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  Dr. Simone Hardy   Tommy Hardy, Jr.
  Justus Ward
  Audrey Hardy   Dr. Steve Hardy
  Lucy Coe
  Dr. Kevin Collins
  Luke Spencer
  Felicia Jones
  Mac Scorpio
  Damian Smith
  Jason Quatermaine
  Ned Ashton   Sonny Corinthos    

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Tom returns from Africa say he wants a divorce and plans on returning; a few months later he mysteriously returns and wants to get back with his wife, Simone, and son Tommy, but she has moved on, and he wants his job back. He is a different Tom than bfore and is schemes to get his life back. He has alternations with Simone, her fiancé Justus Ward, and his father, and he uses his son Tommy to get his family back, even worming his way into the Brownstone to be near them. He acts strangely, and hints about something profound and frightening which occurred in Africa. Meanwhile he develops a friendship with Felicia Jones, and spends more and more time with her. Tom sets up a scene at Mary Mae's concert in Philly to get Justus to look bad.

Tom has a major break down the night after Stone Cates' funeral, he flashes back to what happened in Africa; Felicia sees him through his severe panic attack, and Tom tells her what happened and how it affected him, causing him to act as he has. Due to his experience and subsequent attack, Tom goes to Kevin for therapy. Tommy, worried about Tom starts causes problems for Justus; Tom seems to have moved on and is now fine with Simone and Justus marrying. Christmas 1995.Tom and Felicia grow closer. Tommy goes missing scaring the inhabitants of the Brownstone.