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index 02: jack and jennifer's first scenes, early material at the spectator
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041A   Jennifer wants to write a story about a horse, Jack and Jennifer's first scenes together. [1.3 min; 2.8 Meg] read
041B   Continuation of Jack and Diana, Jack asserts his authority as majority owner. [2.3 min; 4.8 Meg] read
042   After being stabbed, Jack visits Kayla, he vows to change. [2.4 min; 3.2 Meg] read
043   Jack returns to Kayla to have his wound checked. [1.3 min; 3 Meg] read
044   Jack wants to get Jo a new place, Jo wants his love, Steve is cynical. [1.3 min; 3 Meg] read
45A  Jack shows Jennifer how to improve her article. [40 sec; 1.5 Meg] read
45B  Jack shows Jennifer her first by-line in print. [1 min; 2.1 Meg] read
46A   DAYS' Fairytale: Sir Jack of Deveraux pretends to make up with his brother, Steven Hood. [1:45 min; 3.8 Meg] read
46B   DAYS' Fairytale: Sir Jack sings "Mac the Knife." [25 sec; 890K] read
46C   DAYS' Fairytale: Sir Jack and the evil Count Victor capture Princesses Kayla and Diana.[1:40 min; 3.6 Meg] read
46D   DAYS' Fairytale: Robin Hood and Knight Roman rescue the ladies from the villains.  [40 sec; 1.4 Meg] read
46E   DAYS' Fairytale: Sir Jack recites his alliterative vow of conquest.  [55 sec; 2 Meg] read
047   Jack cancels a dinner with Jo and Steve confronts him, Jack wonders why he cares. [2:25 min; 5.4 Meg] read
048   Jack has dinner with Jo and Steve, and gets emotional and leaves. [3:20 min; 7.6 Meg] read
049   Jack talks to Baby Alexander, Jo tries to get him to accept his "real" family. [3.15 min; 4.5 Meg] read
050   Jack is surprised by a criminal, but shows no one can jerk around Jack. [1.2 min; 1.6 Meg] read
051   Jack, reading Jennifer's computer, becomes more intrigued, Jennifer shows she can give it back. [55 sec; 2.1 Meg] read
052   Baby Hannah Story: Jennifer wants to write about Sally Wales; Jack refuses. [2:10 sec; 4.9 Meg] read
053A   Baby Hannah Story: Jack tells Jennifer that Sally will have to go to jail and give up Hannah. [2 min; 4.4 Meg] read
053B   Baby Hannah Story: Jennifer begs to write a series on Sally and Hannah, again Jack refuses. [2:50 min; 6.4 Meg] read
054   Baby Hannah Story: Since Jennifer has to tell Sally about Hannah, Jack tries to make her feel better. [55 sec; 2 Meg] read
055   Baby Hannah Story: Jack tells Jennifer that Jo wanted to give him up unlike Sally; Jo overhears. [1:40 min; 3.7 Meg] read
056A   Baby Hannah Story: Jo comes to visit Jack and explain. [2 min; 4.6 Meg] read
056B   Baby Hannah Story: (Cont.) Jack, hurt refuses to listen to Jo. [1:30 min; 3.2 Meg] read
057   Baby Hannah Story: Jennifer resigns because of Jack's heartlessness. [1:30 min; 3.2 Meg] read
  Baby Hannah Story: Jack shows Jennifer the editor he wrote about Sally and Hannah. [1:20 min; 3 Meg] read
059A   Baby Hannah Story: Jack goes to social services to visit Hannah. [1 min; 2.4 Meg] read
059B   Baby Hannah Story: Jo shows up and talks to Jack. [2:50 sec; 6.3 Meg] read
060A   Baby Hannah Story: After reading Jack's editorial, Jennifer wants her job back. [1:55 sec; 4.2 Meg] read
060B   Baby Hannah Story: After Jennifer leaves, Jack reacts to Jennifer staying. [6 sec; 250K] read
061   Baby Hannah Story: Jack and Jennifer banter. [1:55 min; 3.5 Meg] read

  Baby Hannah Story: Jack calls to check Jennifer's, and discovers she has been hurt; he is sick with worry. [25 sec; 1 Meg]

