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index 01: matt's first scenes as jack to jack buying the spectator
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001 Matt's first scene as Jack; Jack, on his honeymoon, is on the phone with Steve. [2:15 min.; 5.1,Meg] read
002 On their honeymoon, Jack tries to get amorous with an unresponsive Kayla. [1:30 min; 2.3] read
003 Kayla becomes sick again, Jack tells her he will let her go, if it will cure her. [1:00 min; 812K] read
004 Jack, feeling a close his to Jo, talks with her about Kayla. [1:00 min; 890K] read
005 Jack & a drunk Steve, acting more like brothers than rivals, spend some time together. [1:24 min; 1.1 Meg] read
006 Canby, an unscrupulous reporter, shows Jack photos of Steve and Kayla. [1:35; 1.9 Meg] read
007 After Jack has found out about their affair, Jack tries to act normal with Steve and Kayla. [2:15 min; 5.1 Meg ] read
008 Back at the Loft, Jack has snapped, he confronts Kala, and then turns violent, raping her. [4:50 min; 10.7 Meg] read
009 After raping Kayla, Jack tries to make excuses for what he did. [4:40 min; 10.2 Meg] read
010 Jack needs a kidney transplant, but refuses Steve when he offers to donate his. [1:10 min; 2.7 Meg] read
011 After the transplant, Steve slips into a coma, Jack visits him. [55 sec; 2. Meg] read
Jack and Jo share a special moment; Jack tells her how comfortable he is with her. [2:40 min; 3.3 Meg] read
Jack reacts to finding the adoption papers proving he is actually Billy Johson. [2:20 min; 5.4 Meg] read
Jack confronts Harper about the truth; Harper tries to deny it. [4:20 min; 9.8 Meg] read
Jack goes to Jo's to confront her, Steve and Kayla are there, Jo gives him proof. [ 4:40 min; 10.3 Meg] read
Steve finds Jack on the pier, Jack wants nothing to do with him. [ 3 min; 7 Meg] read
Adrienne and Jack talk about the irony of him being Billy. [1:25 min; 3.2 Meg] read
Jack tells Melissa that no one loved him enough to tell him the truth. [2 min; 4.5 Meg] read
019 Steve tells Jack he is not giving up on him, Jack says he will never accept Steve. [4 min; 9.2 Meg] read
020 After Harper is arrested for the Riverfront Knifing killings, Jack reacts. [1:20 min; 2.9 Meg] read
021A Jack confronts Harper after he hears him confess to being the Riverfront Knifer. [2 min; 4.7 Meg] read
021B Steve and the Jo try to console Jack about Harper, but Jack does not want anything to do with them. [5:50 min; 6.3 Meg] read
022 Before Steve and Kayla's wedding, Jack confronts Kayla. [3:15 min; 7.3 Meg] read
023 During Steve and Kayla's wedding, Jack runs down his twisted, dysfunctional history. [1:50 sec; 4 Meg] read
024 Snarky Jack insults the Johnson family. [1:50 mins; 4.2 Meg] read
025 Jack uses Jo to win the election, but he seems to have mixed feelings about her. [35 secs; 1.3 Meg] read
026 Jack tells Angelica he wants nothing to do with the Johnsons, but is he being honest. [35 secs; 1.3 Meg] read
027 Angelica tries to convince Jack to use Melissa for his political career. [1.2 min; 2.4 Meg] read
028 Despite his engagement Jack passionately kisses Victor's sexy houseguest, Kristina. [1 min; 980K] read
029 At the wedding Jack uses Jo for show with the press. [1 min; 1.3 Meg] read
030A Jack and Melissa's Wedding, Part I. [3 min; 6.9 Meg] read
030B Jack and Melissa's Wedding, Part II: Melissa dumps Jack at the altar. [2:55 min; 6.5 Meg] read
031A A hurt Jack is consoled by Neil and Anjelica after being dumped. [1:30 min; 3.5 Meg] read
031B A hurt Jack is rude to Jo, who tries to comfort and give him advice, after being dumped. [2.10 min; 4.5 Meg] read
032 Jack is snide with Kayla, who tells him off, and that he will be alone and friendless. [1.3 min; 1.9 Meg] read
033 Jo tries to get through to Jack, telling him she has faith that one day he will be her Billy. [2:55 min; 6.5 Meg] read
034 Steve is hiding Nick Corelli, Jack gets nosey, he and Steve banter. [1 min; 1 Meg] read
035 Christmas 1988, Jo gives Jack a photo of her and him as a baby. [1:45 min; 4 Meg] read
036 Christmas 1988, Jack is the Hospital Santa, and secretly gives Jo a present. [3:15 min; 7.2 Meg] read
037 Jack and Jo on the Pier, Jo tries to help Jack; Jack has some great lines. [2:15 sec; 5.1] read
038A Jack surprise Diana Colville as her new partner of The Spectator. [53 sec;1.2 Meg] read
038B Continuation of Jack and Diana, Jack asserts his authority as majority owner. [1 min ; 1.6 Meg] read
039 Jack gets drunk at the Cheatin' Heart and starts a fight. [40 sec ; 1 Meg] read
040 Steve gets a job at Saxton's men's clothing store, Jack gives him a hard time. [1 min ; 1.1 Meg] read


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