows how much it is affecting him.

ABE: Well, aside from being turned into a complete klutz.

Jennifer does a half-hearted laugh. Jack tries to do anything he can to comfort his friend.

JACK: Oh, well that! I-I... I can totally relate to that....

Jennifer looks over at him and chuckles. Jack's heart really is not into the joke.

JACK: (Cont.) ....I can tell you all about being a.... klutz--

ABE: The hard part is not being able to work. Being at home all day! Every day!

Jack and Jennifer just look at their friend, not knowing what to say or what to do to help him.

ABE: (Cont.) ....Trying to negotiate my way around the house.

LEXIE: (Patting his shoulder) Well, Honey, come on, you're not being fair to yourself! It takes time to adjust.

ABE: (Fake smile) Well, I tell you, I-I.... I'm just soo glad that you're alive, Jack, I....

Jennifer smiles, but Jack looks so saddened by his friend's condition.

ABE: (Cont.) ....you and all the others.... you know, i-i-i-i.... in fact when.... when Roman's ready to come back to work I intend to recommend him for my job. Bo hates being a commander, and he'll be thrilled to get out of the office and back into the field!

Jennifer laughs, Jack is unable to say anything, he is deeply affected by what happened to Abe. Abe smiles trying to pretend he is adjusting. Lexie plays along but she knows the truth.

LEXIE: Well, ah, Kate must be thrilled to have Roman back. She and John must be ecstatic that Roman, (gestures) Marlena, Cassie are--

JENNIFER: It's just terrible that Caroline....

JACK: ....Caroline....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....and Victor....

JACK: (Cont.) ....and Victor....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....didn't make it (looks at Jack).

JACK: Yeah!

LEXIE: Yeah.

Abe and Lexie are saddened that the news is not all happy and that their dear friend Caroline is believed to have died.

ABE: Well, I hope Tony di Mera rots in hell for what he's done to everybody!

Lexie looks over at Abe.

ABE: (Cont.) Are you sure that he is finally dead?

Jennifer looks towards Jack.

JACK: Abe, I'm as sure as I can be without (gesturing) having his body right here in front of us!

Abe does not look too convinced. He nods.

ABE: (Shaking head) Then there is a possibility he's still alive.

Jack is adamant. Jennifer shakes her head. Jennifer turns to look at her husband.

JACK: Abe, I shot him! (Tapping himself) I shot him! I saw the blood. He (motioning with his hand) he went through the floor in front of me when there was this explosion, and we got out just in time, anybody who was left in there there is no way they could have survived.

Lexie shakes her head.

LEXIE: I-I... I just can't believe what you all went through....

Jack is very emotion, he swallows hard. Jennifer, turns around, and lovingly caresses his face.

LEXIE: (Cont.) ....escaping that island only to be lost at sea and then (gesturing) recaptured and held prisoner by Tony in that castle for all these months!

Jennifer is resting up against Jack, he is holding her wrist.

JENNIFER: I know, Lexie, which is (gestures) why I-I really would love it if you would give (looking quickly towards Jack and then back towards Lexie) Jack just a complete physical!

JACK: Ah, what me! No!


JACK: No, no, no, no, no I-I.... I'm.... I'm healthy as a horse! Really--


LEXIE: No, no, no, no Jennifer's right, the human body has it's limits. Listen, I can fit you in after I finish my rounds. Okay, you can wait (nodding) for me in the exam room.

JENNIFER: That's great!

It looks like Jack is about to protest but realizes it is futile.

JACK: I....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Thank you, Lexie!

LEXIE: Ah, huh!

JACK: I.... (sighing) Haa.... (looking at Jennifer) well, ah, o-okay. A.... and, Abe, (not knowing what to say to Abe) we'll.... w.... let's.... w-w.... we'll get (gesturing) together.... (throws down his hand in frustration) we'll get together later, all right?

Jack touches Abe's shoulder. Jennifer goes into the examining room.

ABE: Yeah!

JACK: We'll get together later, just.... (pats his shoulder again)....

ABE: Sure.

Jack takes Lexie's arm.

JACK: Lexie!

Jack does not know what to say. Lexie pats him, knowing Jack cares. Jack walks into the examining room.

Lexie tries to guide Abe so he will not run into anything, which further frustrates him. Abe says that Jack is okay at least he will not have some problem which would could jeopardize his marriage.

Meanwhile, inside the examination room, Jack has his arms around Jennifer and is passionately kissing her, and she is kissing him back and giggling.


Jack continues to be amorous kissing her face. Jennifer tries to stop.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) .... No, no.... wa.... wait, wait....

Jack continues kissing her, and moves down to her neck. Jennifer tries to stop him but is giggling too, enjoying it.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Jack, wait....

