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index 1: tom returns then leaves, he returns mysteriously and
wants his old life back, but his wife has moved on

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  Dr. Tom Hardy returns to his wife Simone and son Tommy, Jr. after years in Africa doing humanitarian work. [30 sec; 1.1 Meg] read
  Tommy is uncertain of his father; Tom does not like seeing another man so close to his family. [1:15 min; 2.7 Meg] read
  Tom gets excited talking about Africa, he drops a bomb on Simone, he wants to return and for them to come too. [1 min; 2.1 Meg] read
  Tom surprises his mother Audrey and his step-father Steve Hardy. [30 sec; 1.2 Meg] read
  Tom tells them how more fulfilling what he was doing was than psychiatry, then that he wants to return. [1 min; 2.4 Meg] read
  Steve is cool with Tom after the news that he does not want to practice at the hospital. [40 sec; 1.5 Meg] read
  Tom explains to Tommy why he is leaving and why his mother and his mother is not coming. [1:15; 2.7 Meg]
 Their conversation continues; Simone tells Tom that Tommy is like him, he keeps his emotions in check. [1:10; 2.5 Meg]
  Tom and Steve talk, Tom realizes Steve is not happy that he has given up on his marriage. [50 sec; 2 Meg]
  Tom and Steve talk continue their talk, Tom tells him that his marriage is beyond repair. [1 min; 2.3 Meg] read
  Tom says goodbye to Tommy. [2:10 min; 4.9 Meg]
  Tom and Simone talk, despite the outcome, she tells him their marriage was worth it. Tom walks out the door. [1:20 min; 2.7 Meg]
  Justus and Simone, having become a couple, are shocked to find Tom on the couch; "I'm back." [40 sec; 1.6 Meg] read
  Tom tells Simone he returned because he wants her and his son back. [2:45 min; 6.1 Meg] read
  Tom tells Simone what happened in Rwanda which changed his mind about and caused him to return. [2:50 min; 6 Meg] read
  Tom meets Justus and tells him he will get Simone back -- he always did afer her other affairs. [1:25 min; 1.2 Meg] read
  Tom and Justus' conversation continues; Tom continues to be tough and insist that he will get Simone back. [35 sec; 6.1 Meg] read
  Tom chats with Lucy Coe and Dr. Kevin Coes, making her nervous; and plays with Kevin as well. [2:10 min; 4.6 Meg] read
  Tom then verbally spars with Luke Spencer. [35 sec; 1.2 Meg] read
  Tom is hurt and bitter when he learns his father voted for Kevin over him for head of Psychiatry. [2:10 min; 4.6 Meg] read
  Tom tells Simone more about Africa, and his role in the horrors which occurred, part I. [45 sec; 1.5 Meg] read
  Tom tells Simone more about Africa, and his role in the horrors which occurred, part II. [50 sec; 1.8 Meg] read
  Tom tells Simone more about Africa, and his role in the horrors which occurred, part III. [2:10 min; 4.8 Meg] read
  Tom tells Simone more about Africa, and his role in the horrors which occurred, part IIV. [2:40 min; 5.6 Meg] read
  Tom visits Kevin asking for a job; subtley he makes it clear he knows the hospital, and it was his job first. [1:20 min; 2.9 Meg] read
  Tom tells Steve if he agrees Kevin will hire him; Steve thinks Tom is not reliable; hurting and angering Tom. [1:15 min; 2.8 Meg] read
  Tom tells his mother he thinks his father does not want him home; Audrey tells him not to worry all will work out. [45 sec; 1.6 Meg] read
  Tom visits Felicia Jones while trying to be allowed to move into the Brownstone, he flirts a little with her. [1:55; 4.2 Meg] read
  Tom shows Tommy some of his stuff from his childhood, the two begin to bond. [2:20; 5 Meg] read
  Tom has bought Tommy a pet snake, Mortimer-You-Can-Call-Me-Mort, just like he had when he was a kid. [1:35; 3.3 Meg] read
  Tommy spends the night with Tom, and he wants a story about Africa, Tom gets emotional, Tommy notices. [2:35; 5.7 Meg] read
  Tom and Felicia talk about bad things happening to good people, and loving people who do not reciprocate. [2 min; 4.6 Meg] read
  Justus visits Tom with the divorce papers, he vows to get tough if Tom refuses; Tom is flippant and defiante. [1:30; 3.2 Meg] read
  Tom imitates W. C. Fields, as he talks to Felicia about the Brownstone lemonade stand. [5 sec; 270K] read
  Part I: Justus calls another meeting, he tells Tom he know his type, spoiled, who is using his son to get Simone. [1:10; 2.7 Meg] read
  Part II: Justus gets nasty, making serious accusations of Tom in the camps, and hinting Tom's a racist. [1 min; 2.2 Meg] read
  Part III: After Justus leaves, Tom tries control his emotions, and apologizes to Mac and Felicia. [1 min; 2.3 Meg] read
  Part IV: Tom tries to explain his reasons for act as he does to Felicia; he sounds seriously, emotionally troubled. [1:10 min; 2.9 Meg] read
  Part I: The next day, Tom returns, he tells Felicia how he spent the night and that he has made a decision. [2 min; 4.6 Meg] read
  Part II: He continues that he decided to give up the fight, and into all the demands, to save Tommy getting hurt. [2:15 min; 5 Meg] read
  He has called Simone and just, and when they arrive he tells them he gives up, the win to all their demands. [1:25 min; 3.2 Meg] read
 Tom and Felicia talk about relationships. [1:15 min; 2.7 Meg] read
  Tom helps Felicia dry up. [2 min; 4.4 Meg] read
  Tom and Simone sign the divorce papers, and get emotional. [2:45 min; 6.1 Meg] read
  Tom visits Felicia, after signing the divorce papers and having dinner with his parents. [1:35 min; 3.5 Meg] read
  Part I: Tom and Felicia's second date, the concert in the park; they gaze up at the stars. [40 sec; 1.5 Meg] read
  Part II: Tom and Felicia's second date, they get into the music and Tom jokes with her. [1:30 min; 3.3 Meg] read
  At The Outback, after Felicia falls into his arms, Tom helps Felicia create the drink, Aussie Sunrise. [2 min; 4.3 Meg] read
  Halloween, Tom is the Guardian Pmpkin, and Felicia is the Little Mermaid. [20 sec;670K]
 Tom kisses Simone to anger Justus, who slugs him; Tom them tries to elict sympathy and turn folks against Justus. [1 min; 2.2 Meg]
 Tom tries to get Steve and Jason Quartermaine sympathize with him. [1:20 min; 3.1 Meg]
  Ned Ashton tells Steve and Jason the real reason Justus slugged Tom. [2:20 min; 5.3 Meg]
  Sonny Corinthos tells Tom to leave, or else! [30 sec;1 Meg]
  Tom and Steve argue over Dorman, Tom goes off about Dorman never doing what he (Tom) did in Africa! [1:15 min; 3 Meg] read
  Tom spins what happened in Philly when he tells Felicia, Lucy overhears and, exasperated, calls him on it. [59 sec; 2.4 Meg] read
  Tom tells Felicia of all the people he is glad that she in particular is on his side and believes him. [25 sec; 920K] read