063   Baby Hannah Story: A pole has fallen on Jennifer, Jack frantically tries to help her, surprising Steve. [50 sec; 2 Meg] read
064A   Baby Hannah Story: Jennifer might be serioously injured, Mike tells a worried Jack to leave her alone. [55 sec; 2 Meg] read
064B   Baby Hannah Story: After Jennifer's family leaves, Jack visits her, he obviously cares for her. [1:10 min; 2.7 Meg] read
065   Baby Hannah Story: Jack disguises his voice to check on Jennifer. [35 sec; 1.2 Meg] read
066   Baby Hannah Story: Jack visits Jennifer in the hospital, and gives her good news about Hannah. [2:30 min; 5.5 Meg] read
067A   Baby Hannah Story: Jack tells Jennifer his mad scheme to help Hannah, they pretend to be married. [1:20 min; 3.1 Meg] read
067B   Baby Hannah Story: Jack and a reluctant Jennifer try to convince Mrs. Simmons to give them Hannah. [2:20 min; 5.2 Meg] read
068   Baby Hannah Story: Kismet: Jack and Jennifer arrive at the same time to the Donavons' party. [45 sec; 1.6 Meg] read
069A   Baby Hannah Story: Tom and Alice are worried seeing Jack and Jennifer pretend to be a couple. [1 min; 2.4 Meg] read
069B   Baby Hannah Story: Jack continues to play up being involved with Jennifer, confusing Adrienne. [55 sec; 2 Meg] read
070   Steve wants no part of Jack at the party Steve is planning for Jo. [1:45 min; 4 Meg] read
071A   Baby Hannah Story: Jack and Jennifer are told they cannot have Hannah due to Jack's violent past. [1:10 min; 2.4 Meg] read
071B   Baby Hannah Story: Jack is affected by the news, and his complex feelings about the rape resurface. [2:10 min; 5 Meg] read
072A   Baby Hannah Story: Jack lashes out at Jennifer when she tells him she wants still try to get Hannah. [2 min; 4.7 Meg] read
072B   Baby Hannah Story: Jack has a change of heart about helping Hannah. [50 sec; 1.9 Meg] read
073   To hurt Steve, Jack crashes Jo's party with Earl, not knowing he looks like Duke, hurting everyone. [2 min; 4.4 Meg] read
074   Upset over what he did Jack is drinking at Wings, Jennifer talks to him, giving him advice. [50 sec; 1.7 Meg] read
075   Jack apologizes to Jo, and gives her a gift; she realizes it is a match to Santa's gift, so Jack was Santa. [1:20 min; 2.9 Meg] read
076   Baby Hannah Story: Jack hides, Mrs. Simms tells Jennifer she can have Hannah, Jack is happy for her. [55 sec; 2 Meg] read
077   Baby Hannah Story: Jack is able to feed Hannah when Jennifer cannot. [1:45 min; 3.8 Meg] read
078   Baby Hannah Story: Jennifer has some problems with Hannah, Jack enjoys giving her a hard time. [1:50 min; 4.2 Meg] read
079   Baby Hannah Story: Jack watches Hannah for Jennifer. [2:10 min; 5 Meg] read
080   Jack interviews Cal Winter, who is charged with shooting Roman, but is he talking about Cal or himself. [45 sec; 1.6 Meg] read
081   Jennifer, realizing Jack was talking about himself, tries to be supportive; Jack pushes her away. [2:50 min; 6.4 Meg] read
082A   Baby Hannah Story: Jack watches Hannah for Jennifer, and gets bad news about Hannah. [1 min; 2.3 Meg] read
082B   Baby Hannah Story: Alice arrives and is not happy Jack is there, and warns him about hurting Jennifer. [1:45 min; 3.9 Meg] read
083A   Baby Hannah Story: Jack goes to Jennifer with pizza and Chianti to tell her about Hannah. [50 sec; 1.9 Meg] read
083B   Baby Hannah Story: Jack tries to tell Jennifer about Hannah, they end up talking about their families. [3:45 min; 8.3 Meg] read
084A   Baby Hannah Story: Jack is too later, Jennifer finds out about Hannah and is hurt, and angry with him. [2 min; 4.6 Meg] read
084B   Baby Hannah Story: After Hannah is gone, Jennifer falls into Jack's arms, he does not know what to do. [20 sec; 850K] read
084C   Baby Hannah Story: Jack talks how his and Jo's situation is similar to Hannah and Sally. [1:25 min; 3.1 Meg] read
085A   Baby Hannah Story: Jack jokingly voluanteers to be Jennifer's roommate -- or is he joking. [2:10 min; 4.9 Meg] read
085B   Baby Hannah Story: Jack gives Jennifer insightful advice about finding the right person. [2 min; 4.4 Meg] read


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