JACK: (Letting frustrated sigh) Haaa....

Jennifer finally gets him to stop.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) .....Lexie's going to walk in here (Jennifer is smiling)!

JACK: (Gesturing) She's not coming back until after all of her rounds, please....

Jack goes back to kissing her, lips, face and neck, moaning.

JACK: Mmm.

JENNIFER: Okay, but what if someo.... someone else could..... someone else could come.

Jack stops.

JACK: I tell you what we're going to do....

Jennifer puts her hand to her face, not believing how amorous Jack is.

JACK: (Cont.) ....we got to get out of here right now.... jus.... just for a little while! W-we're going home. Just for a little bit....

Jack starts to walk off. Jennifer tries to stop him.

JENNIFER: No, Jack....

JACK: (Cont.) Please!

JENNIFER: Jack we can't!

Jack is frustrated, and is panting.

JACK: Ha... ha.... Listen, after what I just saw with Abe (putting his hand to her cheek, and shaking his head) we can do what we want. I.... I gotta (kisses her again) I got you! (Putting his hands on her shoulders) And I can see you and hold you. And when you're this close to me I've got to have you!

Jennifer laughs.

JACK: (Cont., hugging her) I want to be alone with you! Ahh....

JENNIFER: Jack, okay, listen....

Jack hugs her again.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Ah.... Wait, I have an idea.

Jack is busy kissing her neck.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) I have a great idea, when we bring Abby home....

JACK: Mmm, hmm....

JENNIER: (Cont.) ....we'll just spend alot of time with Abby and Jack, Jr. and then....

JACK: (Moaning) Mmmm.... mmmm.... mm....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....and you know, (touching his shoulder) why don't we.... why don't we go to the Horton cabin for a few days?

04Ep041C: Jack recasts to Jennifer mentioning the cabin

Jennifer smiles. Jack suddenly stops.

JACK: The cabin?

JENNIFER: Yeeahh! The Horton cabin, just me and you. We haven't been there is such a long time, Jack.

04Ep041D: Jack remembers Madison/fauxJennifer

Jack cannot say anything. He looks sicken and sadden. He thinks back to his escape when Madison, disguised as Jennifer, brought him there.

[Slightly different] Jack is with Madison/Jennifer on the couch at the Horton Cabin.

MADISON/JENNIFER: Don't you know, that you're the only man that I will ever love! I want you to make love to me, Jack!

They be begin to kiss, about to make love.

Jack's thoughts return to the present. Jack looks terrible, he is overcome with guilt, and sadness for breaking his marriage. vows. He is about to say something, swallows, and looks away, trying to find a way to apparently tell Jennifer what happened.

04Ep041E: Jack is about to tell Jennifer about FauxsexJACK: I.... (exhales) Ha.... ha.... (taking her hand) I got to tell you something, Jennifer, right now, I got to tell you something an... an.... and it's not good!

Jack's heart is breaking he hates to hurt her, and fears the consequences. Jennifer stares at him, worried, not knowing what is wrong.

JENNIFER: What? What are you talking about?

JACK: I want you to sit down!

JENNIFER: Ah, you're scaring me, Jack.

JACK: Please, please, jus.... jus.... just sit down. Just for me, please! Please, sit down, just for a minute.

Jack eases her down onto the examination bed.


Jack is almost in tears, he wipes his face.

JACK: Ahh, I got....

JENNIFER: Okay, lo.... I'm sitting, what is it?!

Jack does not know how to tell her. Jack thinks, then turns to her.

04Ep041F: Jack tells Jennifer he betrayed his marriage vows

JACK: Jennifer, I betrayed our marriage vows!

Jennifer is confused, she looks at him, frowning, not understanding what he means.

Scene Three: Jack is emotionally distraught, he sighs; not knowing what to do. He has his fist to his mouth.

JACK: Ha....

JENNIFER: (Worried) Which ah.... whi.... which marriage vow did you betray, Jack?

Jack tries to say something, but does not know how to say it or what to say. He throws down his hand in frustration. Finally he beings to speak, gesturing.

JACK: I promised that when it came to you I would be (shaking his head in frustration) up front and truthful no matter what!

JENNIFER: Yeah, you did.

Jack seems at the point of tears.

JACK: Ahh... I (gesturing) I told you (clapping his hands together) that I escaped from the Castle once before.

JENNIFER: (Nodding) Ye.... Yes, y-you did laundry on the freight, you--

Jennifer is saying more but Jack interrupts her, trying to get the news out as quickly as possible.

JACK: (Gesturing for emphasis) Yes, yes, and when I got home, when I got home, there was a woman that Tony had planted there. A woman....

Jack does not know how to continue, in frustration he slaps his hands together into a fist.

