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index ii: tom returns a second time, changed, he wants to get
his wife and family back; later he has an emotional breakd down
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scene description
  Tom has a major break down and flashes back to something horrible which occurred in Africa. [1:20 min; 2.5 Meg] read
  Tom is having a major panic attack, Felicia is there for him; sobbing he lets out what really happened in Africa. [2:30 min; 5.7 Meg] read
  [Cont.] Felicia is there for Tom during his attack, when he is a little better he confides in her. [2:30 min; 5.6 Meg] read
  The next morning Tommy is worried about his father, Tom tries to reassure him he is fine. [1:10 min; 2.5 Meg] read
  That morning Felicia drops by to check on Tom; he talks more about Africa and his struggle with PTSD. [2:40 min; 6 Meg] read
  Simone drops by to check on Tom, he tells what happened, and why he has acted as he has towards her. [1:50 min; 4.2 Meg] read
  Tom goes to see Dr. Kevin Collins for help with what happened in Africa. [2 min; 4.5 Meg]. read
  Scene above continued, Tom admits to Kevin that he lost his humanity in Africa. [4:10 min; 9.5 Meg] read
  Christmas 1995: With Steve sick, Tom narrates the Nativity Story for the hospital party. [1 min; 2.5 Meg] read
  Christmas 1995: Tom and Tom chat about Tom's telling of the Nativity Story. [32 sec; 1 Meg] read
  Tom and Felicia pretend they are in Lanai, Hawai'i. [2:10 min; 5 Meg] read
  Tom has a special gift to cheer up Felicia. [1:25 min; 3 Meg] read
  Felicia has a black-and-white fantasy about Tom. [30 sec; 1 Meg] read
  Tom reacts to seeing that Tommy is safe and sound after he had been missing. [15 sec; 500K] read