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Jessica Buchanan
Antonio Vega
(Gretel) Rae Cummings Hillary B. Smith Nora Buchanan
Troy MacIver
Marcie Walsh
Bo Buchanan Michael Easton John McBain
Natalie Buchanan Vega Lisa Banes Eve McBain
Nathaniel Marston Dr. Michael McBain (Al Holden)

scene description
Prof. Haver wows his students with a story. [50 sec; 1.2 Meg]
Haver gives his opinion about the Music Box Killer. [30 sec; 580k]
New Year's Eve 2003, Haver & Rae Cummings; Haver offers to defend her honor. [25 sec; 680k]
Haver calms Troy MacIver, is he controling Troy or is he just genuinely trying to calm him. [25 sec; 720k]
Haver and Nora go out; he charms her as they talk about normal people being serial killers. [1 min; 1.1 Meg]
Haver is followed by his admiring students, including Jessica Buchanan and Marcie Walsh. [50 sec; 1.1 Meg]
Haver gets overly intense as he describes the killer's intelligence, with Jessica Buchanan. [1 min; 930k]
Haver consoles Jessica Buchanan after another victim is discovered. [20 sec; 840k]
Haver tells Jessica how wonder his mother is. [1:10 min; 2.7 Meg]
Haver asks Jessica to be his research assistant. [30 sec; 1.2 Meg]
Rae wonders why Haver lied to Jessica about his mother. [55 sec; 2 Meg]
Troy attempted suicide, Haver talks to him about his psycho brother Colin -- is he trying to help or is he pushing him over the edge. [30 sec; 1 Meg]
  Haver talks about his book, The Thing He Loved; he took its title from Oscar Wilde's poem, "The Ballad of ing Gaol." [45 sec; 1.7 Meg]
Rae searches Haver's office; he catches her and then gives a questionable explanation for what she finds. [1:50 min; 3.9 Meg]
Rae questions Haver about his past, Haver seems to get unhinged as he talks about his mother. [2 min; 4.9 Meg]
Rae has been kidnapped by the killer, he eventually shows himself: It is Prof. Stephen Haver. [50 sec ;1.8 Meg]
Haver he has a proposition for Rae. [1 min; 2.3 Meg]
Haver wants Rae to help him choose his next victim. [40; 1.4 Meg]
Rae tries to get at Stephen who continues to torment her. [2:30 min; 7.6 Meg]
Haver has Rae role play as his mother, great scenes with Matt and Linda. [3.2 min; 2.7 Meg]
Haver visits Jessica, and manipulates her into believing him over John. [1 min; 950K]
Haver hypnotizes Jessica to use her for his plans. [2 min; 1.3 Meg]
Haver calls John McBain to taunt him, and he quote's Edgar Allen Poe's "Leonore." [50 sec; 510K]
Haver spies on Natalie and Jessica, quotes Wilde, and asks himself, "Is it good to be god?" [10 sec; 75K]
  Haver taunts John again, and quotes Poe's "The Raven," but with his own words. [1.4 min; 1.2 Meg]
Haver has kidnapped John's mother, he freaks her out. [45 sec; 1.8 Meg]
Haver sets up Natalie and captures her to get at John. [15 sec; 530K]
Haver gets John to find and capture him, he wants to mirror John's fiancée's death. [ 45 sec; 1.6 Meg]
Haver gets a surprise when Rae arrives. [2:45 min; 6.2 Meg]
Rae and John play with Haver's mind, getting him to breakdown. [2 min; 4.6 Meg]
In prison Haver calls Jessica to say goodbye. [1:20 min; 3 Meg]
The day of Haver's arraignment, he is shoot going into the courtroom. [1 min; 2.4 Meg]
Dying on the operating table, Haver identifies John McBain as his murder. [25 sec; 1 Meg]