JACK: (Cont.) ....a woman who impersonated (pointing to Jennifer) you! A woman who was (pointed) determined to recapture (pointing to himself) me and (pointing behind himself) take me back to Tony!

JENNIFER: Yeah, I know Jack. I've heard all this you told me--

JACK: Jennifer, (gesturing) she was and was not you! (Emotionally) Her hair! (putting his hands to his face) her face! This....

Jack is choked up, it is killing him to tell her knowing it will hurt her, but also know that he loving her he cannot keep such an important secret from her. Jack demonstrates, trying to get her to understand how he could have made such a mistake. Jennifer sits, confused, worried.

JACK: (Cont.) She had this mask, that looked, and felt like you! (Almost breaking down) And I was....

Jennifer is trying to understand. Jack is determined to come clean, but it is killing him to have to hurt her with the truth. It is breaking his heart that he even unknowingly and unwillingly betrayed their vows.

JACK: (Cont.) ....I was exhausted, a.... and exhilarated, a.... and (motioning) enchanted to be back with you -- or the woman that I (angrily) thought was you!

JENNIFER: Jack, what are you saying?

JACK: (Trying to explain) I'm saying (gasps)....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) .... I don't understand--

04Ep041G: Jack is upset over the mistakeJACK: (Cont.) She....


JACK: She.... suggested that we.... we go to the cabin. She suggested this, and I.... I know now that sh.... she didn't want me to see you or anybody else.

Jennifer frowns. Jack's voice cracks, filled with pain and sadness

JACK: (Cont.) But I went! I weenntt! I.... Oh, she was soo convincing! I.... I dreamed of being with you soo many times for so long! And I.... (choked up, swallows hard) I slept with her, Jennifer!

04Ep041H: Jack tells Jennifer he slept with her

Jack is crying. Jennifer sadly looks at him, not able to fully comprehend what he said.

04Ep041I: Jack is ashamed and broken-hearted

Scene Four: Jack has just told Jennifer he slept with the faux-Jennifer. It tearing his heart out to do so. Neither is saying anything. Jennifer sits on the examining bed in shock. Jack walks around in a daze. Jennifer finally speaks.

04Ep041J: Jennifer asks,

JENNIFER: You slept with her, Jack?

Jack turns to her.

JACK: I dreamed.... (sighing) ha.... of being with you for months and months and months and months --

Jennifer gets up and walks towards him as she talks. Jack's head is lowered in shame, guilt and sadness

JENNIFER: Jack, couldn't you tell that was wearing a.... a rubber mask! And--

JACK: No... (putting his hands to his head, trying to explain) it was.... it was.... it--

JENNIFER: (Cont., hurt and angry) and what about her body it was not like....

JACK: (Cont.) ....it was.... (sighing) ha....

JENNIFER: (Cont.) ....she was a twin or a clone!

Jack is panting, he has his hands to his mouth, desperate, not knowing what to say to Jennifer. Fearing that she will never forgive him.

JACK: Ha....

JENNIFER: (Cont., upset) ....There had to be some difference! The--

JACK: (Desperate) The di Meras have done this kind of thing wi.... with Hope and Princess Gina. Hell, the.... they did it with Marlena be-be.... believing that John wa.... was Roman Brady, FOR (throwing down his hand in frustration) YEARS! (Starts walking around angrily) THE.... THEY DID IT WITH....

04Ep041K: Jack is near tearsJack's back is to her. He is panting, practically crying. Jennifer says nothing, just looks down sadly. Jack, as he talks, walks over behind her.

JACK: Ha... ha... (putting his hand to bridge between his eyes, mumbling to himself) oh, my gosh, what am I.... (turning) what am I saying.... (throwing out his arms in frustration) I'm hurting.... (rubbing his hands together) I'm hurting you all over again! (His voice in pain) I can see it I'm hurting you now--

JENNIFER: (Turning to him) Jack, (sad) I can't believe tha.... that you made love to her.

Jack has to wipe his nose, because he is on the verge of crying. He sniffs.

JACK: But I did! (Choking back tears) I did! (Jack swallows to stop from crying) and (walking up to her) I'm sorry! (Pleading) And I... and I'm hoping you'll forgive me.


04Ep041L: Jack says he is sorry


Jennifer looks at him, her expression hard to interpret.

Scene Five: Jennifer looks sad and hurt, as she walks away. Jack is crushed, believing that she will never for give him and that his life with her is over.

JACK: You can't forgive me, can you?

JENNIER: (Turning towards him) You know, Jack, it's not a question of forgiveness! I know that you were (gesturing) a victim of Tony di Mera.

JACK: (Letting out a deep exhale) Haaa....

Jack listens, fearing the worst.

