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Sunday, September 2nd, 2007,  the production I was fabulous, the cast and minor roles were all wonderful and of course Matthew was "da bomb" as the surprising shy, quiet, homesick Jefferson -- a recent bride groom, hundreds of miles from his new wife, in hot Philadelphia city. Matt played Jefferson both serious, and with humor, and his voice was top notch; though too bad that the Jefferson role did not have more singing.
The Sacramento Bee's critic had given the show Four out of Four stars -- not all productions this season garnered such praise. The cast and Matthew were all praised for their talents portraying our Founding Fathers, and showing sides to them which was not presented in the history books. A reporter for another area paper, also gushed about the production, and had this to say in particularly about Matt, "Ashford, a handsome, strapping man widely known for his Jack Deveraux role on NBC's  Days of Our Lives, infuses his Jefferson with stately aplomb and vulnerability, especially in the scenes leading up to the visit from his wife, Martha, played by Bets Malone." (Richard Bammer/Features Writer; The Reporter, Vacaville, CA).
The theater is in the round, and the Music Circus has been in existence for over 50 years, bringing popular, current and obscure productions to Sacramento, during the summer months, what is very often for Sacramento very, very hot summer in the heart of the Sacramento Valley. Originally, and up to a couple of years ago, the Music Circus was just that, theater under a circus tent. Today, it is a state of the arts theater, which keeps the appearance of a circus tent  via its structure. Unlike the past, outside noise and the often scorching Sacramento heat is kept out, to the gratefulness of the audience and the actors.
After the play, I waited around in hopes of getting a glimpse of Matt. And was rewarded for my efforts. It is of no shock to anyone who has met Matt in the past that he was friendly, gracious and willing to talk, and that he remembered me. Also, as obvious Matt looked great. As my cousin Gabrielle said, he looks great, and so young, and that she saw what I meant about him being such a great guy, friendly and so willing to talk to fans. She left as so many others who have met him a bigger fan, and singing his praises for not only is acting and singing talents, but his looks and his graciousness and friendliness; and though she has not watched the show in sometime, hoping that TPTB at Days of Our Lives brings him back and gives him the stories that he so deserves.
Anyway, I fear I bothered Matt and talked to him longer than I should, though it was past 10:30, it was still warm, and Matt had to have been exhausted after being on stage for over two hours under the hot lights. However, he was gracious as ever, and was more than willing to answer the few questions I asked, and he was as always, not just passionate about his answers but articulate, introspective and intelligent in his responses.
Of course, too immediately and too spastically, I asked if he was returning to the show. He looked at me perplexed, and wondered what I was talking about. I mentioned his interview. He still was confused. I told him about the interview in The Sacramento Bee. He still seemed a little confused. I told him how the reporter had quoted him as saying, "That Jack was in London but will return." He then said there are no immediate plans for a return. Though it was obvious that it is not his doing. Though it is always possible and that, from what I gather from what he said, he still seems to be technically on a recurring status. So, it seems that anything is possible.
He did seem to imply that he does not think that The Powers That Be at DAYS seem to know or maybe want to write for Jack's complexities. He seemed to imply that he would prefer that that is what he would like for Jack were he to return. Matt continues to care very deeply for the show, and of course his Jack Deveraux character.
He did say that he was busy with movie projects. He mentioned that one of the projects, it seems he means The Unlikely's, might be popping up at the Sundance Film Festival (which takes place early in the new year). He seemed very upbeat and positive about his various movie projects eventually coming out for public viewing. He also mentioned that the movie now has its own webpage,
We then briefly spoke about the current state of the show. He voiced his fears and saddness at the prospect of DAYS cancellation. I told him that NBC has made some remarks about such a thing occurring. He was not too happy for he fears and believes that network executives want to have cheaper reality shows to fill the show's place. He pointed out that soaps were the original reality shows, with their stories about relationships. I pointed out that many social issues were also first put forth on soaps. However, he worries that there will be relationship realty shows to take the place of soaps which have been about relationships. He really hopes that Ken Corday saves the show from extinction.
Next I asked him how he enjoyed our weather. He said that at first it was not bad, though as time went on, it did effect him. The heat caused him to lose his appetite, and to try and keep hydrated. I asked him had he ever performed in the Music Circus when there was the old tent when the heat really was an issue. He said he had not but had heard stories about how it was.
The three of us spoke about the Music Circus. He really gushed about it, and said it is great theater. He told us that Sacramento should be proud of its region theater. I believe he said that many such venues in the LA area have closed up. He said it was great that Sacramentans support it and that it will continue, and has been a success for so long. Again, he thinks highly of the Music Circus and really thinks it is great musical theater, one of the best. I hope that means that we Sacramentans will get more chances to see Matt in town in the future.
He said Emma was doing fine.
After agreeing to a few photos we said our farewells, and as Gabrielle and I waited for our ride we watched him as he graciously spoke at the light to other lingering fans, and then walk alone done the lonely street.
A perfect end to a perfect evening, but of course no surprises since it is a given that Matt is not only talented, a great singer, but also one of the most sincerely personable celebrities around, one who is passionate about his craft and introspective about it as well.
Notice: The photos of Matt are my personal photos.

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