04Ep041M: Jennifer tells him wives don't want to hear of infidelities

JENNIFER: (Cont.) No one, wants to hear that their husband slept with someone else, no matter what the circumstances are, Jack!

JACK: I know. I know. I know!

JENNIFER: I'm just, (running her hand over her hair) having a hard time with a....

JACK: Haa....

JENNIFER: (Cont., hurt) ....I mean, how.... how could you not.... know the difference?!

04Ep041N: Jennifer wonders how  he couldn't tell the difference

Jack looks at her, hurt, not knowing how to explain.

JENNIFER: (Cont.) I mean, even with our clothes off, and when you (not able to complete the thought about the sex part).... How could it have been the same, Jack?!

Jack looks hurt, and ashamed. He frowns, his heart aching.

JACK: It wasn't! But it had been so long, so very long! Haa.... I dreamed of being with you! Haa.... Ha.... Not the woman who looked like you!

Jennifer looks at him.

JACK: (Cont.) But I.... I didn't.... haa.... I didn't question it. I didn't!

Jennifer turns away from him, hurt. Jack looks, hurt, crushed, believing their relationship is over. Jennifer, sadly puts her hand to her mouth.

JACK: (Exhaling) Haa.... I let it happen. (Nervously fiddles with his wrist) Haa.... Hell, I was a part of making it happen, but I'm not I not going to lie now, and say it didn't happen! (Sighing) Ha....

Jack tentatively walks up to her. Jennifer looks over her shoulder towards him. Jack feels horrible for causing her so much pain, hoping she will forgive him, but fearing the worst.

JACK: I've hurt you. I know I've hurt you! I am sorry! I'm.... (looking down, sighing) Haa.... I just.... Please don't....

Jennifer is looking at him, tears in her eyes. Though it is hard to say if she can forgive him.

JACK: (Cont) ....don't let this come between us! Please!

Jennifer remains silent, she looks down, then back at Jack.

JACK: (Cont.) 'Case if you do, then.... (shallowing to choke back his emotions) then Tony wins! Don't let that happen! Don't let Tony take away our happiness!

04Ep041O: Jack tells her not to let Tony win

Jennifer's lip quivers.

JENNIER: It's too late Jack!

Jack blinks a couple times, hearing what he feared the worst.

04Ep041P: Jack is crushed to hear her say it is

Scene Six: Jack looks at Jennifer, believing her remarks mean that there is no hope for their marriage.

JACK: What do you mean it's "too late"?

04Ep041Q: Jeninfer tells him it hurts to hear this

JENNIFER: Ah, Jack, Tony (looking into his eyes) he already stole so much from us 04Ep041R: Jack hangs his head, brokenheartedby keeping you from your family and letting us think that you were dead. And we can never get that back! Never!
Jack looks a her sadly, know what she says is true.

JACK: No. No we can't.

JENNIFER: And just knowing tha.... that he manipulated you into sleeping with another woman, Jack, that hurts, that hurts terribly!

JACK: (Sighing) Haa....

Jack hangs his head, and tightly closes his eyes, to fight back his tears; he nods.

JENNIFER: You know what, it wasn't your fault!

Jack slowly looks up at her, as if he is not daring to believe what he heard.

04Ep041S: Jennifer says it wasn't his fault

JENNIFER: (Cont.) It wasn't! You (motioning) you risked your life to come home to me, and Abby, and Jack, Jr.! And the only one to blame for any of this is Tony di Mera!

JACK: (Looking into her eyes, filled with emotion, and love) Ha..., I missed you and our family soo much!

JENNFIER: (Looking into his eyes) I know that! And I love you! I love you soo much for not giving up on us and for fighting so hard to come back home with us.

04Ep041T: Jack is moved by Jeninfer's words

Jack is moved by Jennifer's words, but is still worried that she however does not forgive him. 04Ep041U: Jack dares to hope

JACK: So, ah, (Jack, swallows, and looks down, then gets the courage to ask her if she forgives him).... wha....(looking up, but not directly into her eyes) what does.... (looking down again) wha.... are you saying.... (finally looking at her) does it mean?--

JENNIFER: (Looking at him) What?

JACK: (Sighing, worried) Ha....

JENNIFER: (Cont.)That I forgive you? (Flashing a big smile) Yeeaah!

JACK: Ha...

JENNIFER: Gosh, of course I forgive you, Jack!

Jennifer throws her arums around him and kisses him passionately. Jack is overjoyed and responds.

JACK: Oohh!

JENNIFER: (Cont.) Of course I do!


They continue to kiss each other, and hold each other tightly, making up for all the pain, suffering and lost months.

04Ep041V: Jack and Jennifer kiss

[Transcribed by Sally A. Wilson.]